Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

a. Environmental Sustainability
At Wano Engineering Systems, we reduce and Reuse for sustainability of our fragile environment. We have been careful stewards of our resources because reducing waste makes-sense for our business, and, as it turns out, for our clients and for the earth we all share.

Reduce waste to the Landfall
Reducing the millions of tons of waste that end up in landfills each year is one of the greatest environmental challenges we face. The surest way to reduce waste is to prevent it in the first place. At Wano Engineering Systems, We buy responsibly, we reject unnecessary packaging and we design, Quote and purchase with waste reduction on top of our minds.

Waste not. Want not. Find innovative ways to reuse scrap materials.
Throwing away what could be put to good use offends our sensibilities. So we are always looking for new ways to put our offal to good purpose. We don’t throw a single scrap away unless we cannot find a way to reuse, repurpose, or recycle it.

The best Time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is now. Preserve our Natural resources.

We believe in the value of green spaces- in fields, in forest, wherever it’s found. Wano Engineering Systems will engage its staffs in tree planting events in the region.

b. Social Responsibility
We will put special emphasis on the locally important activities to various organizations, establishments, and to the individuals in the field of culture, education, social and humanitarian activities which include: Red-cross society of Kenya Local Churches, Children Homes.

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