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“We’re moving away from using crude shapes to emulate players to using a bunch of data that we have specific to the player and specific to the action they’re playing,” Creative Assembly senior producer Matt Mellia says. “We can really shape an AI player in a way that never has been possible before.”

An example of this new feature in action is Jordan with the ball deep in his own half, Jordan runs and a moment later he’s picked up and turning and then he’s going forward, towards the goal post. So it’s not just that Jordan is running. He’s running specifically in that direction. He’s running in the right place in the right way.

“All of a sudden,” Mellia says, “that becomes a real set of parameters to teach AI to do something.”

The real-world data allows for attributes that would be difficult to represent in game. Let’s use this example: a seemingly unstoppable hit because it has been drilled in a game. The same hit could actually catch Jordan off balance or change his trajectory in a way that would really impede his ability to move forward.

“What’s happening is we’re creating a set of rules that we think this player is going to play,” Mellia says, “and what would happen if we put that player into that moment in time.”

Another example Mellia gave was if a player has a weak foot. He may have difficulty running past an opponent, then if he goes to kick the ball he may find that foot can’t kick the ball because it’s not as strong as it is at other times.

The main idea behind the new in-game artificial intelligence, Mellia says, is to move away from having a player that does one thing better than a player that does another. Instead, it’s about the player doing his job in a way that’s realistic in a vast array of situations.

This will have a major impact on tactics and strategy. Tactics, Mellia says, have always depended on “skill, skill, skill.” Using modern technology, players can use a variety of different tools to win or lose a game.

This is what he means by breaking through the skill ceiling.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Get intimate with every player and every league in the world. From the Brazilian Revolution to the North American Dream.
  • Utilise all the tools at your disposal with the new Play the Game Editor. Create masterpieces in all 15 game modes.
  • Become more complete with new Mastery Challenges and try out new item editing features. Keep track of your progress with My FIFA.
  • Go on an adventure with your friends and your clubs on FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Play with a new variety of ball physics with new orientations and animations.
  • Master of all that is football from goalkeeper to defensive midfielder, and more.
  • A full video tutorial that walks you through the ins and outs of FIFA gameplay with in-depth breakdowns of key topics including: diving and embellishment, defensive positioning, set plays, attacking play, and more.
  • Play offline or online solo in your favorite game mode in both Standard and Competitive modes.
  • Throughout the game, FIFA Mobile will recognize achievements earned in FIFA, making them easy to share on social media.
  • Enjoy an all-new Heroes of World Football content program that gives you greater control over the background layer art you choose to appear in-game.
  • FIFA 20: Pick your favourite player from among the 24 man squads available in the new Story Mode and get stuck into the dizzying world of FIFA Ultimate Team. With customizable teams, squad roles and new gameplay mechanics, FIFA 20 has never been more exciting.
  • FIFA 19: Craft a squad to your exacting standards: recreate any team in FIFA 19 with your favorite FIFA Ultimate Team Legend or use the intuitive MyClub mode to create your very own teams. However, be prepared for the incoming avalanche of new gameplay features, as FIFA 19 rolls out new additions that will have you covered on every single pitch.
  • PLAY TOTALLY FREE: Featuring all of the authenticity and intense encounters as its predecessor, FIFA 19 is available now for iOS and Android, and coming soon to the PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, and PC.


    FIFA 19 is


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    The Ultimate Team was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September 2015. Unlike previous iterations in the series, Ultimate Team is a more flexible offering: players earn resources through gameplay and by finding FIFA Points earned from packs and unlock cosmetic items and clothing. Here are some key features to help you get FIFA:

    Create Your Ultimate Soccer Team

    FIFA Ultimate Team features a fully customisable player roster, trade market and manager. You can also create and edit your own competitions.

    Improve Your Players in Training

    New to FIFA 21: An improved freeagent system allows you to discover and acquire great players from your rivals. Add them to your squad and then improve them in the continued training process with customisation options like player characteristics and equipment.

    Create Your Own Leagues

    The Leagues tool allows you to organise your own league (and invite your friends) through a number of options including league structure, rules and match length.

    Compete in Leagues and Seasons

    Compete in timed, unranked leagues, ranked competitions or in your own custom-made competitions. You can also enter the FIFA World Cup™, European Football Championships or Copa America.

    Share the Game

    Send your friend invites to join your created leagues. You can also watch and learn from the leaders of the internet in matches, friends matches, or invites matches. You can also find and follow other players or clubs to keep up with the latest in the game.

    Master Your Ball

    The tactical overview gives you all the information you need to unleash your star striker when taking the shot. Defensively the improved offside tracking means you’ll now know exactly when to dive in for the tackle or for your goalkeeper to save a goal.

    Wear Your Teams Colours

    Manage the teams you create with your club’s logo, kit and colours to create a unique atmosphere. Accessorise your team with a range of kits and players.

    Play with Your Friends

    Show your friends who is the best FIFA player in the world in Real Player Online. On the same screen you can watch highlights, keep up to date with friend activity, track your progress, and keep tabs on the latest FIFA updates.

    FIFA® Ultimate Team™ 17 launches on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on August 24. New this season of innovation across every mode, including the introduction of a fully customisable Manager. For more on FIFA Ultimate Team, visit:


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    With the new card-based gameplay you can now build your dream squad with only the best players at your disposal. Whether you are chasing glory with Club World Cup or pulling on your favourite club kit in the UEFA Champions League, FUT allows you to create the ultimate football experience.

    FIFA Mobile –
    FIFA Mobile is where you and your friends will be able to challenge your knowledge, skills and football intuition in tournaments, interactive cut-scenes, and tests of strength. Whether you’re the goalkeeper or striker, using footwork and technique or shooting and scoring, you can choose from 27 official leagues with global and local events, as well as more than 400 different kits and player apparel.

    Play one of the most immersive stories yet where you’ll create your own character and guide them through their FIFA career. Get to grips with the new gameplay mechanics and storylines as you control your player’s development with teams in the English, Scottish, and Italian Leagues.

    Lead your team to glory as you take on the roles of five big name managers from the past 25 years: Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, and Jupp Heynckes. Each has their own unique challenges, such as the European seasons or the turmoil in the Premier League, and they even interact with each other in certain situations.

    Take part in a series of new events, and go on a journey with your squad as they explore the FIFA Universe and try to shape it in your image. Make history by becoming the first-ever FIFA franchise, and help influence events in real-time through the new FUT Draft tool.

    Build your own football club, learn new footballing skills, as well as show off your playing skills using the improved FIFA Ultimate Team card packs!

    First of all just wanted to say that this FUT Core has FIFA 17 running very well on my Xbox One S. I don’t have any problems and had not experienced any bugs since I started playing on the update. Even my personal FIFA 13 is performing well. My only complaint is the lack of a solution for when EA shuts down the servers for some odd reason. I have played it for nearly three years now and EA has shut down the servers twice now. I don’t believe EA will shut down the servers again


    What’s new:

    • Finishing

    The new Dynamic Intelligence system provides more decision-making power to your players, letting them make more dynamic plays.

  • New Player Motion System (Bend it and Let it Flow.
    • Introducing Dynamic Player Maneuvers

    This new player motion system empowers players to move and bend their limbs freely. Your players will have more freedom to play with their body and creativity than ever before. You can evaluate yourself more precisely, improving your play even further.

    • New Tactical Battles

    Dynamic Tactical Battles allow you to change the tempo of your game. Just tilt the pitch and get ready for your attack. Tactically switch the pace of your attack or tuck in to take the ball off the opposition.

    Dynamic Tactical Battles



    Your goalkeeper needs a range of defensive tactics to stay focused. Compete as yourself or pick a rival goalkeeper and position your pitch around the ball. Anticipate and be ready for the adversary. Positioned challenges on the goal line help you press up the field, intercept passes, and choose the best passing option for a fast break down the flanks. Look for the reaction shot, short outlet and back-post delivery from the goalkeeper. Pass your opponent, cover the flanks to make space and time a shot. Improve to new heights.


      Improve your goalkeeper so you’re in the right position before every shot. Odds of making a block or save are smartly modeled. Look to move the ball on to your next touch to increase your chances of a routine save, rush the line and force an opponent into a mistake, or open up the flanks. Take your time, and maintain control over the pace of the game.

      • Positioned Shots


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      One of the most immersive sports experiences, FIFA brings to life the beautiful game of soccer. It features an all-new Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team™ and the ability to play friendlies with up to four players, all on the same team. All while having the most authentic soccer experience next generation.

      Play and win as any team you want, including real world teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Interact with your favorite players using a revolutionary new player movement system that will inspire you to play and create as if you were controlling these teams yourself.

      FIFA 22 is the most ambitious title of the FIFA series to date. Playing like real soccer, for real soccer. From attacking moves and defensive maneuvers, to creating and practicing new skill moves – every detail has been designed to replicate real-life playing.

      The pace of play will feel faster than ever before, with tighter defensive angles and improved positioning – providing the most balanced and authentic soccer experience next-generation.


      What’s New in This Version:

      Enhanced Experience: New combination of refined gameplay and overall experience, including:

      New Version of Manager Mode

      In-depth Passing Experience

      New offensive and defensive strategies

      New Passing Experience: The most accurate, dynamic and responsive passing in all of football.

      The most accurate, dynamic and responsive passing in all of football. New Player Movement System: Feel the player, see the player – use human physics to move your favorite players in ways you never imagined.

      Feel the player, see the player – use human physics to move your favorite players in ways you never imagined. New Online Tournament Environment: Set up your own tournament and see how it plays out against the biggest and most challenging online teams.

      Set up your own tournament and see how it plays out against the biggest and most challenging online teams. New Non-English Voices: Hear hundreds of new audio options, including authentic language and dialects.

      Hear hundreds of new audio options, including authentic language and dialects. New Create a Player: Refine your player’s attributes, including appearance, stamina and skill, using the new Performance Indicators system

      Refine your player’s attributes, including appearance, stamina and skill, using the new Performance Indicators system New Communicate to Coaches: Ability to speak directly to your team’s coaches, allowing for a rich dialogue between management and football.

      Ability to speak


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