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Managing Office 365 with multiple user accounts and multiple machines might give you headaches, as there are so many tools you must constantly juggle with. There are all the admin center tools for Microsoft 365 or Exchange, Azure AD Connect, Powershell and AD Users and Computers manager, as well as an Exchange Server for mailbox management. A bit too much, isn’t it?
Easy365Manager is an Active Directory plugin for AD Users and Computers that aims to ease your work and make daily and habitual operations much easier to carry out. With its help, Office 365 administrators can monitor users, licenses and mailboxes from a single application, without requiring the use of Powershell scripts, the Office 365 portal or Exchange Hybrid. In other words, it provides an integrated Office 365 and Active Directory solution that makes it possible for you to avoid using an on-premises Exchange Server.
Please keep in mind that your Easy365Manager license is created based on your tenant's name, so make sure to provide the correct one. The installation is smooth, with no special requirements and, as soon as it is completed, a text file is opened in your default viewer to show instructions on how to run Easy365Manager.
The first step is to run the AD Users & Computers app. In the list of users, right-click on any name and open its properties. You should notice two new tabs in the properties window, namely “Office 365” and “Mailbox”. You should take the time to configure Easy365Manager by providing the correct Azure AD user and license, the Exchange Online credentials (which allows the management of the Office 365 mailboxes) and the name of the Azure AD Connect server.
Once the configuration is complete, you should be able to manage Office 365 licenses, users and mailboxes directly from the AD Users and Computers tool.







Easy365Manager 2.0.0 Crack Free Download X64 [2022-Latest]

* Display the list of licenses on the Office 365 tenant.
* Detect the latest renewal day of Office 365 services.
* Download the latest licenses for Office 365 services from Azure Active Directory.
* Import licenses for Office 365 services for Office 365 users to Office 365 user licenses.
* Install, configure and run Office 365 licenses, users, mailboxes and services from the User and Computer pop-up window.
* Backup and restore Office 365 data, licenses and services.
* Backup all Office 365 licenses.
* Export Office 365 licenses to the Office 365 Admin center to perform subscription changes.
* Export Office 365 users and mailboxes to the Office 365 Admin center to perform mailbox changes.
* Use the AD Users and Computers tool to work with the Exchange Server.
* Manage Azure AD user accounts.
* Manage Office 365 email accounts and Office 365 services.
* Manage Office 365 licenses and subscriptions.
* Manage Office 365 apps.
Easy365Manager Version: 4.1.2
Easy365Manager Folder: Exchange Administrator and Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) The source code for 2-agent monitoring and troubleshooting are uploaded to GitHub at:
Appendix 2 – Advantages of the Plugin
1. Accelerate Exchange Online, Office 365 Advanced, Office 365 ProPlus and Business Apps Licenses Resync
With this solution, you can collect the latest Office 365 licenses and licenses for all Office 365 services at a given time. It could significantly accelerate Exchange Online, Office 365 Advanced, Office 365 ProPlus and Business Apps licensing resync.
2. Easy for Tenant Setup
With the introduction of an in-app License Import function, the management of Office 365 licenses is now painless and quick.
3. Easy Email Updater
With this solution, you can update all email accounts or a specified number of email accounts in an Office 365 tenant. Thus, it could simplify email updating in Office 365 tenant.
4. Easy AD Users & Computers Tool
With this solution, you can use an Active Directory integrated application, AD Users & Computers, to monitor and manage Office 365, Exchange and SharePoint online assets. It will satisfy the requirement for AD users & Computers monitoring, it provides end-user experience.
5. Easier and Faster

Easy365Manager 2.0.0 With License Code

Easy365Manager Crack is a plugin for AD Users & Computers that allows you to monitor any user, license or mailbox by using one tool.

As you can see, it’s the ideal tool to help administrators to manage Microsoft 365, Office 365, Exchange and Exchange Online, as well as Azure AD and Office 365 services. But I have an office 365 and want to manage my Microsoft exchange cloud. I can see all the exchange mailbox using exchange admin center. However I cannot manage these mailbox using ADUC. Is it possible to manage exchange mailbox using ADUC?


As I pointed out in the comment above, ADUC is an Exchange client that does not have any rights to access the Exchange server.
You can use any email client that supports EWS protocol to access your Exchange mailbox.
For example, Outlook.com and Gmail.
So for your question, as you want to access Exchange Online mailbox, why not use the Outlook.com or Gmail?

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Easy365Manager 2.0.0

Microsoft Office 365 are cloud-based services that deliver powerful productivity applications and secure collaboration solutions to millions of users in various organizations across the world.
Active Directory is the central user directory of Microsoft, it’s the center of every IT service in the organization.
Office 365 and Active Directory go together like peanut butter and jelly, also there is a PowerShell script to synchronize Office 365 mailboxes with AD, but this script can’t handle all cases.
This tool can help you manage Office 365 users from Active Directory, and provides easy one-click solution for many tasks:
Lets you see and manage Office 365 users, mailboxes, licenses and licenses, view a list of licenses and a list of mailboxes with users assigned/unassigned, assign and unassign mailboxes as users, add or remove users as mailboxes, view/modify/add licenses, view license assignment, assign license owners, remove license owners, and see all the licenses and mailboxes for a specific tenant.
It is important to know that the active directory username you configured when installing the plugin is used for the user in the related screens.
Easy365Manager Main Screen
The application includes a powerful set of features, like:
• Display and manage Office 365 users and mailboxes from one application.
• View user licenses and licenses
• Attach Microsoft products to mailboxes, and manage licenses of users.
• Use users and licenses as mailboxes.
• Add, modify, or remove users as mailboxes.
• Assign and unassign users as mailboxes.
• Assign and unassign license owners.
• Assign and unassign license owners.
• Gather all license and mailboxes by tenant.
For example, if you want to assign a new user to use Exchange Online, simply select that user from the list, click Assign, confirm and all the necessary steps will be performed.
Easy365Manager Assign Mailbox Screen
The following shows an example of how to assign an Office 365 mailbox to a user.
In order to assign the user “Joe Random” to the mailbox “abc@contoso.com”, choose the mailbox from the list and press “Assign”. The user in the name field will be selected and the password will be prompted. Enter the user’s password, press “Assign” and “Ok” will be displayed.
Easy365Manager User

What’s New in the?

The page doesn’t say much but it has basic functions.
It is an open source application. A few caveats:

It’s a free product. You’ll pay if you want more features or support.

You can install an SCCM or a Group Policy plugin to manage your users and licenses in your network.

There’s a database and SQL Server Module. You can use it to manage your mailboxes, licenses and users.

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