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3d Katie //FREE\\ Cracked Full Game Torrent 89

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3d Katie Cracked Full Game Torrent 89

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Katie Cracked Full
Katie Cracked Full

What is it: A homage to the Mike Hammer novels written by a policewoman, this game follows the adventures of Detective Sarah Kennedy. The plot does not tell you anything about the game, you must solve the mystery yourself! Players must research location and the clues found there to solve the mystery. If the player makes a mistake, a game over screen will show up.
Game Screenshots:
Game has three modes in total, Saga Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Story Mode. You play Saga Mode to unlock other modes.
Saga Mode
-Each time you start a game, you start with 3 lives.
-Whenever you make a mistake, a ‘Saga’ indicator will pop up. This Saga can be cleared after 3 failed attempts.
-In addition to the Saga mode, you can also play Puzzle Mode, and Story Mode. Puzzle Mode has 9 puzzles.
-Story Mode tells you the story of the character at the end of each puzzle.
-You can clear Puzzle Mode by getting 3 consecutive correct answers.
Puzzle Mode
-Players should find the combination of two pictures on the puzzle.
-If a picture cannot be found, the player loses a puzzle.
-Clear three puzzles to move to the next difficulty level.
How to Play:
-Play as Detective Sarah Kennedy.
-Click on the blue buttons on the screen to investigate locations.
-Click on the green button on the top of the screen to pause the game.
-Click on the red button in the bottom of the screen to take a picture.
-Click on the red button to the right of the blue button when you are paused to give clues to the puzzle.
-Check all the boxes on the left of the screen.
-Check the correct combination by touching the board.
-Double and triple check the puzzle.
-Find the correct answer by scrolling the mouse to the bottom of the screen.
-Note that your clues will be cleared.
-Click on the question mark in the bottom right of the screen to return to the puzzle mode.
-Click on the ‘O’ in the bottom right corner of the screen to return to the Saga mode.
If you like this game, thank you! If you have any problems, please post on the comments section.
Note: If you are experiencing problems, please



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