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3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2


3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

Friday 15 January 15 – Saturday 16 January 2015 – The Fab Lab and the Web 2.0 will offer workshops and seminars with focus on 3D printing, applications and ideas for developing new business and corporate products and services. The main focus will be 3D printing with various tools and technologies. The main topics are: How to 3D print with materials (PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, PE, etc) and 3D printers (Makerbot, CoreXY, Objet, etc) – Instructors: Anton Memnikov; Jonathan Roskes; Katia Kameni. How to change the world through 3D printing — Instructors: Bill Mazer; David McCullough; Maxim Maikin. — The Web 2.0 School — Coordinator: — — — Two-day workshop: “How to change the world through 3D printing – Design, manufacturing and selling a 3D-printed house”. — The aim of this workshop is to teach business owners how to create and market 3D-printed houses, containing all the needed features (kitchen, bathroom, furniture, etc.). — — — — One day workshop: “Design, manufacturing and selling your own 3D-printed products”. — The aim of this workshop is to help anyone who has an idea of a product and the ability to create it using 3D printing (new or existing 3D printers) design it and produce it. — — — — — Workshops held on the same day: “3D Printing for School and University: Explore with technology” and “3D Printing for industry – manufacturing, packaging, product design and more”. — Both workshops are aimed at university students and professionals interested in 3D printing and the Internet. — — — — — — The workshops are held in Budapest, Szeged and Çeşme (Click for details). — The Web 2.0 School — Coordinator: — — â

Sadly the *homebrews don’t work on your computer* including any and all *.stl* files. The Print and Export options work fine,
I have an Abemilie Medium Print Dual Stereo Box, however, it won’t print perfectly :(.
3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

To have *Homebrews* work properly, you need an *Operating System *Version *2.0 or higher.* You can view your OS version by opening “Control Panel” under “Start menu” and opening “Systems information”.
The only other thing that I can think of is to ask the MakerBot directly how to update the firmware.
3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

I am also having this issue. 🙁
3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

you have to download the Homebrew control software and install it, it will then ask for your serial number and point you to the download website for the firmware or you can just buy the.stl from a reputable 3D printing store (This blog page will have a list of 3D printing stores).
You will need to set up the printer’s G-code to enable 3D printing. Set the “extruder”.
3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

You need to get an old document scanner with the scanner part of the hardware section removed (ie, put it somewhere where you can reach it if it breaks). Now plug your 3D printer into the computer (if you don’t have a USB port, plug it into a USB hub). Then open a separate graphics file viewer, eg.

Now use the 3D printer control software to download a version of firmware for your 3D printer and run it. Your 3D printer will then be able to read, write, and process the G-code. 3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

Download the file and unzip it. After you open the file, it should be in a folder called “3D Lightyear”. The firmware update program is in a folder called “Updater.exe”.
The author of the tool has a blog here:

Use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the unzipped file and double-click the “Updater.exe” file. Follow the prompts to


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