1) Wall Clock Wi-Fi Camera

Product Description
This Wall Clock with Wi-Fi hidden camera is a actually a practical and beautiful clock that serves the purpose of keeping time in your home and at the same time watches every single move that happens in your home in the most discreet manner ever. Whether you are in the office or outside the country you can simply connect to it via an App on your phone and watch anytime of the day. Additionally it can work without Wi-Fi in case you don’t have Wi-Fi.
1. Works with or without WiFi
2. Works with Android/iOS phones
3. 3.0 mega pixel CMOS
4. Resolution1080P
5. Video format ASF/AVI
6. Frames 25
7. Continuous recording time8 hours
8. Sound recording range 5m
9. Power consumption 240mA/3.7V
10. Maximum capacity of memory card 64GB
11. Play software VLC Player/ SMP layer

2) Bulb Wi-Fi Camera

Product Description
The spy bulb Wi-Fi camera is a 360 degree wide angle camera that can be used to monitor activities in your business such as Mpesa shops, beauty parlours, office or even home. The camera can light up as a normal bulb via an application on phone and not through the switch as per your normal conventional bulbs. It is also equipped with night vision so it’s perfect for cases of theft.
1. 360 degree panoramic fisheye view.
2. Connects to Wi-Fi network and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
3. Can also work WITHOUT Wi-Fi
4. LED Bulb light can be remotely switched ON or OFF via the App
5. Supports both Iphone and Android phones
6. Has a Two way talk back feature
7. The camera supports memory card recording upto 64GB.
8. 32GB memory card can take upto 2 weeks of recording both video and audio
9. Has night vision capability.
(Memory card NOT included

3) Speaker WIFI remote camera

View remotely anywhere in the world at the comfort of your Android and IPhone smartphones or Tablets.
This WIFI remote surveillance camera looks like a miniature speaker. When its placed in the entertainment unit of the sitting room it discreetly blends in with the other electronics such as the TV, decoder, DVD player and home theatre system.
It has a fantastic angle of viewing and has excellent video footage. Additionally its very easy to install and connect to your phone wherever you are in the world to monitor what is happening in your home, office or business.
1. Easy to connect to your home WiFi network to establish a worldwide connection
2. It works with or without WiFi
3. Has a 360 degree placement
4. It records up to 7 days on WiFi using a 32GB memory card
5. Has the capability to have a two way talk communication
4. PnP Outdoor Camera

Product Description
This outdoor camera cuts down the costs of the costly and conventional CCTV systems. (i.e. no need for external hard drive, monitor or DVR). It simply uses a memory card that acts as your hard drive. A 32GB memory card can record up to 2 weeks .This is the best plug and play solution to monitoring outdoor activities. No special technical expertise is needed to operate this camera. After installation by the technician Simply put a memory card in the device, connect to power and you are good to go.
Incase you a have router for internet, the PnP Outdoor camera connects to your router via an Ethernet cable and using an app downloadable for free from Playstore or Appstore you can monitor live anywhere in the world
1. Consumer Wi-Fi bullet camera
2. Plug play P2P
3. IP66 weatherproof
4. Motion detection
5. Alert, day night vision
6. TF card storage max 64GB
7. A special window for place TF card conveniently
(Memory Card NOT Included)
5. Spy Pen Camera

Product Description: Ideal for business and on the move video recording surveillance. Are you about to sign that life changing land transaction? Or just about to buy a car from a not too trusting car broker or in a meeting in which you need to get damning information? Then the spy pen camera is your next best friend.
Key Features:
1. Made of high quality and durable material
2. High sensitivity microphone
3. Long time voice recording
4. It can be used as a normal pen with elegant appearance and fluent writing
5. Allows you to easily set time and date
6. Supports Micro SD card (Memory card NOT included)
Specifications: 1. Video Formats:AVI 2. Video coding:M-JPEG 3. Video resolution:720 x 480 VGA 4. Photo JPG Format 1280 x 1024 5. Video frame rate:30fps 6. The ratio of image:4:3 7. Charging voltage:DC-5V 8. Battery Type:High-capacity lithium polymer
Please note: This is a very high quality spy pen camera

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