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When it comes to organizing data on your computer, it seems that the Internet offers lots of applications and programs that you could choose from. One of them is Discs Index.
It's a neat software solution that lets you create and manage various files stored on your DVD or CD-ROM collection. It comes with the option to edit parameters for your collection.
Simple and compact user interface
The application installs quickly and it sports a really compact and small graphical interface with some tools that you can check out.
It doesn't come with any customization options, which is quite inconvenient since it means that you can't make any changes to the application's interface. It also doesn't have any tips or instructions, but you shouldn't have any trouble with navigating through the program since it's quite intuitive.
Manage your CD collection easily
You simply need to load the disc in your computer or browse your system and open dix files that you were working on. You can add the disc title, vendor, creation date, read date, media type, the number of directories and files.
It lets you add notes and it loads the files that the CD contains. You can add files from your computer and it lets you include file names.
More features and tools
The application comes with the option to add or remove information in your database and use a very intuitive search tool for finding information fast. You can search by various criteria including file title, vendor, memo, directory name and file name. Properties can be edited at any time and save your project when you're done working.
All in all, Discs Index is a neat and small application for managing and editing your CD and DVD collection, but it would have been nice if it had some more tools and features.







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You can create, read, add and remove files from your CD and DVD collection. When it comes to adding and removing files you can add or remove file names, file size, creation date, read date, media type and even add a description for the file. It also includes a search tool for finding files on your collection.

I think you have to check this application.
I also think that you can’t find this application for Windows 10, in search engine like Google it is not on the first page but if you type Discs Index it is in the middle.
As you can see the application is not a simple CD or DVD indexer it is full of useful tools to make your life easier.
It has a really simple but very intuitive graphical interface for easy operation and speed.
The application is very useful since you can easily manage and organize any type of information on your collection.
This is the best program for handling CD and DVD collection I have seen.
The application is in beta version and you can find it here (

Installation is very easy and simple. You can easily install and use it.
I recommend you to download this program.


VidRage Pro

This is a media player with all the options that you need to play any type of video and audio from any source. It supports all popular resolutions, input types, audio formats, codecs, subtitle formats, and even DVD playback.
The application can output to desktop, web browsers, mobile devices and TV. You have the option to watch standard files, VOB files, DVD files, DivX, AVI, MP3, OGG, WMV and more.
It can play 3D content and has support for hardware acceleration.
Like many other software applications from the same developer, VidRage Pro sports a simple yet well-designed user interface.
It comes with a decent collection of features, so you won’t have any problems using it.
Basic and powerful
The user interface is simple and doesn’t offer you any customization options. It has all the tools that you need to make video and audio files.
If you want to watch the videos you have or you want to play any audio file, this is the best player in the market.
It allows you to play any type of video and audio files and it also offers support for 3D content. You can also create video play

Discs Index License Key Full

application identifies the contents and status of your database.

add all the information you need, such as disc title, categories, types, dates and more.

retrieve up to five files from the list of files, and add them to your current work.

This media player offers a simple and streamlined view of your current playlist and media libraries.
You can add titles or use the search tool to find a specific media file.
After that, you can either open it directly with the relevant files, or you can copy the file to your computer system.
Easy and straightforward user interface
Though the user interface might seem a bit more complicated at first, it is quite easy to navigate through the application.
It comes with an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily browse through different tracks and folders in your current media library and sort them.
All of your media files are organized in your library and you can mark the ones that you don’t want to open or copy to the computer.
You can view your media files in the playlist, and you can add new tracks through the audio/video section.
It also lets you add your favorite tracks to the menu, which is a very handy feature, especially if you just want to add songs that you enjoy listening to.
Play music and open media files
You can either add the files to your playlist or open them directly from your library.
In case you open files from your media library, you can search for specific files by using the search tool in the program.
You can also play the files that you have on your computer and you can mark them as favourites.
That’s about it. This media player might come with some problems and does lack some features.
Simple and easy to navigate user interface.
Media player with a very nice search tool.
A neat feature that lets you organize your favorite music.
The application is a good media player, but it lacks some key features and functions.
Discs Index Details:

application easily and quickly identifies the contents and status of your database.

This media player offers a simple and streamlined view of your current playlist and media libraries.

You can add titles or use the search tool to find a specific media file.

After that, you can either open it directly with the relevant files, or you can copy the file to your computer.

This media player might come with some problems and does lack some features.

Discs Index Download:

Discs Index Crack+ [Win/Mac]

Database files:

Is it any good?
Yes, as long as you don’t mind the features that it has. It has a small interface but it can be a lot of fun to use.
That said, it is quite basic and has a pretty limited set of tools. You could think about using it as a way of keeping track of your discs and collecting information about the various files on them.

I’ve used the business software product by Noodle Kites for over a decade. It has always been fairly simple but also robust. It includes a wide range of features. One of the more useful ones for me and others I know is that it will automatically backup your database. Which is very important, especially if you have lots of files or database tables.
It’s not a desktop application but I can use it on my laptop and then go to the cloud and work from my phone and PC. This is pretty amazing and I have never seen anything like it.
It’s very stable and one of the best business products I have ever used.
It’s a very robust online business software. It saves all your data to the cloud. This means that when you forget to save the document you created then you could use the cloud and access your application from any device.
If you ever lose your device then you could upload it to the cloud and the program will still be running and you can access all your data.
It has a wide range of tools and features. You could use it as a personal accountant, financial planner or even a stock broker.
One of the more interesting features is that it has a real time dashboard which shows you how much time you have spent on each task. This is pretty helpful if you have a lot of documents to file or you need to stay on task.
I’ve used the application for over a decade and it’s always delivered an excellent service. It has an excellent reputation.
They also let you try the software for free. Just make sure that you get the annual paid subscription, which includes professional support. I have never had to call them but it’s always good to know that you have access to someone knowledgeable.
It is also worth mentioning that they let you use the software up to five users. This means that even if you are just one person then you can use the software.
It’s an excellent product and I recommend it to my clients.
If you’re wondering, Noodle Kites has since moved to a new home. They

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Instructions for complete installation for Windows users

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System Requirements For Discs Index:

1. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
2. DirectX: 10
3. Video Card:
3.1 GeForce GTX 760: 1 GB Video RAM or better
3.2 Radeon HD 7870/7850/7860/7850 2 GB Video RAM or better
4. CPU:
4.1 Intel i3-4130T Processor
4.2 Intel Core i5-2500K Processor
4.3 Intel Core i7-3770



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