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ASTARICKS Plus 5450 Product Key

ASTARICKS Plus 2022 Crack is a comprehensive software that allows you to connect and stay in touch with the ASTARICKS CARD and CODE SYSTEM. The application allows you to easily collect, sort, arrange and share business cards through the cloud account you create using the ASTARICKS service.
Business card viewer and organizer
ASTARICKS Plus features an intuitive interface, with several previewing areas and it enables you to view and save several business cards or templates. The software is a bundle of useful functions designed to help you in promoting and advertising for your company. You can use the powerful searching engine in order to find cards based on certain keywords or sync the contact details with your Microsoft Outlook account. What’s more, the software features a component that integrates itself with Outlook, as an add-in.
The software can save a downloads history and allows you to manage them even in offline mode, by adding tags, assigning tasks or notes. The modifications can be updated to your cloud account the next time you log in. Additionally, you may view company details such as address, phone numbers, QR code and descriptions. The card viewer comes as a presentation platform that you can customize and bring the elements of interest to the front.
Creating a personalized card
ASTARICKS Plus allows you to view, sort, organize, print and even rate business cards, but in order to create you own presentation card, you need to call for the ASTARICKS online services. A digital business card is much more than a piece of cardboard: it includes presentation materials, such as images, descriptions, contact details, email, website and it is assigned certain key words.
You can easily organize the business cards you have collected with ASTARICKS Plus. Moreover, the searching function supports filters, such as displaying the cards by types: Listing, Business or Info cards. The downloaded items can be viewed separately from your personal cards.
Digital business card agenda
ASTARICKS Plus offers you a reliable, easy to use and intuitive way to store, view and share contact information cards. The software is designed to help you advertise and promote your business, as well as organize the business presentations of your associates. Its interface is highly customizable in order to offer you previewing areas and the means to add tags or notes.

Business Card Previewer 2.0
Business Card Previewer is a useful software that comes with an interface

ASTARICKS Plus 5450 Crack+

*Useful features in order to organize your business cards
*Quickly organize your business cards by types (Info, Business, Listing)
*Manage business cards by sources (Online, Contacts and Visited)
*Choose which business cards you want to see
*Print the selected cards as a PDF
*Use with Outlook as an add-in component
*Easily share to social networks like Facebook and Twitter
*Setup profiles, create your cloud account and get your free access to ASTARICKS profile holder in order to ensure your company profile is set up correctly
*View their locations in Google maps and update your business cards details
*View the QR Code of your business cards
*View the business card history and download it as a PDF document
*Synchronize your contacts and business cards
*Search for business cards by keywords
*View and organize all the business cards in one place
*Choose the desired templates
*Print the selected cards as a PDF
*Manage business cards by placing them under tags, assigning tasks or notes
*Select your presentation card from the library
*Organize your presentation cards in one place
*Synchronize your presentation cards with your contacts
*View all the presentation cards you have created in one place
*Add tags to the business cards
*Add notes to the business cards
*Report any business card so it can be improved
*Share cards to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
*View the list of all the business cards you have saved

ASTARICKS CRM – Keep track of your customers and prospects every time they interact with you. Unlike many other customer relationship management software, ASTARICKS allows you to manage all customer interactions using the ASTARICKS business card. Simply link the card to your customer, add notes to it and access the full details of the customer right from the contact card.
Customers can log into their personal ASTARICKS account to view your cards and add / edit / delete / share or report on the communication and contact details you have saved in their profile.
Unique features such as the ASTARICKS Card Collector that allows you to collect business cards from industry events, the ASTARICKS Picture Viewer that lets you view any picture you have added to the card, and Contact Cards for your own use or for sale.
All of this data has been downloaded into the ASTARICKS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, which supports a variety

ASTARICKS Plus 5450 Crack Keygen Full Version For Windows

Updated and an optimized version of the ASTARICKS PLUS, BETA feature all the new items you would like:
– Support to the new Astaricks Card Operating System;
– Function to download and store in your device all the data from the AstroCard;
– Added new components for images, contact details, descriptions, website and keywords;
– An improved editor for the cards;
– Improved interface with AstroCard;
– Introduced a translation in 10 languages for many languages.

AstroCard is the new AstraCard operating system, that has been developed specifically to support the AstraCard features, such as the web pages (HTM, FLASH, SHORTCODE), or the rich content included in the cards (DICC, ATR, ZUNE, etc.); AstroCard also include a set of special functions based on the AstraCard features that have been specifically designed to render the AstroCard content easier to read, manipulate and to integrate with Windows Mobile; AstroCard also includes several components to allow you to store your data and create your own AstroCard templates (see the following features: templates, personalized cards, ready-to-use templates).

AstroCard is a very reliable software to manage your AstroCard files, but as AstroCard is no longer available, we continue working on the AstraCard Plus. AstraCard Plus will integrate the most recent functions, become easier to manage and will offer more features, like AstraCard Offline. AstraCard is the recognized solution that allows to manage both your business card and the personal ones, regardless of the operating system they use. AstraCard has been developed to work perfectly on Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile Phone (CE, WinMo, PocketPC). AstraCard is available for you now, if you want to download it click here:

1. Download the AstraCard Plus Developer Edition for Windows
2. A link is attached to the download, check the following link before installing:

3. Once you have downloaded and installed the AstraCard Plus Developer Edition for Windows, follow the next steps to register:
a) Open the “My AstraCard” utility;
b) Locate and open the config.xml file;

What’s New In?

Connect and Stay In Touch with your ASTARICKS CARD
The ASTARICKS CARD and CODE SYSTEM offers a free and easy way to collect, organize and share business cards. Save and print your contacts in any format or online presentation. Share information in an instant with the ASTARICKS smartphones applications and with other professionals.
Take control of your contacts
Click-to-Call and QR codes allow you to check out customer information, online documentation or accessibility to important data. You can also keep a record of any meetings or appointments, as well as organize your calendars, stamps and graphics. Send or forward cards via email, SMS and the ASTARICKS smartphone applications.
Diferent device support: Phone, tablet, android…
We currently support the AstraDock, Astra Link, and AstraCube devices: You have to download Astarick’s Content Connectors from the AstraDock Apps Store. AstaLink® transfers contacts directly from your phone to your AstaLink®-powered AstraDock®, AstraLink® is built into the AstraDock.
AstaCube® – AstaLink® for AstaCube®
AstaLink® not only works with the AstraDock, but also with the AstaCube®.
An ASTARICKS CARD is a very original way to build a business card with your company’s contact information, whereas other companies only sell pre-designed cards.
How does Astarick’s work?
– Online registration via the website or by scanning the QR code
– Collecting & sending cards to your cloud
– View cards on your phone, computer or tablet
– Organize cards into folders
– Store cards in your AstaLink® device
– View all information on the Astarick’s Card & Code page on the web
– Make cards public or private
– Manage accounts using the Web interface, by phone or by SMS
– View items in your list of cards
– Use the AstaLink® App to read, edit, upload and manage your contact information
– Embed your Astarick’s card onto your website
What is Astarick’s Card and Code System?
A simple and original way to make and share your own business card.
Use your Astarick’s card and click-to-call technology to send phone calls directly from a smartphone or tablet to a business card on the web or print it out.
This Astarick

System Requirements For ASTARICKS Plus:

At least 12.0GB of available HDD space
Intel i3 or later
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience
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