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Audio Boutique Tribal Elements Vol2 Torrent Hit WORK

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Audio Boutique Tribal Elements Vol2 Torrent Hit

Tribal Elements Vol2 comes as an All-in-one pack. Everything you need is contained in this sample pack. All of the sounds are laid out so easy to understand that any producer can pick them up and produce a great track. With these free sounds on loop, you can now get the authentic sounds of the Brazilian tribal lifestyle in your music.

This pack features a wide variety of Tribal house elements, from authentic, physical grooves to eclectic tones, along with plenty of other sampling ideas to get you started. The ideas and samples that make up these 3 GB of high-quality audio are diverse to say the least, and cover a range of styles from Total House to Tropical and Tribal House and beyond. This is a must-have collection for any producer looking to create their next hit Tribal House record.

We have some great news for you. Our first product for 2012 is finally here. Finally we can reveal to you our awesome self-product for 2012, the first ever Audio Boutique self-product! Todays special download contains 10 days of free samples created by Ben Adams, bensprodz. A great selection of 5 drum kits, 5 percussions, 5 guitars and loops. Cool right? Youll be hearing more from us in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates.

NOTE: Almost all additional samples (drumloops, drums, effects etc.) of the demo track are taken from the awarded sample packs SOR Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.1 and SOR Fx Revolution Vol.1 aswell Audio Boutique Tribal Elements 2.0 & Electric Elements 3.0.

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