Can we go Solar? or is it so yesterday?
Ever thought if solar power is still used? Or are you among the new generation who think its old school? Many are the times when we think that since electricity is the order of the day, while using solar power is outdated. Every politician has the word Electricity on their tongue together with their saliva in their mouth. Why so? In order for the masses to put their hopes of moving out of darkness in them thus voting them into power. However, I think otherwise. Imagine power is power. It does not matter if its solar, geothermal, wind or hydro (electrical). I do not want to compare the different sources of power but I think it is better to just “think beyond” just like our biggest communication company is urging us to “go beyond.”
‘Electricity’, you must be connected
‘Bingo,’ almost all of us have been connected to electric power (using electric power stands for the national power grid) and if you are not, am sure your leader will have a good time campaigning. I am fine with that but let us ask ourselves one thing; Who produces, transmits and manages this power? Definitely it is the government through a parastatal or a company of its own. In Kenya, its Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC). This means that it is definitely a monopoly. We all know that monopolies enjoy various unique rights and since there is no competition, they choose to serve their customers the way they want to. This translates to anonymous billing, regular and prolonged blackouts and poor customer relationship.

Reliability, effectiveness and alternatives are my needs: not licenses
To avoid all that, what could we possibly do? Find another alternative power source that we completely have the power and ability to control or power that is not interfered with by other forces and purely reliable. Only we have the power over it. Definitely, this seems to fit only ‘Solar Power’. It is practically hard to produce hydro or tap geothermal power as well as setting up wind turbines as an individual. Licensing too maybe required which am sure you won’t get them from any legal office in the land. Maybe that office can be found on ‘River Road’. “If you know you know.”
Solar; am not yet sure
‘Why solar power? This is old school since it was and is mostly used in places where there is no electrical power.’ We always think. Hold on: that thought is what is vintage. Do I just prove that to you? Solar power gives us a chance to have unlimited power for use in our homes, office and institutions. We also have the choice to compliment or substitute it with electric power. It’s also natural, eco and environmental friendly. Do we learn more?

Why use solar power to Compliment?
Solar power can also be used to compliment electrical power. This can be used in cases such as powering solar security lights while using electric power to light the house. Another scenario is when you use solar water heater for heating water rather than using electric power to carry out the same task.
New wiring; it will be so hectic, uneconomical and damaging.
‘No!’ the greatest advantage about using solar power is that you do not have to do a new wiring or fitting to your house if you are using electric power. You only need an inverter to convert DC (Solar power) to AC (electric power) and you can comfortably substitute the two sources of power.

‘Wow’ no more bill
When last did you get your electricity bill? Or, are you living in the new era where an irritating ticking sound keeps reminding you that your tokens are about to diminish? This is news to those using solar power since he who powers the sun to produce light and power pays the bill. ‘Thank to him’ Solar bills are only incurred while purchasing and installing and minimally saying maintain the products. BTW, are this bills really necessary? I think you can treat yourself with new clothes, enjoy Tuesday with a Pizza or get a holiday instead of paying that unavoidable electric bill.

Open your “eyes”, “see” why you need solar
My favorite team was playing against their neighbors in what we call a derby. After 10 minutes of play, power went off. Not just me but almost everyone in the neighborhood tried to call our power provider. They responded after a few calls and sent some of their technicians to solve the matter. “It is a default fuse in the transformer. We are working to solve it.” they said. We waited for 3 days without power. This opened our thoughts. What if we had solar power? Those 3 days wouldn’t be as hell; darkness, cold showers, always heating water with a sufuria, goodbye to the internet, and worse, no working security camera hence increased risk of insecurity. All that could be sorted and avoided if we had solar for back up. Did I just say that my sister was admitted to her bedroom with sleeping sickness caused by low phone battery virus?
Sure, enough power for all your need
Some will ask, is solar power enough to power all the devices and light the house throughout the day and night? The answer is ‘Yes.’ and a big one. No matter how much power you need in your house or industry, solar power can provide it. This is because; you only need to measure your power needs and hence know how many panels and batteries you need. This also dictates the type of invertor and charge controller to be used for that power. Surely you need to think of this source kind of power.

No sunshine, no difference
Am sure you are about to ask me another question but before you do it, let me answer it. ‘Yes’, it is true that the sun does not shine from January 1 to December 31. So what happens on cloudy and rainy days? Does it mean no power for that particular day or season? Definitely “NO” Solar panels do not rely solely on direct sunshine to get power. They are built in such a way that they can absorb power from light too thus as long as it is daytime, there is solar power. However, the amount of power generated is not comparable to that collected on summer. To cover for the deficit, power storage devices help to store more power than that which is used. This means that you are always sorted.

Solar; you meet the threshold
Finally, you only need solar panels, charge controller, batteries and an inverter to get light and device power in a house that has already been wired and fitted with bulbs and sockets. You can either substitute or compliment electric power. In case of water heaters, you need to only install the solar water heater and connect it with the pipes running in your house and you good to go. The independent solar street, garden and security lights together with other appliances such as solar CCTVs are very simple to use since you only set the panel and connect it to the device. Solar is the way to go.

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