A chandelier; also known as girandole, candelabra lamp, or least commonly suspended lights is a branched ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted on ceilings or walls. Chandeliers are often ornate, and normally use incandescent light bulbs, though some modern designs also use fluorescent lamps and recently LEDs. I think we are allowed to use a simple language here. A chandelier is simply that well designed, fantastic and elegant hanging light.
Types of chandelier
I think it would be better if we classified chandeliers into Classic, contemporary and modern chandeliers. Classic chandeliers have arrays of hanging crystal prisms. I know you have a picture of this in your mind. This is to illuminate a room with refracted light. For those physics was not bae, we can approach google. Contemporary chandeliers assume a more minimalist design that does not contain prisms and illuminate a room with direct light from the lamps. They sometimes are also equipped with translucent glass covering each lamp. This makes it seem even more special. Modern chandeliers have a more modernized design that uses LEDs, and combines the elements of both classic and contemporary designs; some are also equipped with refractive crystal prisms or small mirrors. We can all relate to this kind of chandeliers.
Wheel chandeliers.
I am not sure in which category this kind of chandeliers are but I think it is worth to discuss them. This are the kind of chandeliers you find in large room such as boardrooms, walkways and hotels. They have a large round bottom that holds the bulbs or glass decorations. The glass may be suspended or in a cup form where the bulb will sit inside.
Where to install
Chandeliers can fit in every room. Yes; name them. Even on the corridor and stairs not forgetting the balcony. However, these are supposed to be well chosen in order to match with the rooms design especially where there are gypsum decorations. The color of the snake light should also match with the type of the chandelier selected. The room where the chandelier is fitted to should be considered since the number of lights need to be considered. For example, the living room needs a chandelier with large amount of light. The wall brackets too should match with the kind of chandelier that one chooses. In a girl’s room, the type of chandelier should match with that of the girls liking making it look girlish and vice versa. I don’t think that it would look appropriate in a boy’s room with purple light from the chandelier and a wall bracket with pink light and flowers.
How to install
Installing a chandelier first starts with assembling it. An expert is needed who has the right knowledge and skills. If wrongly assembled, the patterns and sequences of the chandelier may not match hence withdrawing its usual elegance. When assembly is done, hanging it at the right position is key. This means that it should be at the right angle, protruding height from the ceiling and also the different kind of bulb to be used if it is not an LED.

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