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Licensing: (1) AutoCAD Cracked Version is currently licensed and sold on a perpetual basis only, that is for an unlimited number of users, in the version of AutoCAD currently on sale at the time of purchase. For current AutoCAD pricing see the Autodesk Retail Center. (2) To access AutoCAD on the Web, there is an AutoCAD Online Subscription available for purchase in addition to the AutoCAD web app subscription. (3) The AutoCAD LT software package is licensed to a customer for perpetual usage for a single user, and AutoCAD LT is sold in conjunction with the installation of a License Management Server that provides a user with access to multiple licenses (a License Key) for AutoCAD LT.

The AutoCAD product line includes the following software offerings:

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture 2010

AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD Mechanical

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Structural

AutoCAD Land Surveying


AutoCAD Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016

AutoCAD Production

AutoCAD Graphic Design

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical 2010

AutoCAD Electrical 2015

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 is AutoCAD’s first major redesign, and was released to manufacturing in the spring of 2009. It is a full suite of CAD software products designed for drafting, design, construction and management. The product lineup includes:

AutoCAD Architecture 2010

AutoCAD Architecture 2008

AutoCAD Architecture 2007

AutoCAD Architecture 2006

AutoCAD Architecture 2005

AutoCAD Architecture 2004

AutoCAD Architecture 2003

AutoCAD Architecture 2002

AutoCAD Architecture 2001

AutoCAD Architecture 2000

AutoCAD Architecture 1999

AutoCAD Architecture 1998

AutoCAD Architecture 1997

AutoCAD Architecture 1996

AutoCAD Architecture 1995

AutoCAD Architecture 1994

AutoCAD Architecture 1993

AutoCAD Architecture 1992

AutoCAD Architecture 1991

AutoCAD Architecture 1990

AutoCAD Architecture 1989

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD 2018 22.0 [Mac/Win]

On April 9, 2010, Autodesk announced a complete re-vamp of the entire product line, including the return of the Autocad brand. The Autocad 2011 product line debuted on May 9, 2010.

AutoCAD is available to purchase through online retailers and resellers. In addition, AutoCAD can be purchased via the AutoCAD Online Store, where the version is selected and a subscription is automatically processed and activated. AutoCAD users who purchase a subscription to AutoCAD typically enter a license key (key that unlocks the software, usually found in a printed receipt) that is either used to create a trial license or is entered as part of the activation procedure.


As of 2017, AutoCAD is available in several editions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT 2020, AutoCAD Standard, AutoCAD LT 2017, AutoCAD LT 2019, AutoCAD LT 2020, AutoCAD WS, AutoCAD WS 2020, AutoCAD WS 2017 and AutoCAD WS 2019, and the original AutoCAD, now called Autodesk Design & Drafting.

The AutoCAD 2010 Professional, AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD 2012, AutoCAD 2013, AutoCAD 2014, AutoCAD 2015, AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD 2017, AutoCAD 2018, AutoCAD 2019, AutoCAD 2020, AutoCAD LT 2019, AutoCAD LT 2020, AutoCAD WS 2019, AutoCAD WS 2020 and Autodesk Design & Drafting 2009 are software compilations or bundles of individual components for the same drawing capabilities and shared functionality.

AutoCAD LT, formerly known as AutoCAD LE, is a smaller, lighter package which includes only the core functionality of the full edition of AutoCAD, and is intended for small businesses and the sole use of their employees.

In the 1980s and 1990s, both Autodesk and Autodesk’s AutoCAD, eCAD and software suite were recognized with a number of awards by the Software Development and Application Design and Development Associations, including Autodesk received the SDAD Excellence Award in 1991 for the award winning AutoCAD (Professional), and Autodesk and Autodesk’s AutoCAD, eCAD and software suite was recognized with awards as the leading architecture and engineering software in 1997. In 2001, Autodesk and Auto

AutoCAD 2018 22.0 Free Download [Latest-2022]

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Important: You must read the Licensing Agreement before you activate the software.

If you use the keygen without reading the Licensing Agreement, we would not be able to
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This software is the property of Autodesk, Inc. and/or its licensors.

This software is protected by copyright and the copyright laws of the United
States and other countries. You may not reproduce, modify, transmit, decompile,
publish, distribute or otherwise use this software for any purpose except
obtainment of the express written consent of Autodesk, Inc.

AUTOCAD and AUTOCAD LT are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, including the owners of the marks depicted herein.


Supporting Autocad…In recent years, the use of computers has become ubiquitous. To facilitate computer use, a wide variety of computer peripherals have become available. These peripherals include display monitors, keyboards, pointing devices such as mice, and more recently, joysticks. In the field of portable computers, for example, a separate hand-held keyboard is typically provided as a distinct peripheral device.
To facilitate the use of these peripherals, some means is usually provided for connecting them to the computer. In some cases, such as connecting a keyboard to a computer, a simple jack may be provided for plugging the keyboard into the computer. In such cases, the keyboard may be plugged into a “unibody” computer, where the keyboard and other components are integrally built

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Continuous client proofing in AutoCAD:

Save paper with AutoCAD’s continuous client proofing and ship your drawings automatically. (video: 2:21 min.)

Import DC-Class Macros:

Import DC-Class macros into your drawings so that you can use a consistent workflow across any number of applications. (video: 3:34 min.)

Complex Text with AutoText:

Use AutoText to create complex texts in your drawings that are organized with a consistent hierarchy. (video: 4:08 min.)

Choose your favorite CAD standards:

AutoCAD can now import the majority of popular CAD standards. Supports DXF, DWG, DGN, RFA, DXF, DGN, and PG files. (video: 4:58 min.)

Multitouch Arc Selection:

Quickly create and edit multi-segment arcs in any size, any number of segments, and with any end point. (video: 5:13 min.)

Handcrafted Elements:

Create any shape you can imagine in a single click. Add splines to your shapes, concave curves, and more. (video: 5:47 min.)

Add reusable text styles:

Add text styles to your designs so that you can apply text, colors, and other options without further editing. (video: 6:45 min.)

Two-Step Structure Editing:

Edit your structural details in two steps: add a new structure and then edit all the other details. (video: 7:23 min.)

Organize your drawings:

Organize your drawings in drawing libraries with names, colors, tags, and sublibraries. (video: 7:33 min.)

Export designs for mobile apps:

Create and deliver mobile apps to the world with just a few clicks. (video: 8:06 min.)

Support for many additional languages:

With AutoCAD’s expanded language support, you can now work in your native language. (video: 8:29 min.)

New and improved Layers:

Faster managing layers. Generate from 2D or 3D models. Combine or hide layers. Copy, move, or link layers with a single mouse click. Select more drawing options, including picking and snapping. (video: 9:31 min.)

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or newer (64 bit required)
Windows 7 or newer (64 bit required) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon x64, 2.6 GHz or better
Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon x64, 2.6 GHz or better Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or ATI Radeon X1950)
DirectX 9 graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or ATI Radeon X1950) DirectX

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