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CoolBrowser was developed to help you extract important information from a web page and to store that information in a database for easy retrieval afterwards. Many websites show a lot if irrelevant stuff wrapped around the content that you are really interested in. With CoolBrowser you can get just the information you need.
Secondly, the history function of most browsers is very primitive and a more searchable history was required.
CoolBrowser is an Internet Explorer plug-in. It integrates with your browser therefore all the functions are available while surfing.
Here are some key features of “CoolBrowser”:
The Filter
■ With this innovative tool you can extract or filter out certain sections of a web page. This means that things like menu’s, banners, header etc. can be removed, leaving you with only the pure content of the page. This content can then be saved to the snippets database or filtered in a new browser window. The filter can also extract all images and links from a web page.
The Snippets
■ The snippets function in the same way as a normal directory structure. The downloaded snippets are available directly in your browser and can therefore be viewed immediately. Snippets can be edited with the build-in HTML editor. A snippet folder can be compiled to a single document in the browser. Most importantly, snippets can be browsed offline.
The search function
■ While CoolBrowser is active, it stores certain information of every web page visited. This information includes the keywords of a web page. The author of a web page sets up keywords so that search engines can index these words. But you can now search you own keyword database offline. It is also possible to search visited pages on the title or URL. This makes it extremely easy to find a website that you visited before.
The word indexer
■ The indexer scans every page that you visit and builds up a searchable dictionary of words. The indexer can be enabled when required, or it can be left running. It scans the current page in the background while you are reading it. The indexed words can be searched using the search function mentioned above.
■ the number of snippets is limited to 15
■ the filter does not extract all content







CoolBrowser Crack+ Keygen [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

CoolBrowser For Windows 10 Crack can be used by every Internet Explorer user. However it is only available as an option in the IE version 7 and higher. CoolBrowser will extract, store and list all important contents on a website such as navigation, menus, advertisements, pictures, css files etc. for easy retrieval. The snippets can then be saved to the snippets database or exported to text files.

Here are some screenshots:


I think that the answer to this question really depends on the size of the data you are saving. If you are just saving text, then this tool will probably work well for you. If you want to save a lot of data, you might want to try something that has been around for a while (as in “free”). These would be:
Ditto (This works very well with Chrome and Firefox)
There are some other paid (sometimes called “pro”) programs, but I don’t know how well they work with Internet Explorer. My main caveat here is that I don’t use Internet Explorer so I can’t vouch for them.

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CoolBrowser (Latest)

■ CoolBrowser is a powerful tool to extract or filter out certain sections of a web page. It does not only do that, it also builds an index of all words on a web page. The keywords can be searched and browsed in one interface, which makes it easy to search for something you are looking for.
Technical Features:
■ What does it do?
■ This tool is an internet explorer plug-in. It displays the complete content of a web page on the screen while you are browsing. This means that the content of a web page is available to you while you are on the internet.
■ What can it do?
■ The function of the Filter: The filter function is an innovative function that allows you to extract certain parts of a web page from the entire page. For example, you can choose to remove the menu of a web page or the navigation menu of a web page. Furthermore, you can choose to remove the page header or navigation bar.
■ The snippets function: This function is a modified version of a directory structure. The snippets function allows you to save the information of a web page to a snippet. The snippet can be opened using the preview function. The snippets are stored in the same directory structure as a normal directory.
■ The word indexer: When CoolBrowser is enabled, the word indexer scans every word on a web page and builds up a searchable database. Using the search function of the program, you can search for a word that is in your word database. When searching the entire web, this function can be disabled.
■ Limitations:
■ CoolBrowser has a limit of 15 snippets.
■ The filter function does not scan for images or links.
■ The word indexer is not able to scan the body of a web page.
It’s a very innovative tool. I was amazed at the amount of information it gives you about a web page. It’s a MUST for every webmaster.

September 18, 2016



The CREATOR of SmartScreen Captures has released a new

CoolBrowser Crack+ Keygen [Updated]

■ only extracts the information you want!
■ the filter removes any additional content that is not pure content (banners, footer etc.)
■ no ID or Classes are extracted
■ CoolBrowser needs to be installed to extract the information from a web page
■ CoolBrowser needs to be installed to add the information to a snippet
■ CoolBrowser needs to be installed to convert the snippet to a stand-alone document
■ CoolBrowser needs to be installed to search the snippets
■ CoolBrowser needs to be installed to browse the snippets

What is new in official CoolBrowser version?

Integrates with the browser’s own search features (hint, button etc.)
The filter works much better now
Search can now be performed by either title or URL
Now all keywords can be searched with the search engine
All snippets have a better look now
Some crashes fixed
Moved from “Windows CE” to “Windows”
Download CoolBrowser
– No installation necessary! Just unzip it in a convenient folder and start CoolBrowser.

How to install CoolBrowser?

1. If you want to start CoolBrowser manually, just double-click the file “CoolBrowser.exe”
2. If you don’t want to start CoolBrowser manually, right-click “CoolBrowser.exe” and select “Run As Administrator”
3. Once the program starts, a pop-up appears with the installation instructions. Follow the instructions and restart your PC.
4. That’s it! CoolBrowser is ready to use!
What you have to do
1. Create an empty document in your browser
2. Open the page with CoolBrowser (by double clicking the file “CoolBrowser.exe”)
3. Go through the installation instructions.
If you find any problems with CoolBrowser, please check the following section

What’s the status of this program?
CoolBrowser is still in its initial release phase. It is a project that I started but am not able to update it any more due to schoolwork. If you have an interest in this project you can leave a comment or send me a email via my website:
For those who really want to use CoolBrowser, here is an important note for you: To be able to extract the snippets, the Filter must be disabled. To do that, you

What’s New In CoolBrowser?

■ CoolBrowser is a web browser extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. It allows you to save websites, links, images, text, and even entire webpages. Saving the website saves a copy of it for safe keeping in your computer. You can then use this copy to view it in a separate browser window. Saving links is especially helpful, since there are many webpages linking to other websites. When you save a web page, CoolBrowser can automatically save the link in a database, which will help you find the original site again.
Using CoolBrowser, you will have a safe online library that allows you to save websites, links, images, text, and even entire webpages.

Windows version:

macOS version:

Linux version:

■ As you visit a website, CoolBrowser will store the visited information in a database, so that you can easily view it later. When CoolBrowser is installed, it will automatically extract the saved websites, links, images, text, and even entire webpages. The extracted information is stored in a special database, which can be copied and pasted into a separate web browser. You can use this copy to view the web page later. Save websites automatically creates a copy of the web page, and stores the URL in a database. As you visit a website, the URL of the website is saved automatically. If you want, you can choose to save a webpage, and it will automatically store the URL in a database. When you visit a website for the first time, you can select whether to use the online copy or save the URL to the database.
■ You can save the page using the Save to Database button, which will create a copy of the page in a special database. This will allow you to view the page later, and edit the saved webpage later. This is useful, if you want to paste a website into a word processor, or if you want to edit the saved webpage. Save to Database supports OCR (optical character recognition) to find the words in a webpage. OCR can also be used to extract text from any image in the webpage, which you can paste into a word processor.
■ You can save a webpage using the Save to database button, which will create a copy of the webpage in a database. When you visit a website, you can select the database to save the URL into. You can use the database to view the saved webpage, which will be stored in a separate browser window. Saving webpages using the database is especially useful if you want to save the page to a word processor, and then paste it back later.

System Requirements:

To play on PC you need a decent CPU and GPU.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 7800 GX or ATI HD 3870
DirectX®: Version 9.0c or higher
Hard Disk: 2 GB space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c or higher
Internet connection: Broadband
Mac OS X:
Processor: Intel Core Duo 1

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