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Published by Highbridge Publishing Inc.

The Argonautica is the first time this story has been told in a video game, bringing the ancient myth to life as never before. Explore a beautifully-rendered Greek island and unravel mysteries of the past. Download your copy now and join Argonus for an epic adventure.

For the first time this story has been told in a video game, bringing the ancient myth to life as never before. Explore a beautifully-rendered Greek island and unravel mysteries of the past. Download your copy now and join Argonus for an epic adventure.


– An epic first-person adventure set in ancient Greece.About Argonus and the Gods of Stone Full Crack:

You are Argonus, a historian and cartographer. The Argo, famed ship of hero Jason and his Argonauts, has been pulled onto sharp rocks by a siren’s song and now lies shattered in shallow waters. When you discover the fate of your stalwart companions, you must make a deal with a goddess – Stop the blight that has taken untold lives in return for safe passage home or risk succumbing to the bedevilment that stalks this isle.


You must explore a beautifully-rendered Greek isle, uncover hidden gems and solve intricate puzzles while making survival your top priority. A dynamic interface guides you through each area, with options to examine the area, record the time, inventory, and mode. Explore the island from dawn to dusk, or days if necessary, and chart your path with a reliable map. Use clues and clues to piece together the clues that form the great puzzle that is the Argonautica.

Infinite Mysteries:

Every encounter has a clue that lead you through to other clues and details hidden behind locked doors, hand-written signs, ancient manuscripts and the like, leading to more clues that may lead to even more problems and more mysteries. Utilize your map to chart your in-game progress and relive your great deeds through your journal.

Downloadable digital content for The Argonautica:

The Argonautica is the first time this story has been told in a video game, bringing the ancient myth to life as never before. Explore a beautifully-rendered Greek island and unravel mysteries of the past.Gizmodo, the Gawker network that has been influential on tech reporting for decades, is shutting down as soon as August. Its publisher has also stepped down from other editorial roles.



Argonus And The Gods Of Stone Features Key:

  • The first “Hands-On” RPG based on the Greek Mythology
  • An engaging story line and a wide variety of characters to meet and adventure with
  • Over 70 new spells and skill options
  • Upgrade your characters into “super heroes” as you level up
  • A day and night cycle
  • Autumn leaves falling in the forests, natures clock nearing midnight
  • Character Customization; Race -Skin Color-Head Shape-Personality Distribution-Personality Level-Personality type-Temperament-Size
  • Over 30 unique locations to explore
  • Over 70 treasures to find
  • Over 80 unique types of monsters (with blue, red, yellow etc… levels – each is boss level based upon its rarity)
  • Over 130 battles to fight
  • Over 60 unique spells to learn
  • Over 70 unique spells to choose at level up
  • Over 40 unique items to collect
  • Over 25 unique monsters to fight
  • Over 100 magic rings to choose from
  • Over 170 bestial weapons
  • A wide variety of armor to wear to boost your physical fighting ability
  • Over 150 types of clothes to wear
  • Over 30 cloths to sew


Argonus And The Gods Of Stone Crack + Download PC/Windows [March-2022]

They say the gods weep tears of blood… you are about to witness firsthand just how true this claim is.On a long lost Greek island, you come across some pretty odd, if not disturbing, artifacts. Searching through them leads to your discovery of a familiar story, one you’ll find hard to believe. You’re Jason, a brilliant historian and scholar. Your career will take you from the battlefields of ancient Greece to the dark ruins of ancient Persepolis, where a collection of remarkable documents will be presented to you. You will see things with your own eyes, but you may not believe what your senses can see. You may be the star witness to one of the greatest stories ever told; or, you may end up a victim of it. And before you can wake up, people have already started talking.About The Developer Digital Leisure™
A Chicago-based video game developer focused on bringing epic adventures to life through compelling first-person stories that transport the gamer to a world of wonder and amazement.About The Publisher
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Argonus And The Gods Of Stone Free

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The Gods of Stone

“Well, the dead have their ways of keeping secret, you know, even when they can’t speak.” She nodded slowly, waiting for him to elaborate. He bent over her, licking his new chin, and murmured, “Yes. Even you, Catherine,” in a low and intimate voice, and touched his nose to hers.

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System Requirements:

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