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There are several different editions of AutoCAD. The latest version is AutoCAD 2020 (released in 2017). AutoCAD’s core set of features is called the AutoCAD Product Line.

AutoCAD was originally developed by H-E-B in 1982, and was acquired by Autodesk (then AutoDesk) in 1996. The product was initially developed to make it easier for engineers to design maintenance, fabrication, and repair operations at a number of H-E-B locations. AutoCAD includes an AutoCAD Network module, which enables users to share drawings over the network.

Compatible file formats

AutoCAD allows users to save files in different file formats. There are a number of file formats that are commonly used by AutoCAD users. These include AI, DWG, DXF, and PDF. The purpose of each format is to store drawings in a particular format. AI is the standard format of AutoCAD. The other file formats store other types of files, such as DXF, which stores drawings made in some other CAD applications.

Differences in file formats

The main difference between an AI file and a DXF file is that an AI file stores all the data and graphical elements in the same file. DXF files store the data and graphical elements as separate files. A DXF file can contain objects and lines, in addition to paths and circles. When an AI file is opened in AutoCAD, it converts the data to a DXF format and applies any changes in the drawing to the new file.

In addition, DXF and AI files have different line and object settings. DXF files have a default width of 0.02 in (0.5 mm), and AI files have a default width of 0.005 in (0.13 mm).

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

Compatible file formats

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To get started with AutoCAD, first choose the license you want to purchase.

If you purchase the Professional version, you will be able to customize the setup. The Free version does not allow customization of the setup, but does have many useful features

AutoCAD [Mac/Win]

In early 2016 Autodesk announced support for Delphi and C++Builder, to be released in 2016.[23][24]

A shift to subscription-based licensing began in 2016 with the release of AutoCAD LT for Education, and the end of the trial subscription.[25] AutoCAD LT is a direct competitor to Microsoft Office.[26]

AutoCAD is a 32-bit application. A patch is available for installation on a 64-bit operating system. If a 64-bit operating system is used, use of the 32-bit version of AutoCAD is strongly discouraged and is considered a serious programming error.

Layers Layers in AutoCAD are containers that hold drawings in a format that is useful to the user. Layers can be stored as separate drawings in a drawing or as layers embedded in the active drawing.

Objects A drawing object is a particular part of a drawing. Examples include tables, hatchings, dimensions, text, plotters, and so forth.

Page The page is a container of elements that all have a global coordinate system and can be manipulated independently. A page can contain annotations and some drawing objects, such as drawing dimensions.

Parameters Parameters are controlled by the user. Examples include the placement of a drawing object, the rendering of an object, or the selection of a layer. Parameters are stored in a drawing as properties and are manipulated using the Properties palette.

Drawing units Drawing units, which are part of the Drawing Units panel, are containers that hold all the dimensions in a drawing.

Themes Themes are the visual styles of drawings. Themes are collections of visual effects, such as colors, fonts, and line widths. For each drawing, AutoCAD creates a default theme, which then can be changed.

Visible Features A feature is the selection of a part of a drawing. For example, the end of a dimension, the edge of a section, or the location of an object. Visible features are a standard feature of the drawing and can be selected with the Select tool.

Themes are one of the main graphical features of AutoCAD. Themes are collections of visual effects, such as colors, fonts, and line widths.

Commands Commands are used to manipulate drawings. Examples include the plotting of lines, the selection of objects, and the placement of text.

AutoCAD LT started life as “AutoCAD 2000” on Windows 3.1. The name “AutoCAD 2000

AutoCAD Crack Full Product Key

Step 1: open the folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad\v14\Autocad.exe (or where you installed the software).

Step 2: open the folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad\v14\keygen.exe.

Step 3: click on “Autocad Autocad keygen” (see attached photo).

Step 4: Autocad keygen will generate a new key (autocad-user.pfx), to be used on the next step.

Step 5: save the Autocad Autocad keygen file (autocad-user.pfx) at another folder (downloads, desktop,…), according to your convenience.

Step 6: close the Autocad Autocad keygen file (autocad-user.pfx), and open your Autocad Autocad keygen file (autocad-user.pfx), and save it to any folder.

Step 7: copy your Autocad Autocad keygen file (autocad-user.pfx) to the folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad\v14\keygen.

Step 8: close the Autocad Autocad keygen file (autocad-user.pfx)

Step 9: start Autocad Autocad with the generated key (autocad-user.pfx)

You can use the command below:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad\v14\keygen>autocad-autocad

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What’s New In?

CAD Edge, Path Edge:

Two-dimensional (2D) and multi-path features for enhanced modeling, such as fillet and chamfer operations and extrusion features.


Select and Mask entire objects. Select an object and masking options to control what parts of the object are selectable and what parts are not selectable.

Convert any object to a path:

Convert any object to a path and select the path.

Convert an existing object to a path:

Convert an existing object to a path and select the path.

Convert an existing path to an object:

Convert an existing path to an object and select the object.

Crop an image or path:

Crop an image or path using intelligent tools.

Matching paths:

Matching paths is now in the Pro Power User Tools. With the Matching Paths toolbar, AutoCAD lets you match the contours of two or more objects.

Analyze objects for pattern analysis:

Enrich your models with pattern analysis for compression and reducing resource usage.

Find and Replace and Find by Pattern:

Find and Replace and Find by Pattern are two new command templates in the Find command.

Print setup settings:

Print your files with customizable settings.


Measurement tools, including width and length measurement, are integrated into the Measure task.

Export viewport to PDF:

Convert your drawing or annotated drawing to a PDF and view the PDF in an Adobe Reader window.

Batch restore:

Revert multiple drawings to a common state.

Web-based drawing solutions:

Autodesk offers drawings in the cloud, designed to help you effectively collaborate and easily share your designs.

Drawing creation tools:

Powersuite can generate detailed technical drawings. You can also generate simple drawings that may be used for various purposes, including floor plans, labels, electrical and plumbing plans, architectural models and engineering solutions.

Enhanced features in 3D:

3D extrusion features, such as extrusion cuts and slots, guides, trim and tab guides, are now available in 3D.

Cuts and Gaps:

Create cuts and gaps on edges, including face, edges, and surfaces.

Extrusion cuts and slots

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Operating System:
MAC OS X 10.6.8
Wii OS X 10.6.8
Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
Raspberry Pi – v1.2/v1.4/v2/v2.2/v2.3
Raspberry Pi v1.2/v1.2.1/v1.2

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