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Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool Crack+ [Updated]

Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool is a cross-platform backup utility for Thunderbird, this tool helps you backup emails, contacts, calendar and other data.
Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool has two backup modes: local mode and cloud backup. It copies your email data by using both local and cloud storage. You can backup any existing email account with this tool.

The features of Thunderbird Backup Tool:
1. It can backup Thunderbird email, Contacts, Calendar and other data.
2. It supports multiple backup modes, including local mode, cloud mode, to allow users to select a specific data before backing them up.
3. It will backup all emails, contacts and calendars, and even entire folders and emails.
4. It can create backup files with various formats, including PST, OST, MBOX, EML, MSG, CSV and so on.
5. With this tool, you can also receive the email messages automatically without any manual intervention.
6. It provides a quick and easy backup tool that can be used by novice user to easily backup their Thunderbird data.




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Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool Crack Download

Browse through all your emails for Thunderbird, select items, start immediate migration process, analyze the attachments, export the emails to selected formats, or even migrate your emails to other messaging clients.


Easy to use

Supports multi-platform (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Automatically runs through all your emails, searching for messages you’ve marked as to be exported

View and export messages as CSV, MSG, PST, MBOX, OST

PST, MBOX, OST and EML export can be made through custom filters

Organize email by folders

Supports adding/removing email accounts and editing shared calendars


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Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool Crack+ With License Code

#1: Setup the email account for new Gmail account #2: Setup secure connection for Gmail account #3: Import emails from Thunderbird to Gmail #4: Export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird #5: Choose a backup format and apply date filter #6: Backup all emails in your Thunderbird account to selected location #7: Backup all attachments with selected email #8: Export emails with selected email to a new email account #9: Export emails into text format #10: Export emails into PIC format #11: Backup emails from MBOX, EML, MSG, and MSG to a Thunderbird format #12: Export Outlook attachments to HTML #13: Export email attachments to HTML #14: Export all emails and attachments from Thunderbird

Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool has been thoroughly tested by our team on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 64-bit and was found to be stable and secure.
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What’s New in the Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool?

Cigati Thunderbird Backup Tool is a software tool designed to backup your email using various mail clients. It will backup your messages to any of the following Mail formats: MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Live Exchange, YM, Zimbra, AOL, IMAP, SMTP and POP3. The migration process is simply a matter of pointing the program to your Thunderbird Profile folder and clicking the backup button. It will extract all your emails from Thunderbird into another format you specify. The email client that you specify to use is completely at your discretion.
Main Features:
The main features are:
• Import into Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
• Import into Thunderbird 1.4 – 30.2.4
• Outlook PST File import
• Thunderbird Exchange Export
• Import into other commonly used email programs including Gmail, YM, Amazon WebMail, AOL, IMAP, SMTP and POP3.
• Useful date filter features.
• Export into popular formats including MS-Outlook, MS-Word, MS-excel, RTF.
• Supports multiple target formats.
Download Thunderbird Backup Tool
Read the complete review.

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