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Biopharmaceutics And PharmacokineticsA Treatise BrahmankarJaiswal Pharma Dostpdf


This is a study of the dynamics of the action of a drug in the body, which includes the processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Pharmacokinetics. An easy way to find out which medications are safe enough for you is to measure their blood metabolite levels. They are metabolic products of compounds that are generally well excreted in the urine (secondary metabolite level). The metabolites themselves are not dangerous, but high blood levels may mean that you are taking some other medicine. The metabolic action is specific, since the activity of the drug is inversely proportional to its active substances. Most drugs are excreted by the kidneys – in the form of metabolites that are included in the exchange and, therefore, must be excreted unchanged. A deficiency of some substances can be compensated by an excess of others. As a rule, the drug can be replaced by another, no less effective, but at the same time its content in the blood will decrease significantly. As for other drugs, metabolites do not affect their therapeutic effect.
The meter has two main types of memory.Enter the measurement data obtained from two different patients into the memory of the device in order to obtain an average value. It will then determine your blood glucose level and calculate the normal for your age and weight, and then for each individual patient. The results obtained will be compared with the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), and thus you will be able to compare your condition with the condition of other people.
IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The test will be considered positive if the rate of absorption of glucose exceeds the rate of its release. This is due to the fact that a certain period of time must elapse between the absorption and release of glucose – about twenty minutes. After that, the device will automatically notify you about what happened.
It is best to visit the doctor every year, without waiting for the appearance of obvious symptoms of a chronic illness.
It is highly undesirable to take a blood test on an empty stomach. This may lead to underestimation of results.
Measuring blood sugar does not always guarantee an accurate result, so it is recommended to test several times to get a more reliable picture.



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