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The FIFA team and EA SPORTS powered by adidas have worked closely together on the development of the game to ensure that players will feel the most authentic and true-to-life gameplay experience and also to develop a feeling of “hyper-realism”.

The final version of the game is built around the brand new system known as “Pick-and-Roll:” a new tactical approach to play the game. With this new system, players can control on-screen teammates with ease and confidence, and make smart tactical decisions under heavy pressure.

FIFA 22 is built for a new generation of next-gen gamers with a series of brand-new features that are sure to catch even the most expert of football players by surprise.

FIFA 22 will be available on September 27th for PS4 and Xbox One.


– “HyperMotion” Performance System – Featuring “HyperMotion” technology, which is a brand new FIFA performance system based on the amount of gameplay data measured from 22 real-life professional football players playing a complete high-intensity football match. Players are instantly put into the right condition.

– All-new Player Intelligence Technology – Take the burden off the men (and women) in possession of the ball. Players’ decisions are made for them, enabling you to play smarter, make better decisions under pressure, and create more scoring chances.

– All-new Tactical Approach to Play the Game – Gone are the days of your standard left-to-right passes or meaningless counter-attacks. Instead, players now have complete control over their teammates and can manage the game the way they want.

– Familiarity through Feeling (FIFA Vision): The more familiar you become with each new element of gameplay, the more comfortable you feel with the FIFA Vision system.

– Re-Engage with any teams and play modes anytime

Features:– “HyperMotion” Performance System – Featuring “HyperMotion” technology, which is a brand new FIFA performance system based on the amount of gameplay data measured from 22 real-life professional football players playing a complete high-intensity football match. Players are instantly put into the right condition.– All-new Player Intelligence Technology – Take the burden off the men (and women) in possession of the ball. Players’ decisions are made for them, enabling you to play smarter, make better decisions under pressure,


Features Key:

  • Watch and play more deeply than ever before, creating and customising teams in-game, training your heroes, and taking them on the pitch for some real-life football action.
  • Breathe new life into training with dynamic tutorial videos, activations, mini-games and goals.
  • Constantly evolve as real-life football evolves with the use of motion capture data from real-life professionals.
  • Master gameplay with a wide variety of game modes.
  • Effortlessly manage matches, negotiate tactics and purchase the key transfer targets that you need to build your team.
  • Deep integration of partner gaming like FIFA Street Journey, FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, and FIFA 19 Demo.
  • An enriched Fantasy Matchday experience with the ability to captain your own team, tournaments, badges, stadium style, and more.
  • Customise your body parts and injuries to create the ultimate character.
  • The most comprehensive video game career mode of all time. New Training Mode gives you the run of the backroom. Lead your team through a carefully constructed journey towards playing yourself in matches, culminating in a lone goal to show your skills.
  • Create the newest club in the FUT new Football league
  • Design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions
  • 15 new leagues for you to shine in
  • Player Career: where you tackle the new challenges of high intensity Football, including goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards and youth players, as you progress from 8 to 16 year old.


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FIFA is the world’s premier videogame franchise that sets the standard for soccer gameplay.

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

Featuring 19 national teams from around the world, authentic stadiums, and an expanded set of clubs, FIFA gives you more players, clubs and gameplay options than any other soccer videogame.

Challenge yourself and your friends on Career Mode, which allows you to manage a professional soccer team and unlock bonus content.

Tackle unique new online modes and tournaments against your friends in 8-player online play.

FIFA 22 is the best-selling soccer videogame of the last five years, and has sold more than 70 million copies globally.

Keep up with the latest news at and follow us on Twitter @EA_FIFA.


Powered by Football™

Powered by Football™ is a new engine made to create the most realistic simulation of the game’s soccer universe that also delivers enhanced artificial intelligence to deliver unpredictable gameplay.

Powered by Football™ delivers a robust AI system that can react and adapt to your style of play. Dynamic camera movements mirror that of real-world players that enables the game to capture every detail of the pitch.

Watch players engage with the ball in mid-air and use every part of the pitch to make their opponent miss. Motion-captured animations enhance the vast array of player and team behaviors.

Ultimate X-Boost

Improved Attack in the air allows for more variety and unpredictability in aerial duels and execution-based play. Aerial duels will now feature more unpredictable angles, making it harder for opponents to anticipate the location and movement of your forward-based aerial attacks. Players will now drift more to create space while also benefiting from the added lift-off and acceleration on each pass, rather than pushing straight up.

Creative players will feel more at home in midfield, as players will now wait and see when they have the opportunity to knock down the ball. They’ll often be able to pull off a switch of play to their left or right, utilizing their teammates’ movement to create space or free up a teammate to continue the attack.

Momentum-based controls will also be represented on the ball, as players will now make


Fifa 22 Free Download [Latest-2022]

Be a soccer superstar with your very own FIFA Ultimate Team. Build your dream squad with real players from around the world and take it to the pitch to dominate your friends in game-changing, real-world gameplay.

Mobile Game Modes –

We know that mobile players look for a mobile version of FIFA, so EA Sports and PopCap are working together with the game developers to bring this version of FIFA to all fans. As a mobile gamer, you can play FIFA in your favourite game mode in your mobile device, you can also easily access the same features and challenges of the game on the web to test your skills.

FIFA Ultimate Team on Xbox One

FIFA Ultimate Team on PS4

FIFA Ultimate Team on Nintendo Switch

Challenge your friends online to a head-to-head battle for the FIFA World Cup trophy. Compete against other players to win the biggest prize in gaming and have your name featured on the FIFA World Cup trophy for everyone to see.

FIFA Ultimate Team Challenge –
Challenge friends from around the world to battle it out in the FUT Online community. Compete with friends on FIFA Ultimate Team and go head-to-head in multiple FIFA Ultimate Team Skill Games, win challenges and rewards by mastering and utilising the in-game tools and features.

FIFA Ultimate Team Live Events
The FIFA World Cup provides the perfect setting for an epic FIFA Ultimate Team multiplayer battle as players from all over the world compete for the FIFA World Cup trophy. FIFA Ultimate Team is the ultimate test of skill, strategy, teamwork and luck, and now you can play it anywhere and anytime on Xbox One or in the new FIFA Ultimate Team Live Events for the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA Ultimate Team Live Events brings the excitement of FIFA Ultimate Team to the FIFA World Cup with all the skills, secrets, matches and storylines you need to compete like never before. Five new seasons of FIFA Ultimate Team Live Events are available, each with their own set of challenges, rewards and plays to win.

With FIFA Ultimate Team Live Events you can now bring the adrenaline of the pitch with you wherever you go. The FIFA World Cup is an opportunity to experience the FIFA Ultimate Team live or watch it with any fan you choose. Enjoy a season of FIFA Ultimate Team Live Events in Brazil, Germany or anywhere else around the world and take part in all the epic games.

With Live Events, you can choose to play against your


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Improved Player Impact Engine allows you to create your best in-game matchday XI from the 114 possible players and 99 starting XI potentials.
  • Jump and step mechanics have been upgraded and will enhance gamers’ ability to control the ball while airborne.
  • Improved animations and fluid movement with better player control.
  • Added new ‘no cut’ play styles to prevent “zig-zag” ball movements.
  • Casual Dribbling functionality in the Trick Shots sequence as well as creating a special Free Kicks kick.
  • The ability to adjust the size of the Goal Kick preview when taking a spot-kick.
  • Added a new trial mode with 15-minute, realistic matches using a single-player setting.


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STOCKHOLM, March 9 (Reuters) – EA Sports’ FIFA 19 will be the best-selling title of the year according to internal company projections, the game’s co-publisher Electronic Arts (EA) said on Friday.

The game was released in September last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Apple’s iOS.

“FIFA 19 will achieve the best-selling title of 2019, ahead of other titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” EA said in a statement.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on Oct. 26 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Dec. 6.

EA has said in its annual earnings forecast that FIFA 19 is “likely to be our strongest selling title of the year”.

The company said it expected to sell around 26.5 million FIFA 19 this year.

However, the company’s executive vice president of product innovation, Peter Moore, said in a statement that a late November update would also include gameplay improvements and a mid-season update.

“This mid-season update should improve player ratings across all divisions, where we will address some player ratings that are out of line with the global sport,” Moore said.

“We will also address bugs and other issues that occur in-game across all platforms.”

Electronic Arts faced criticism over inconsistencies in FIFA 19’s ratings system, with critics saying players were being rated too highly for their abilities even when they were performing poorly.

The long-running video game franchise comes with a massive following in many countries, both because of its historic role in the sport, but also because of its long-standing habit of recording the largest national teams in the world.

It has also developed a reputation for being lucrative, with EA often having annual revenues in the tens of billions of dollars.

But in recent years, EA has struggled to match rival developers. The publisher said on Thursday it expected to miss its target for full-year 2018 revenue.

It is no longer releasing a non-FIFA game on a monthly basis following the cancellation of a third-person action game last month.

EA said other software titles, including Star Wars Battlefront II, launched in December, were meeting targets and were likely to be its best sellers of the year. (Reporting by Jonny Hill


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