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Four Moments of Impact of a Typical game in FIFA

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How it Works

The unique DNA of FIFA is shaped by the game’s cinematic and contextual variety, gameplay speed and unpredictable outcomes.

The old adage, “It’s not just about scoring goals, but how you score them”, demonstrates the importance of player actions. The different ways in which a player can influence the outcome of a game through every single action are the basis of FIFA’s gameplay, and a player’s ability to control how his team plays is paramount to their success.

FIFA 20 introduced an adjustment to a player’s “attacking pressure” and “defending pressure” parameters: The pressure that a player receives is proportionate to the number of teammates in the area. To help players better understand how to improve their defensive pressure, we’ve added an additional stat called “contested balls”, which represents the most effective and most appropriate way to pressure a player in the final third.

FIFA 22’s New Attacking Pressure Drives

At first glance, FIFA is a simulation of the sport. We all know that when a player is about to receive the ball, his brain prioritises his focus on the player closest to him (as we have acknowledged in FIFA 20), followed by the player next to the first one and so on. However, the players are also in motion. When we have a player on the left and the other one in the center of the field, our brain will be trying to predict his next actions. If we have two players close to each other, it’s natural to assume that the first one will pass the ball to the second one and so on.

This is why FIFA generates a complete, five-person choreography, according to the form of a game, the result of a game and how the team is behaving (offside, attacking pressure, etc.). This is how we make the game feel as real as possible.

But there is a limit to the extent at which we can increase the feeling of realism. As soon as we try to simulate with perfect accuracy the micro-movements made by all of these five players in motion, the game is too difficult to enjoy. At the same time, the limit is essential to keep the game fun.

With FIFA 22’s new “HyperMotion Technology,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA Tips
  • FUT
  • Create, customize, train, and progress your very own FIFA 22 player to compete in either The Journey or the all-new Player Career.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team also introduces “Player Archetypes,” downloadable, customizable “cards” that allow you to customise your team by increasing team stats, unlocking new teams, and giving you additional coaching options. Players, Kit and Team details along with unique cards give you more control of each aspect of your team. *Downloadable cards available in-game.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise and, for the first time ever, puts you in the boots of an all-new FIFA Ultimate Team™ player.

Who is FIFA?

FIFA is one of the most successful sports video game franchises of all time, with more than 600 million FIFA players to date.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team™?

The ultimate collection of athletes, stars, legends and national teams from around the world has finally arrived.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team™ – The Card Game?

FIFA Ultimate Team™ – The Card Game is the official collectable card game of FIFA Ultimate Team™. Available in FIFA® Ultimate Team™ Seasons 1 and 2 and FIFA™ Ultimate Team™ Seasons, it builds on the existing card game experience by offering fans more control with visual and gameplay innovations, a progression system that adds greater depth to gameplay and the chance to become a FIFA Ultimate Team™ Legend.

What is the card game?

The card game is where Ultimate Team™ players have the opportunity to collect, improve and trade the 20+ card types within their team. Every card you collect, every card you improve, all the time.

What is Pro Evolution Soccer 2020?

Pro Evolution Soccer™ is the world’s most-watched soccer simulation on console.

The latest PES, available October 2, will be accompanied by an all-new edition of the PES Show. The PES Show will offer the deepest insights into the creation of this spectacular new edition of the series.

New features

Simplified controls

The new control scheme makes it easier than ever to control and play the game in accordance with the style of play you prefer.

Become a number 10

Many of the game’s new features are aimed at bridging the gap between beginners and the traditional hardcore FIFA players. The addition of new number 10 controls has been a priority for PES.

Get in the habit

The new in-game tutorial has been designed to help you get used to the control scheme and the game itself.

Try to beat Real Madrid

If you are a Real Madrid fan, you can now compete with your team-mates in challenges against the best!

Return to the past

The PES team has returned to the glorious past, bringing back the electrifying game play from the early 90s.



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Optimized and balanced gameplay will continue to balance gameplay across all modes, while adding new functionalities and fresh animations. Build and develop your dream squad of players, with new additions, trades, and leagues in this season.

Play with the most realistic match engine, with brand new artificial intelligence and match flow.

Online multiplayer modes – Choose from a vast array of online modes, including knockout and tournament play.

FIFA Ultimate Team Legendary Team will be the first game released this year on PlayStation 4. It will continue to be available for purchase on PlayStation Network and will come to Xbox Live and Steam this summer.

If you pre-order FIFA Ultimate Team Legendary on PlayStation 4 by June 9th, you will receive the exclusive pass ‘The Legend’ and two FUT Champions Packs, including the MLS 2019 Champs Pack.1929–30 Scottish Cup

The 1929–30 Scottish Cup was the fifty-sixth staging of Scotland’s most prestigious football knockout competition. The Cup was won by Celtic, who beat Hibernian in the Final.


First round

First leg

Second leg


Second round


Second replay

Second replay





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What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 was announced at the 2019 E3 show when it was released as a world first PlayStation exclusive for EA Sports’ FIFA series. 
  • ​The FIFA Interactive Achievement Awards (“IAAs”) will host their annual selection process at the Game Awards, September 7. You’re invited to vote for your favorite “Shape Up Showdown” and runner up games from finalists of previous years.
  • FIFA 22 is now rated MA (18+) in the US and it is rated E (12+) in Europe.
  • EA’s Pocket Champions became available for iOS and Android devices in July, bringing the game to PlayStation platforms.


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As the world’s leading sports game franchise, FIFA has been at the forefront of sports gaming for 20 years. Every year, more than 1.5 billion players take on their friends in every imaginable competitive environment, from the club to international level, from pro to amateur.

FIFA features real football from the grassroots, with new career modes, online features, and the best celebrations ever: more than 100 authentic player celebrations from over 100 footballing countries. FIFA Ultimate Team includes FIFA Points, a game within the game where players buy and sell players, clubs, and stadiums to complete their dream FUT squad. For the first time, the player can customise their competitions with friendlies, and pick their perfect team. FIFA Ultimate Team offers new and exciting ways to play, with a new set of minigames and the ability to create your own custom teams.

More than 30 official leagues, teams, and competitions from around the world to compete in, and more players than ever before.

FIFA 22 for Xbox One X Enhanced is now available for pre-order at select retailers. An Xbox One X Enhanced upgrade will be available at launch in the UK. A release date for PC versions is TBA.

FIFA 22 for Xbox One X Enhanced lets fans play the new game on the biggest and most powerful console. Featuring more power than any other console ever, the Xbox One X combines 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, high-fidelity gaming audio, and Dolby Atmos® technology to deliver the best games to Xbox One players.

Check out what the press has to say about EA SPORTS FIFA 22:

“Creating a football game that’s at the same level as a sport like football requires a “talent” that’s hard to define. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is filled to the brim with world-class talent that’s worked to get the game to where it is today. On FIFA 22, the game is only as good as its engine. The new One X brings exciting new features to the game that let it shine. Gameplay: The best of the best take center stage on FIFA 22.” – GameSpot

“With FIFA, the critical game engine that runs the football, EA have invested more than 100 years of technological ingenuity to deliver a game that is an entirely new experience in which everything from pass-and-move to technical skills is re-imagined.” – Tom


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Please ensure that your MacOS and video card(s) are able to run MetalWorks 2017 at a minimum recommended resolution of 1280×720, and a Core Graphics and Open GL ES 3.0 are also required (see Technical Requirements). There are limited system requirements for Mac Pro systems with a Core i9 CPU (see Technical Requirements).
MetalWorks for Mac will run on Macs equipped with Intel Core i5, i7, i7-930, i7-980, i7-990X, i7-2000/

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