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In January 2016, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2017, a next-generation drafting software application, now with the ability to import, edit, and exchange your DWG files with other design software.

The Process

After you select a layer, you can perform functions such as move, copy, delete, or view (e.g. Zoom in or out), on a drawing. You can also use the view’s zoom controls to more accurately look at a part of the viewport.

The left pane has a variety of tools on it. The menu bar with a white left end bar provides access to the menu system that consists of a host of tools that can be used on the drawing.

The Draw panel contains a variety of tools for creating objects on the canvas. You can use the tools to select, modify, draw, draw guides, and more.

As you move your cursor, all objects will change shape on the canvas. The 3D tools are fully described in the User Guide below.

The Properties panel shows the properties (e.g. Name) and sub-properties of an object or any properties attached to it.

The Analysis panel has a bunch of tools to help you work with the layers and their parent, child, sibling and generic relations.

The Information panel shows the properties of a drawing (e.g. Title, Author).

The Text panel has tools to easily create, edit, format and delete text.

The External Reference panel has access to the 3D Warehouse to search for 3D models and 3D components. The warehouse also provides a way to access data from other CAD systems.

The Quick Access panel is a set of tools that are always available in AutoCAD, and not limited to one layer or section of a drawing. For example, you can quickly enter drawing properties, enter new editing commands, and export drawings to DWF or PDF.

The tool palette at the bottom of the drawing window can be customized with commands and properties.

Object Selection

There are a variety of ways to select objects. You can select an object by:

Double clicking an object to place it into a new layer (or if already in a layer, create a new section within it)

Single clicking to activate an object (if you activate a section, then the objects in the section will be selected as well)

Click and hold a selection boundary to select the objects inside

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Replacing the original content of a drawing with data from another source such as a spreadsheet.
Replacing the content of an existing drawing with data from another source

As of AutoCAD LT, the DXF file format is used by VectorWorks.

Creating new coordinate systems for work items
Having separate coordinate systems for each work item, which may be different from one other or from that of the drawing’s overall coordinate system
Having a unique coordinate system for a given work item, so that its dimensions can be measured accurately

AutoCAD X and AutoCAD LT support the creation of entities, which are used for grouping and organizing objects.

Additionally, AutoCAD supports the full-featured definition and management of dimensions.

Metadata is a major component in AutoCAD, drawing, documentation, component, and project management.

Drawings in AutoCAD have metadata, which can be displayed using the Metadata option in the Views toolbar. AutoCAD’s metadata includes:

date and time the drawing was created
users of the drawing
comments on the drawing
descriptions of the drawing, which can be printed with the drawing
the sections and components in the drawing

The drawings can be stored in a repository, such as Dropbox or in the cloud using a tool such as the VSTeam.

For 3D drawings, measurements and calculations can be made directly from the drawing by using meters, millimeters and other units.

AutoCAD makes use of the Extensible Metadata Language (XML) format for many of its data-related settings, and the SQLite database format for storing data.

Annotations are markings on the drawing, providing a short note or comment, a drawing guideline, a reminder of a previous action or a project schedule. They can be freely positioned and resized. They can also be linked to objects and move, rotate or translate the objects, to which they are linked. There are six types of annotations:
Text annotation
Eraser annotation
Free annotation
Note annotation
Drawing annotation
Task annotation

Annotations are saved with the drawing when it is saved to the repository and can be retrieved and reused for future drawings.

A new version of AutoCAD introduced the ability to store annotation shapes within the drawing as blocks, which are a subset of annotation data. These blocks can be edited, synchronized and saved separately from the drawing.

AutoCAD 2019 23.0 Full Product Key [Updated-2022]

Open “Autocad Installation Files (USB & CD).”
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What’s New In AutoCAD?


Work with documents that are too big to fit on screen. Easily print in color or grayscale by adding a colored or grayscale background. (video: 3:36 min.)

ViewDect Live:

See your work come to life as you view changes in real time in your drawings, schematics, and drawings. Easily see and annotate what’s different as you work. (video: 1:54 min.)

3D Sculpting:

Free yourself from a page and build a 3D model in seconds. Any face, orientation, or color can be turned to 3D. Build quickly, review and refine, and 3D print in scale or anything from small models to very large 3D prints. (video: 2:25 min.)


Create a new folder in the Organizer for all your files, without creating a new file. Have the Organizer automatically order files alphabetically, by category, or based on when you last modified the file. (video: 1:49 min.)

Symbol Library:

Keep your entire symbol collection in sync with the symbol library for a custom-created symbol or icon. With one update to the symbol library, all your other drawings, workpieces, and models will be automatically updated to include the symbol. (video: 1:52 min.)


Print from any standard.dwg file to almost any type of 3D printer including.dwg,.cad,.stl,.obr,.fbx,.scn,.ply,.x3d, and more. Export in a variety of formats, including.obj,.vtk,.svg, (video: 3:15 min.)

Tag Generator:

Make annotating and commenting on your drawings quick and easy. Create your own tags in a variety of formats including vector and raster (image, icon, text, and more) for multiple marking tools. (video: 2:26 min.)


Keep track of commonly used references so you’re always ready to reference, no matter what drawing you’re working on. Use the new Reference manager to store all your common references.

Modify View:

Quickly and easily view the path of

System Requirements:

1 – 3GBs of RAM minimum.
(High-Resolution, Low-Detail is possible on lower end systems but with less colors)
(High-Resolution, Low-Detail is possible on lower end systems but with less colors) 1 – 5 GBs of Hard Disk Space.
(The game can utilize up to 6 GBs)
(The game can utilize up to 6 GBs) 1.2 GHz Processor (With Intel Core i3 Processor or AMD Phenom II Processor).
(Since the game features DirectX

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