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Download Setup + Crack ››› https://geags.com/2spK9B



Developer: Daxia

Designer: Yasir Akio

UI: Akihiko Yatsu

Production: Project Tsukurikata

Systems: Dragoon 4

Art Director: Eri

Sound Director: Yuji Nakayama

Sound Producer: Osamu Chikuyama

Music: Triple W

Developer: Daxia

Designer: Yasir Akio

Producer: Kazuo Yoshida

UI: Akihiko Yatsu

Sound Director: Yuji Nakayama

Character Designer: Eri

Director: Shunsuke Yosoi

Sound Producer: Osamu Chikuyama

Software Engineer: Seiji Furukawa

Systems: Dragoon 4

Art Director: Eri

Sound Director: Yuji Nakayama

Sound Producer: Osamu Chikuyama

Score: Yuji Nakayama

Subsidiary Producer: Kazuo Yoshida

Project Director: Kazuo Yoshida

Software Engineer: Hideki Mori

Development Producer: Takashi Abe


※Meme is an abbreviation of “MEGAUPLOAD”, which is the accreditation of this website.

May all creatures be created well, and never be endangered, so that the world may remain beautiful forever.

… to analyze, to analyze……. to explain………


FEATURE 1: PROLOGUE: The Dreaming City

The prologue event is a story starring the main character.
Players will get an exclusive weapon and armor to make them the best adventurer.
During the event, 5 exclusive missions will be available to complete in order to obtain the exclusive gear.

• Ejiri Station – A Gold Scroll and a Follow-Up Extra

• Adventurers can obtain a new, exclusive weapon and armor (Prophetic Path).


Players can pick up gold fallen in the fields.
Gold is not just worth money, but it also helps in the construction of your character or provides the resources to forge new weapons and armor.
The character you play can be improved with gold, and the items you obtain can


Features Key:

  • 18 playable classes
  • Story System, Character System
  • Save system
  • Multiple character leveling
  • Upgraded classes by taking on challenges (often includes intense battles) Check more screenshots and information
    • Combos and magical skills for stronger characters
    • Multiple class mastering and stat enhancing
    • Battle action and combo system
    • Item and Inventory system
    • One-on-one mode and various game types
    • Cross-platform browser play
    • 24 classes maximum
    • Class structure and combinations offered
    • Seamless, Daily Quest system
    • Saving system for optional offline play
    • A large world you can explore
  • Exciting gameplay system Check more screenshots and information
    • 2 illustrations: Memory and Time
    • Playable classes including missions and field quests
    • New Battle system
    • Fighter classes including mashin and magic
    • A large world you can explore
    • Striking crafting system
    • Player-made dungeons
    • Quest, Mission and Field Quest system
  • Master of a class can enhance his or her own stats and craft items
  • Item and Inventory system
  • Possess the strength of an enemy, or steal the strength of an enemy’s weapon
  • A teacher to teach you new skills
  • Acquire different equipment by


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    Smartphone RPG: Feel real RPG

    ・The number of character to choose from is near 1,000
    ・Explore and battle with different types of enemies. To level up, you have to fight, and will earn EXP.
    ・The environment of the adventure is a virtual world that is made of the real world.
    ・The maps are made so that you can come across your opponent to fight with him/her.
    ・Play with multiple players at once.

    ・The atmosphere of the RPG genre is preserved. The story that is complex and diverse.
    ・The world was created in a 3D engine, which lets players freely move.

    ・The interface was designed to create an easy operation.
    ・You can develop your own custom character.

    ・Play with multiple members.

    ・The game is fun and easy to play even by beginners.

    ・It is more fun to play with friends.

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    ・Background music.
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    ・The game can be played in offline mode.

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    Open world RPG for the era of novel is being developed.

    ・A new fantasy RPG in which the worlds between are linked together, and the story progresses in between.
    ・The top RPG fans are integrating the content of the update.

    ・The awesome RPG atmosphere, with its original visual design and rich story.
    ・The RPG fans have requested for a longer time, and has been waiting for the development.

    * The richness of the story and vast RPG world.
    ・The open world is huge, but very simple.
    ・IOS can freely walk around it.
    ・Even with you playing for 1 hour, the story continues, and every minute matters.

    ・The seamless connection to other worlds.
    ・The profound emotional responses while on the adventure.

    ・It is easy to play while listening to music, in a way that doesn’t affect the emotional impact of the story.


    Elden Ring [March-2022]

    At Battle

    > Weapons > Sword & Shield

    > Main and Supplementary Magic

    > Weapons > Sword & Shield

    > Supplementary Magic

    > Equipment > Great Sword

    > Equipment > Shield

    > Warrior Skills

    > Materials > Enchant Scrolls

    > Equipment > Tablets

    > Equipment > Staff

    > Equipment > Armors

    > Equipment > Weapons

    > Effector > Staff

    > Accessories > Gloves

    Equipment:Sword & Shield / Supplementary Magic Weapon: Sword & Shield / Supplementary Magic Heavy weapon: Great Sword / Supplementary Magic Sword & Shield
    When equipped with a shield, it is possible to attack at a higher speed and deliver heavier attacks.
    This weapon does not attack right away, but it allows you to perform fancy special attacks once used.
    For example, you can attack at the cost of your shields to deliver a heavy attack.
    The effects will increase as you use the weapon more.
    You can also directly attack while holding the weapon with one hand.
    In addition to heavy attacks, there are a variety of techniques that can be used in combination with your shield.

    > Fighters can use shield techniques as a normal attack.

    > In addition to allowing for heavy attacks, it is also possible to use shield techniques to break enemy shields, as well as dodge enemy attacks.

    > It is also possible to perform shield techniques while holding the heavy weapon.

    > If you have shield techniques available, an enemy who attacks your shields can be countered by switching to sword & shield.

    > It is also possible to attack with the heavy weapon if you have shield techniques.

    > If you have sword techniques available, you can also perform a variety of variations that can use multiple thrusts.

    > Sword techniques can be used in conjunction with shield techniques.

    > The attack power of sword techniques can be combined with shield techniques.

    > In addition to attacking, sword techniques can also be used to perform light magic.

    The effects of light magic can also be used while performing sword techniques.

    > When attacking with sword techniques, the skill level of your weapon is also improved.

    > If you perform magic while using shield techniques, the effects will increase.

    > There are a variety of attacks that can be used with shield techniques.

    > It is also possible to perform attacks while shielding and then interrupt your enemies.

    > When performing shield techniques


    What’s new:

    Ancient, majestic, or the very spirit of… uh… white pizza? Possibly the most challenging real-time strategy game you may ever experience. I daresay it’s the first time you hear the phrase "editors’ cut" fall on deaf ears, but we don’t want to make this post about just Hoban White. I want to talk with you, among other things, about the Reus game Red Dead Redemption 2: Jinglebell, the titular star of the last post.

    Last time, I profiled the Hoban White Short Story, Jinglebell, one of the characters from the eponymous 2013 Red Dead Redemption 2 game. In that text, I also shared screen shots of some of the flashbacks, as the game went back and forth in time to explain some of the events in Jinglebell’s back story (in this case, Jinglebell’s "mother" dying and the simultaneous theft of an old shirt and hat).

    The game itself is a visual feast for the eyes, with its artistic style using not only Western landscapes, but also caricaturized Native American people. The flashbacks are like a form of prequel to the story of the main characters (together, their “family”), showing how the character came to be in the Wild West.

    The game’s


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    Fight the evil in the lands between and create a power worthy of the magus order!
    Elden Ring is an online multi-player fantasy game in which a person gathers minions from the vast Lands Between for combat missions. In combat missions, players fight for their survival and attempt to acquire the most powerful minions and weapons using the epic story. Elden Ring is available worldwide, where a person can be born into nobility or roam as a vagrant under a mask, appearing in The Lands Between as a single-classed warrior or a cold-hearted magus lord that wields an epic battle hammer known as the Elden Hammer.
    For now, you can battle NPCs in the lands between and team up with them! 【Awesome weapons!】A mixture of the traditional fantasy battle gameplay and a traditional role-playing game, the game combines the world of fantasy with the elements of role-playing games, allowing players to battle NPCs in the lands between and collect their equipment.
    Now that we have an introduction, let’s get into the fighting!
    【A rich, detailed world!】
    In terms of volume, there are over 30,000 locations, and we’re planning on adding even more! In addition to the large amount of locations, the design of the world also provides a rich, detailed setting.
    [10-Million treasure-filled dungeons]
    From the plains of the Dark Mountains to the ruins of the ancestral town, the lands between are packed with over 10,000,000 items that will make your life easier when you descend into the dungeons.
    [Awesome skills and spells]
    The game features awesome skills and spells that can be used to fight the hordes of evil that overwhelm the Lands Between. With over 170 skills, 47 spells, and spells that can be learned and unlocked, there is plenty to keep you busy!
    [Beautiful pixel graphics]
    We created ELDEN RING using the 3D graphics engine Unity and overlaid the entire game in the Unreal Engine 4. Unity and Unreal Engine make


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  • Download the setup
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  • Features /CEREWARE:

    • Carry Your Stones In Your Game.
    • Trained Crabs take you back to KO.
    • Monster Graphics Rarely Seen Games in Skyrim, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Fallout New Vegas, (see screenshots)
    • Innovative Mechanics With a maximum number of unique enemy types-more enemy types means more game play variation.
    • Realistic Map Superiorly Designed Maps, With natural look of the land plus outstanding effects on the map.
    • Great Graphics Store Maps Especially Designed Only For DK
    • Wide Range Of Monsters Cute Flat Her, Monster car, Dropped Icon, Fighters, Soldiers, Damage Characteristio, Max and Min Fights, Skill and Equipment.






















    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 8.1/Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core i3 Processor
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    All Platform


    Download Setup + Crack ››› https://geags.com/2spK9B

    Download Setup + Crack ››› https://geags.com/2spK9B

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