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When dealing with numerous files on a daily basis, you might start to forget various details about them, such as which app was used to create them or their creation date.
Adobe File Informer is one of the solutions that can help you in this situation although it can only be used on Adobe Illustrator files.
Minimalistic layout
The application comes with a simplistic user interface that displays in a neat manner all the detected data regarding the loaded file.
Unfortunately, the only way to select the item you are interested in is to navigate to its location manually, since the app does not support drag and drop.
Also, only one AI file can be loaded at a time, so if you want to analyze a batch of items you need to make sure you have enough time to spare.
Get details about your AI file
After you choose a source file, Adobe File Informer automatically generates a list of details about it. More precisely, you can view the name and version of the application that created the AI file in the first place, along with the full file name.
You also get to view the creation time and date or the colors that were used for the currently reviewed document.
No way to save the AI data
On the downside, Adobe File Informer does not provide you with any option to export the displayed information to a standalone file that can be examined at a later time. In other words, you need to run the utility every time you need to view details about an Illustrator document.
All in all, this application can come in handy to those who want a quick and straightforward way to analyze their Illustrator files when the Adobe software is not installed. However, its plain UI and lack of export options might prove to be deal-breakers for some users.









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Adobe® Illustrator® makes it easier to open, manage, customize and share Illustrator files. Adobe Illustrator files are now easier to open than ever before. Save time and make working with your Illustrator files faster and more efficient with a quick navigation bar, customizable toolbars, track changes and more. It’s never been easier to open, organize, customize and share your illustrations.

Adobe Files Addins Description:

Adobe File Informer is a tool designed to make working with Adobe Illustrator files easier. It extracts and analyzes the metadata and basic information associated with a selected file and shows it in a neat and easy-to-read layout, offering developers and designers an incredible way to manage their documents and files.
Adobe File Informer allows users to quickly search files on their computer by name, size, type, extension and modification date. Once a file has been selected, the app displays a complete list of file properties. File properties include file name, version, author, type, size and modification date. If users have multiple AI files on their hard disk, multiple options are presented for each file. The app also provides file details (creation date, original size, resolution, etc.) and provides a simple way to open selected files directly in Adobe Illustrator. The application is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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Edit pictures and convert PDFs to documents
Adobe File Informer Cracked Accounts helps you edit PDFs, combine documents from different sources, and convert documents to PDF with just a couple of clicks.
Edit documents in vector, bitmap, and pixel format
Adobe File Informer is a PDF editor, converter, and PDF viewer and lets you work with files in vector and bitmap formats as well as pixel format.
Combine documents from different sources
Adobe File Informer lets you combine multiple files into one document that you can then edit.
Easy to use
Adobe File Informer makes it easy to open different types of documents—PDF files, graphics files, and photos.
View PDF and create new documents
Adobe File Informer is a PDF viewer that lets you view your PDF files and create new ones.
Create documents with editable text, vector graphics, and photos
You can create files in vector, bitmap, and pixel formats—all with Adobe File Informer.
“Read” pictures with Adobe Screen Grabber
Adobe File Informer lets you view pictures and photos on your PC or the Internet.
Combine word documents and spreadsheets
Adobe File Informer lets you combine different documents into a single file.
Adobe File Informer Features:
Fast PDF, graphics, and image converter
Adobe File Informer works as a PDF editor, converter, and viewer and lets you edit documents in vector, bitmap, and pixel formats.
Combine images and documents into a single file
You can combine photos and graphics into a single file.
View vector graphics, bitmap graphics, and photos
Adobe File Informer lets you view vector graphics, bitmaps, and photos on your computer or the Internet.
Create documents in vector, bitmap, and pixel format
You can create files in vector, bitmap, and pixel format—all with Adobe File Informer.
Read documents
Adobe File Informer lets you read your PDF documents on your PC or the Internet.
View PDF documents online
Adobe File Informer lets you view your PDF files on the Internet.
Edit PDF documents with multiple features
You can edit your PDF documents with multiple features.
Create or convert documents and PDFs with powerful tools
Adobe File Informer lets you convert files from one format to another and create new PDF documents as well.
View, preview, and export PDF documents
Adobe File Informer lets you view, preview,

Adobe File Informer Download [32|64bit]

Use Adobe File Informer to get detailed information about Adobe Illustrator document files such as their filename, version, and the color palette. The information is displayed in a handy, easy-to-use interface.
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What’s New In?

This app runs in Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017 and CC 2019. It’s free to try the software but to fully use the features you need to register an Adobe ID.
Adobe File Informer is a Windows application designed to perform a quick check of your Adobe Illustrator files’ content. Run it, select one of your items, and the details are automatically displayed.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8, 8.1, 10
Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Processor: Intel Core i5-3320 @ 2.50 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955
Intel Core i5-3320 @ 2.50 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 RAM: 8GB (8 GB of RAM is required to play in single player mode, but this amount of RAM may be insufficient for other modes). We recommend 12 GB of RAM for the following mode(s): Story, Campaign.
12 GB

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