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And yes, I do realise that it’s not really an easy task, since you also have to watch the tutorials for the software, which means you have to find a tutorial online which actually works, but that’s the way how pros do it and on that regard it’s a lot easier than the other software that I tried. It’s actually the only software I could find working for my job, even though it is a bit complicated to use. Thank you for being honest with me. I’ll be reading the tutorials, but that will be the only free time I’ll have, which I have to use for the project of course.
It is as easy as that. This method has been tested with Win7/8/10 and all used to run nice and smooth as it should be. Does the same thing for other OS like OpenBSD, but I haven’t tested it there. Both SKIES and SKY DS work the same way, a free version is available at

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