Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective, cleanest, most-affordable forms of Renewable Energy available today; used worldwide for hundreds, thousands, of applications both large and small.

But, in order to make sure that the Solar lighting Systems that you purchase and install will deliver maximum performance and return on investment, it is important that your system and associated components are sized properly to meet your needs, location, application and budget.

Every great decision and serious investments require thorough research. Going solar is the best thing that you can do right now. Currently, it is the surest investment, above all a future investment.

Solar panels are a core component of any solar system. They convert sunlight to electrical energy, and over the few years, they have improved dramatically in efficiency and quality.

Currently, considering there are several solar panels models in the market, choosing the one that will suit you can be a bit overwhelming. In today’s article, WSolar gives you the main factors you should consider when buying solar panels.

These are some key considerations that you should bear in mind to make an informed decision when purchasing the right solar panels.
1. What are your power requirements?

The type of equipment that you plan to use and in the same fashion the common voltages that they share are vital when choosing a solar panel.

Generally, there are 3 steps that one can follow, when determining his/her power requirements.

Create a comprehensive list of all of the electronic equipment that you plan to run off the solar system.
The power consumption of equipment is mainly given in watts. Finding out how many watts a component use is important. The data is often on the datasheet of the specific solar panels.
Calculate the energy you will use over time, multiply the power consumption by the hours of the intended use.
Repeat this for all appliances and calculate the total energy you will use.

2. How much energy can the solar panel provide overtime?

Firstly, you need a solar panel that can sustain you. A panel that provides the best energy levels but not the highest energy levels.

So why not contact us today to discuss your requirements with our helpful staff who will advise you on the most cost-effective and appropriate panels to suit your energy needs. WSolar in collaboration with our global partners, brings you World-class solar panels, at your fingertips.


3. How much energy can your battery store?

Another key point is the amount of energy your battery can store. Usually, battery capacity is measured in Amp-hours. You need to check the battery’s specifications to make sure you choose the right panel.

Lead-acid batteries will give you around 50% of their rated power. On the other hand, Lithium-ion batteries will give you around 80% of their rated power.

In the final analysis, as has been noted. Price should not be the most important thing. It is quite paramount to make sure that the solar panels you choose, comply with high-quality standards and should have strong warranties.

Bring the power of the sun to you. WSolar is the solution to your solar power system.
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