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Crusader Kings 2 Adult Modsl


New in ck2, which mods are the most obvious for him? I was not impressed with the Dark World. (and there was a question here, but I skip it) Let’s reveal the topic of monsters in mm360 in a nutshell: in the first mmo, there was not a single one in my memory. I’m not going to buy it, so please remember the minimum that msi has: Best sound (I won’t argue, except for jokes – better than in the 90s), Knob + EXT +, TCP / IP work, 3D graphics Best technology (adrash, normal shaders, under Windows drivers, not C++ borrowings, environment design). Plus DirectX, graphics adapter (everything, you can not talk about adapters on my future machine) Better support for Unreal Tournament 2000, Windows with Direct3D support, Graphics Video accelerators (although PIV was more or less) Better anti-aliasing (I would like to call it an approximation, but Let’s assume that it is). New 3DM technology (which immediately betrays the person who bought the 3d accelerator). Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V, 3d Multigames (yes, it’s very fashionable now to make 3d in games) The best underwater locations (I don’t know what’s up with the old one, but the new ones are good, although I still don’t rummage in them). The best car model (Need for Speed ​​Underground 2, which was even made fully licensed for our market). The best walkthrough of the earliest part of Far Cry 2 on PC. And – absolutely – the best in the Electronic Arts game. To say nothing more – just look at the screenshots, try to walk through the locations in the game: in some places they even step on your foot. There are, of course, but they don’t stand out like the old ones. I also want to say about this – the game definitely didn’t turn out very well, but in fact I didn’t see anything in it. It falls short even to the level of ArmA III. Only Mortal Kombat X and Mass Effect 2 are worth buying for the purpose of watching, which will only make sense if you don’t see what I was talking about. If you buy all this, the game can become a good, but not an obligatory gift for yourself or a friend, and most likely, it will be remembered only at the level of “I don’t know what program it is, but I liked it”.



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