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Excel File Splitter is a specialized software solution that is aimed mainly at translators, since it can split Excel documents based on their word count, then combine them once more at later time.
Step-by-step approach
The application's GUI is minimalist and user-friendly, meaning that even if you do not have a lot of skills operating the PC, you can still use it.
You can start either by splitting new files, or by joining some previously processed Excel files. The entire process is organized in a step-by-step manner, so you can make sure you do not skip any steps.
Split many Excel files at once
When you want to enjoy the main function of the application, you need to select the source documents, be they XLS or XLSX.
You need to manually browse to the location of the folder or files you are interested in (drag and drop actions are not supported). You need to select which rows and columns are to be processed.
Split files based on word count
Next, you can specify how many parts you want each file to have, as well as choose the splitting criterion. File can be split based on words or characters (with or without spaces).
You can duplicate header rows in each file or you can include the header row in the first part only.
Basic Excel file joining
In addition to splitting the files, you can also merge the split parts by simply adding the respective XLS or XLSX files to the dedicated window. The joining process does not require any extra user input.
To summarize, Excel File Splitter can come in handy if you are a translator looking to split your Excel documents based on their contents. This way, you can translate each part, then combiner them together once you are done and generate a complete Excel file once more.









Excel File Splitter Free Download For PC

• Introductory price: $79.95;

• License: Single user, version unlimited;

• Size: 16 MB;

• Language: Multilingual, supports 21 languages;

• Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8;

• Installation: Uninstalls automatically from the system;

• Operates under the guidance of Microsoft Excel 2007/2010.

‘Reliability and stability:

• 100% Secure and completely Verified by ‘eMule’ ;

• with the option of a ‘Disabled’ or ‘Expanded’ installer;

• with a choice of a ‘Freeware’ or ‘Pro’ license ;

• with the option of using a ‘Generic’ or ‘Custom’ installation wizard;

• with a choice of a ‘Safe’ or ‘Standard’ uninstaller.

What’s New in Excel File Splitter 2.8.5:

• Version 2.8.5 comes with the removal of the most annoying and unusable symptom: the non-renewal of the license.

Excel File Splitter Specifications:

• Excel File Splitter can split the contents of any excel file.

• It is designed to be used from the Windows Explorer context menu.

• Excel File Splitter also offers an easy way to combine the parts of a split Excel file, as well as to save the whole file to an archive.

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Speeds up the network directly in the client, as does the wizard (the wizard “takes over” if there is no data, and then allows the wizard “replaces” the client… knowledge, but Excel File Splitter (M$ Emulation) is unaware of the value of the clipboard), so you can use Excel File Splitter (without VB6) on a 16-bit system to split and combine OLE files. The main…

How to handle the Excel File Splitter 2.1.2 Serial Number Crack problem after installation

How to handle the Excel File Splitter 2.1.2 Serial Number Crack problem after installation On the “main” tab

Excel File Splitter Crack

Have you ever wished that you could change the way Excel documents are split, but weren’t sure how? Of course, there’s always the manual approach, but it’s so tedious and repetitive. Excel File Splitter Crack For Windows is here to help!
Software features:
* Auto-detects files in certain files formats
* Automatically split files based on content
* Split files with the help of regular expressions
* Split files based on words or characters
* Separate header or footer rows
* Merges files together into a single file
* Allows the headers from each file to be pasted together
* Supports file sizes exceeding 50GB
What’s more, you don’t need to be an expert user:
* The software’s GUI is very similar to Microsoft Office, making it easy to use
* After you’ve selected the documents you’d like to split, Excel File Splitter generates a standalone window with a list of files and a corresponding button for each one
* Once you have made your selections, the software automatically starts splitting the files
* After the split files are finished, you can close the window and combine the parts
How does Excel File Splitter work:
The software analyzes each file and extracts the number of words to be used as a splitting criterion. If the word count exceeds a predetermined number of characters, Excel File Splitter extracts the rows that contain the information to be split. With the help of regular expressions, Excel File Splitter splits the rows into the specified number of parts, this includes also the headers.
Since Excel File Splitter can be used to split Excel files and combine them again, you can split files based on words and merge them together once more. The only condition is that you have to have an Excel file in the selected format (XLS, XLSX).
A good option for English translations is to split your file based on the content as you translate them. In Excel File Splitter, you can also split your documents by rows or columns.
The program’s interface is intuitive. At the start, you just need to select the files you want to split. To do this, you need to drag and drop the files onto the main window. Don’t worry, if you are not familiar with the operating system, Excel File Splitter will guide you through the process.
While the split process is running, you will be able to adjust the settings, such as the splitting criterion and the number of parts to be produced.
After you have

Excel File Splitter

Written in C++ language, Excel File Splitter is a freeware solution available for the Windows operating system.
One of its features is its ability to split an XLS or XLSX file into several parts based on the number of words contained in each of the parts.
In addition, Excel File Splitter can also be used to join the split parts into one file using the same parts added to the dedicated window.
The process of splitting a file is very simple, you need to just select the file and specify which rows and columns are to be split.
After that, you can specify the number of parts and choose how many words should constitute each part. Each part must be specified with a different name, so you can find the resulting file without difficulty.
The process of joining split parts is also very easy, you just need to choose the files and click on the Connect button.
If you want to find out more about how Excel File Splitter works, check out its official website.ESPY Awards 2016: Rick & Morty Wins Best Animated Series

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What’s New In?

Excel File Splitter was created as a solution for translators, as it helps them split large Excel documents based on their word count, then combine them once more at later time. The application features a user-friendly GUI with a step-by-step approach so even if you are not familiar with the operating system’s interface, you do not have any trouble.
Excel File Splitter Specifications:
File Formats: XLS and XLSX
Language Support: English, German, French, Russian, Swedish
File Splitting Criteria: Words, Characters, Words with Spaces
Part Names: XLS File, XLS Part 1, XLS Part 2, XLS Part 3, XLSX File
Last Updated: 30. April 2020
Excel File Splitter Publisher: AITI Group Co. Ltd.
Publisher’s Website:

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