When it comes to security, we all get goosebums. Reason being: am not also sure if its because we fear death or injuries. What am sure is that security is that it is of paramount importance. Maybe we don’t want to die: although we want to meet our creator.  Anyway, we don’t even know where we are going to after death. The same way we care about our lives, we care about our family members, animals and property too. We are ready to lose none of this thus the need to secure them properly.

How do I get secured?

There are very many ways of ensuring that we are safe and secure. Recently, CCTV cameras have been a solution to insecurity. However, some people have found ways of evading them. I think its not appropriate to state some of the ways of doing so. I do not think its appropriate to write on such a topic. They also do not act as a method of prevention of insecurity but just as record of what happened. In cases where crime has happened, you will always be a friend of the police with flash disks and videos from them. While doing so, remember you have already lost your property or worse sustained injuries from the security breach.

Added measeures

In homes, firms and farms, most of us have choosen to erect perimeter walls. A gate where entry and exit is monitered is placed and where possible, records kept by the guard who watches over there. Cameras too have been installed on them. This has helped to keep off intruders: who are mainly unwanted people and animals. They pose as a threat to us and our property as well thus being a smart way to scare them.

My perimeter is safe

Unfortunately, perimeter walls do not offer maximum security since people invented new ways of going past them.  They now go over or under them thus breaching our security. To counter this, new methods of enhancing security to our perimeter fence or wall has to be considered. “Be smart and we get smarter” This is our new philosophy. This has led to the emergence of Razor Wires that are attached right onto the top of the fence. They contain sharp edge like razors which make it hard for someone to jump over without getting hurt and stuck. The same happens too with intruder animals.

My wire does it all.

Using razor wire too has not been 100% efective. It does not guarantee full security since some of the people will  use tools to destroy and cut into pieces the wire in order to gain access over the perimeter fence.They are getting smart; really smart. In order to stop this kind of obnoxious behavoiur, a new tactic has to be used. Electric power. You just have to be an expert. The only way to use electrical power for security enhancement for our perimeter wall is by installing an electric fence. It can be used purely on its own or added on top of the perimeter wall or fence. You must hate your life to joke with live wire or maybe you really miss hell since heaven is for the choosen ones. Am sure thieves are generated, not choosen!

Electric fence sounds right

Using electric fence as a security tool has various advantages such as:

  • It can be used any time. Day and Night. Power has no ‘break-time’.
  • In case you do not need it at a particular time, you can switch it off and switch it on when you need it.
  • It is easy to install. It can be installed anywhere in the compound. Just wires to transmit it and we are good to go.
  • It is not easily compromised by anyone. Only experts are in a position to do such a thing. Wait ! last I checked, they were busy building the nation; not thinking of destroying what they have built.
  • It does not favor either man or animal. Your sweet words and cunning ways fall into deaf ears. No, it doesn’t listen in the first place. It secures all the time.
  • It is not easy to detect when it is off or on hence feared all the time. Are you brave enough to test? Ooooooliskia wapi? I guess not.

The right choice

As it has always been, it also has a few challenges such as: it can only be installed by an expert and it uses electric or solar power. This means that it is not effective when there is no power. Due to the above mentioned benefits, we have encouraged our clients to move with speed and try it to secure their places.

We install and maintain the electric fence at an affordable rate to make sure that you feel safe and secure. You safety is our priority.


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