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Christmas Browser is a fun and unique way to browse the Web during the holidays. You get holiday scenes, falling snow, and cheery Christmas music. Plus, a cool interface. And the Microsoft Agent adds to your “snow surfing” experience!
The icons down the left side of the screen are links to web pages. You can create new icon links simply by dragging a link from the browser window to the Christmas Browser desktop. A string of bulbs around the browser window represents the browsing session history. This allows you to quickly see a history of your session and to jump to any other page.
Christmas Browser 99 also comes with a range of seasonal songs in MIDI format. You can turn the music on and off with a simple click on the Music Box. You can also easily add new songs to Christmas Browser by dragging and dropping a MIDI file directly from a web page onto the Music Box.
Christmas Browser makes use of The Microsoft Agent to provide audible feedback when web pages are fully loaded, as well as other useful hints. The animated agent can speak aloud to you if you need help in Christmas Browser. Or it might simply say “Let’s Rock” when you click on the Music Box to start a song.









Christmas Browser 99 Torrent [Win/Mac] [2022-Latest]

Christmas Browser combines a great way to browse the Internet with some cool special effects.
You can view web pages and listen to MIDI-formatted music. It features ‘Bookmark & Hot Links’, ‘Save Menu’, and ‘History’.
There’s also an animated agent that will tell you when the browser is ready to go.
It includes a range of holiday background pictures, Christmas images, and (of course) a range of popular Christmas melodies.
New in version 1.4
– Support for ‘bookmark and hot links’.
– Support for adding ‘Save menu’ option to the toolbar.
– Rearrange toolbar buttons.
– No point in a bug where the agent couldn’t talk.
– Quick Download Manager.
– Another View Format: Image is inserted into a full-screen view of a list of web links.
– Commands added to the ‘Help’ menu.
– Repeat option for the PCM MIDI player.
– Small things that work better.
– Emulate real CD drive by changing its behaviour to have a ‘play’ window.
– Bonus songs added.
The supporting program for Christmas Browser is Microsoft Agent.
Christmas Browser supports Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and 7. The.exe application file can be used on all these operating systems.
Christmas Browser can also run on Pentiums and Athlons with the.NET Framework installed.

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Christmas Browser 99 Crack Torrent Free

* Free download of Christmas Browser version 1.0
– Show all home page links in the upper left corner of the desktop icon. – Show the home page link in the status bar when you mouse over the browser icon.

This download contains:
– Christmas Window: The Christmas Window is a cool desktop gadget that lets you surf the web on your computer during the Christmas Holidays. It includes holiday scenes, falling snow, and cheery Christmas music. – Holiday Desktop List: The Holiday Desktop List lets you browse your computer’s home page, bookmark and visit web pages and even capture screen shots! – Search History: The Search History allows you to browse search results. The size of this icon can vary depending on the number of results you have. – Calendar: The Calendar can be used to schedule any appointment. This icon has a nice animated calendar with cool holiday graphics! – Pop-Up Reminder: The Pop-Up Reminder provides simple pop-up reminder windows. Clicking on the icon turns on the pop-up window. Clicking in the pop-up window closes it. – Screen Capture: The Screen Capture lets you shoot a picture of the entire screen. – Weather: The Weather allows you to check the weather for any cities, states, countries or zip codes.

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Christmas Browser 99 Full Version Free Download [Win/Mac]

Christmas Browser is a fun and unique way to browse the Web during the holidays. You get holiday scenes, falling snow, and cheery Christmas music. Plus, a cool interface. And the Microsoft Agent adds to your “snow surfing” experience!

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What’s New in the Christmas Browser 99?

The small red face that the Agent wears on the Microsoft Windows desktop is a symbol of lighthearted fun. Perhaps because of this, The Agent attempts to help users whenever they may need assistance. It even offers some guidance on switching windows and other operating system resources. The agent is also a jolly one. So, when you are surfing on the World Wide Web, the Agent will make sure you have a good time.

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