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The cookie settings on this website are set to “allow cookies” to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click “Accept” below then you are consenting to this.The Health and Safety (Strikes and Lockouts) Bill 2011 was introduced on 9 May 2011. The Bill will make it an offence to cause a strike or a lock-out to occur. If the Bill becomes law, the Government’s intention is to make it an offence for industrial dispute organisers to call or instigate industrial strikes, lockouts or any other industrial dispute that might result in a person being trapped in their home or being prevented from gaining lawful access to their home. If anyone breaches a notice under the Bill, that person could be liable to imprisonment for up to three years.

This legislation is anticipated to enable the State to enforce protection from unlawful occupation orders, protecting occupiers of properties who are unlawfully intruded upon. A property owner will still have to seek a protection from unlawful occupation order if their property is intruded upon. If they do, the owner will be required to give oral or written notice to the intruding person. This notice will then enable the intruding person to cease or desist their conduct, however, if they do not, they could be liable to imprisonment for up to three years.

If the legislation is passed, the Government says that the possession of a notice, and the enforcement of a protection from unlawful occupation order, will be taken to be prima facie evidence that any acts contravening such an order were done unlawfully. It is intended that the changes to the law will provide a strong deterrent to the conduct of those who seek to gain commercial advantage by violating the law, and it is intended that this will have benefits for the community.

Under the Bill, an Inspector who is authorised to enforce a protection from unlawful occupation order is required to take care that they will not do anything that might interfere with the carrying out of their duties. If the inspector has reasonable suspicion that someone is engaged in conduct that is likely to interfere with the carrying out of his/her duties, they will be authorised to provide that person with directions to cease or desist that conduct.

If the person persists in their conduct after receiving directions, they will be charged

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