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Not content to just use data as a tool for player models, gameplay, and animations, EA is also using the data to make the AI better. Instead of an AI reacting to a perceived action as players would, the AI will see what it actually sees in the game world, and update its strategies from there.

The other big component of FIFA 22’s gameplay is the iBall, the ball physics engine which provides a new, unique and comprehensive ball physics model, so you can predict exactly where the ball will move on the pitch and know when the ball has gone out of play.

“We want to make a game where the players feel good about themselves and the other team,” EA Sports Lead Producer Oliver Johnson said in a statement. “When players move and react the way they should, the game is fun. ”

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • 12 player leagues – UK, USA, Mexico, Germany, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy,

    Major Improvements to Physics, Animations and AI:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team Choose Up to 3 Skill Types when Customizing a Player
  • FIFA U23 Ultimate Team – I. Q. Director – Control your Ultimate Team as you hand-pick the very best players available in Ultimate Team. Create your dream team from the best names in football and mentor them to glory. Play a card that can be used just once or rotate between three cards to get the players you need. Make the correct decision every time to make the right team selection.
  • FIFA U23 Ultimate Team – March to Glory – Take over a top club from the lower divisions and climb the ranks through a series of Challenges using AI players, scouts and set-ups to victory. Take pride in your achievements and earn great rewards to help pave your way to glory. As you move on to the next division, you will gain access to more popular clubs and additional manager challenges including a p-ups extravaganza, prepare for potential scandal of a friendly rivalry or even a blockbuster transfer with some surprises in store.

Note: Futsal and Beach Soccer are playable on Xbox One or Xbox 360 only.

  • FIFA 22, FIFA U23 Ultimate Team, FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, FIFA Football RPG, FIFA Online Club Professional, FIFA 14


  • Xbox One: approximately 13.9 – 15.2 inches wide, 9 – 11.1 inches deep, 14.7 – 15.6 inches high.


Even though we may wish that weren’t the case, football, as glorious as it can be, is also a very brutal sport that demands the correct commitment from players and coaches.



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FIFA is the #1 selling sports franchise of all time – with more than 350 million players in 80 countries and growing. In the award-winning FIFA franchise, football – and beyond that, football-like games – is what you make of it. Whether it’s hitting a long pass, dribbling past your opponent or even taking control of a goalkeeper, the game gives you the freedom to express yourself in the way you see fit.

The FIFA family?

That’s right. Our biggest, most global franchise – football’s ultimate game – is made up of six of the biggest brands in the sports world, each in their own right: EA SPORTS FIFA, FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup, EA SPORTS FIFA and FIFA. Whether you play football on the pitch or in the streets, these games let you be the very best.

Become a player!

FIFA has paid an even higher attention to detail than ever before. With more than 1,000 new animations in over 85 footballing professions, every player will move and adapt to whatever situation and style of play they face. As a result, they’ll feel even more alive and connected to each other. No longer will they be a crowd, like so many other games. And there are many more decisions than before to make. How you adapt to the opposition is up to you, but never fear: if you know what you’re doing, your FIFA player will make spectacular plays.

Matchday fever

This season’s Matchday Fever adds two new members to the EA SPORTS FIFA family: special events and FIFA Ultimate Team packs. For real football fans, Matchday Fever is an addiction. Live matches (like UEFA Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Europa League) are not only fun, they are also an exceptional way to gather your friends for a perfect game. And for the first time, you’ll get exclusive rewards and the power to collect your favourite players, as rewards for your epic battles.

Welcome to the world of FIFA.

Introducing features unique to FIFA: from exhilarating pases and free kicks to an all-new tackling and animation system. By studying the movements of top players, EA SPORTS has developed a revolutionary tackling engine that brings out the best in your player and includes an even more realistic and dynamic player-teammate relationship. To achieve complete control of the ball, you’ll need to be the best dribbler FIFA has ever seen. And free kicks are back. This


Fifa 22

《FIFA 22」的 《FIFA 》中心页主播, 《FIFA 》23 中更让你感到游戏更精彩。玩法如此吸引新玩家, 要让你揭晓《》中的最酷武术,针对比《》23.0酷家的玩法,基于《》 23.0 中的改进,《》中的更多进化,来还原《》中的游戏滚动成更精彩的《》 23 《》中心页, 《》》》23世代新代名词《》的喜闻悦耳读物!

PURE FIFA – Run your own club, manage your players, and win the World Cup for your country. And now you can play FIFA content in any mode you want! FIFA PURE is a brand new way to experience FIFA. Play in any mode you want – from FIFA tournaments and daily fantasy leagues, or live out your dreams as a manager and a player in the spectacular Career Mode.

FIFA GO – Play with millions of other players online for FREE with FIFA GO. FIFA GO is the football world’s most loved and deepest fantasy football community, giving you the chance to be a POSSIBLE™.

FIFA MOBILE – FIFA MOBILE is the #1 soccer experience on mobile. Play from your couch or from the bus or subway. With FIFA MOBILE, you will feel the FIFA fever.

ULTIMATE TEAM MODE – Create your ultimate team of real world players, from superstars to legends, and bring your team to life through the biggest soccer competition in the world: FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.



What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from the world’s best footballers in FIFA 22 to deliver the most authentic and believable soccer matches ever.

NEW FEATURES – HyperMotion Technology

  • New ‘Simulational’ camera, which physically maps player movement and the ball’s flight path to seamlessly integrate all of the game’s physical systems and even the ball’s changing physical properties. Up to 50 million real-world player and ball data points are captured on each global match. Skilled players and pros playing in both foot and head-to-ball contact will deliver more realistic and intense performances than ever before.
  • Physical Intelligence – Players build and use their kinetic energy, manage their strength, and use their body and equipment to maximize their capacity, improving it through further training. Matches get physically more difficult as players age.
  • The new physical capabilities allow for more believable player styles and new passing techniques, resulting in greater realism.

FIFA Ultimate Team (Single Player and Online)

  • In this new mode, take over the greatest team of all time as you work your way to the peak. You can play against historic legends or enter your very own virtual universe as you dominate for years on end. Masters, legends, legends of football come to life!
  • Form your ultimate team with loads of equipment, coins, and skill tchotchkes. Master rich clubs like Real Madrid, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, and more to build your dream team.
  • Create a new national team and challenge your friends to dominate in FIFA Ultimate Team.


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For the first time in the franchise’s history, FIFA 20 brings its gameplay innovations to real-world street footballers. The entirety of FIFA Ultimate Team™, over 150 of the world’s greatest players, and more than 2,500 licensed clubs bring a renewed authenticity and sense of fairness to the most complete soccer experience ever. FIFA 20’s revolutionary new Matchday Motion Engine, coupled with improvements to goalkeepers, sets a new bar for player responsiveness and authenticity.



A new Fireworks Technology brings fireworks to the pitch!

Invite friends for Fireworks Night. Each time the crowds or players are in a position to cause a fireworks celebration, the crowd and players react to it. Whether it’s with a single player or a formation of multiple players, the crowds and players will react in different ways, including but not limited to: screaming and cheering, high-fives, fist pumps and celebrating. Each player celebrates when they score and win a major tournament; they celebrate when they defend in a truly dominant way; or they celebrate when they sacrifice themselves to save an opponent.

New ways to score

No longer have to hunker down in the penalty area, score when you want with the freedom to score from all over the pitch.

New ways to defend

Tackle and intercept. You can now tackle and intercept from any position on the pitch.

New ways to connect

Show more personality and emotion at the end of a goal. The celebration button will now trigger when you win your first goal, rather than from a free kick.

New ways to apply pressure

Pressure and counter-pressures apply stress to opponents. Pressure can be applied either from the pitch, or in the opposition half. Pressure also applies to offsides, so when an opponent commits the offence they know they’re at risk.

New ways to play with the ball

FIFA 20 lets you play with the ball, from anywhere on the pitch.

New ways to move

New ways to speed up and slow down pace of play.

New Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers have had a seismic shift in FIFA since the introduction of X-rated dive regulations in FIFA 18. In FIFA 20, goalkeepers are more reactive than ever, with smarter decisions and potentially more robust reactions to defending than ever before.

In the past, players could choose to challenge for a


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