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It is quite clearly meant to “hide” more than it is meant to “protect”. Trying to
“protect” them would be as much as an exercise in absurdity as the current
“protect” themselves version.

I don’t understand why ‘doxing’ a company, by posting their employees contact
information and other personal details, is any more of a threat than finding
their employees’ paystubs, or business registration, or CEO’s social security

It is when the employee you are doxing is doing work against the interests of
the company. So it may be good for the company if the state is able to ban a
person from doing work against the company.

Also, they do this for your credit score if not for other reasons.

Funny how the article links wikileaks without mentioning they got their info
from those pages.

Also, “doxxing” appears to be a new word, but it’s likely what many people use
the word as.

How will the “darkerskin” benefit?

Personally I don’t mind the restrictions in the laws and I’m glad many other
countries do the same. However I think it’s very impolite to “crack down” on
political speech.

Those of us that are living in the US will never understand how the rest of
the world sees this as a threat.

Please don’t post unsubstantive comments here.

You don’t even have to like wikileaks to support this.

Just stick to Sweden and Iceland please.

If you can afford it

Are you serious

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