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Ruby on Rails: How can I set nested attributes that are defined in the model?

I’m trying to set nested attributes dynamically. I want to create a comment that has its parent automatically created.
The domain is the following:
Comments have many sibling comments, which have many siblings themselves.
How can I do this?


You may want to take a look at:
It uses the meta-programming techniques, as explained in the gem’s README:
” Ruby on Rails has no mechanism for two-way references in its Models.
The reason is that it’s desirable to be able to subclass a class
and then create instances of it. A standard way of doing this
with Rails has been to define a ”

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in-st view for a backup. For example, you might want to lock the database and force everything to go through the backup mechanism.

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R – Get rid of quotes

This is my dataset:




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