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“HyperMotion Technology” acts as a lever to adjust the intensity of gameplay and also allows players to play through new actions that they otherwise couldn’t perform normally – for example, rushing forwards with a defender, or jinking the ball away from a defender. It can also be used to replicate game situations outside of gameplay, which increases the fidelity of FIFA player action.

And because the player’s body is always in motion in the game, it will be crucial in FUT to make intelligent use of the environment around your player to create space.

Offline mode has also been enhanced, with an expanded Training Mode, as well as the ability to play matches, train and simulate game-like situations while offline.

FIFA 2 has brought players closer than ever to the game world of football. With “FIFA 2”, PlayStation 4 creates a new level of immersion, highlighting all of the moves, skills and tactics in a realistic football match.FIFA 2 represents a new and fully 3D vision of football: not only the players’ way of moving, but also the environment in which they move. It contains all of the tactical, technical and physical aspects of football: passing, dribbling, short, medium and long-range shooting, off-the-ball movement, penalties, team tactics, defending, etc.The enhanced gameplay of FIFA 2 is the result of three years of development and a detailed analysis of how play unfolds on the pitch. It will be crucial in future instalments of “FIFA” to make intelligent use of the environment around your player to create space.To this end, “FIFA 2” features more realistic passing options, as well as improved ball control: By adding a smoother pass anticipation in shooting and passing, players are able to create a system of pre-planned controlled assists that helps the team to score more goals. As a result, dribbling is more dynamic, and passes move a lot further due to the improved physics on the pitch. “FIFA 2” has been designed to be extremely tactical, yet with an intuitive control system.In addition to this, multiple game modes have been added, as well as a new camera system. Indeed, the ball and the player are animated in full 3D, thus creating a real football match:Two players are taking the penalty kick. The ball is not too far from the goal line. One of the strikers steps up. The goalkeeper is stretching himself as


Features Key:

  • The World’s First Live Streamable Official Footy/Soccer Simulator in the Playroom!
  • Experience Real Player Kicks, Player Powers, Free Kicks and Injuries, Referee Decisions and more across 11 International Tournaments.
  • Compete in Prestige Events with FIFA Ambassadors to earn valuable Rewards and Presale Rewards.
  • Unlock more than 400 real player licenses including Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many more.
  • Enjoy Retry Notifications for New Attacking Patterns, Improved AI Awareness for both defenders and playmakers, Quick Actions for both offensive tactics and defensive basic moves along with improved AI Determinedness to continue with your attacks.
  • Achieve Awesome Goals and Earn Graphics Cards by completing game Objectives, levelling Up and exercising your skills as a game director in the new Custom Squad Section for Prestige Events.
  • Select your preferred referee: Xui Hernandez, Gilberto Silva, Victor Lloren and David García.
  • Save time to cheer up your friends – Invite your friends to start a conversation box in Text or Party Match Mode.
  • See the progress of stadiums and do not let them expire after one year.
  • Team up your in-game friends and accelerate your claim to Victory!
  • A range of Armys and Boots, including classic booties like boots and football boots and gadgets & technology like ankles, running boots, and boots, which can be equipped on boots and ball players. Save time by only using the ones you need.
  • Stay tuned for new squad updates, new squad skills, and much more.
  • Join the Official FIFA 20 Footy Tournament and win exclusive rewards!


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FIFA is football’s world-renowned best-selling videogame franchise. Starting out as a soccer simulation, FIFA became the flagship title of the “Powered by Football” initiative, delivering innovations like the Ancelotti Engine and the Ultimate Team Mode, while travelling across the globe to become the best-loved football brand in the world.

An experienced FIFA game director is needed to work with our talented team of talented game makers to deliver a FIFA that players love and fans crave.

If you want to get in on the action and help to make the game what it should be, are you a top game developer and can bring your expertise to the game? If you can demonstrate and prove your value in the game and help turn it into a hit, then you can give us your feedback on FIFA with direct access to our game.

FIFA is looking for Game Directors to work with our Development team in Los Angeles.

Why should I apply?

• A passion for sports and a burning desire to make a difference in the gaming industry.

• Five years of experience in game development.

• Proven track record and knowledge of successful game development teams.

• Relevant and current skill set for FIFA and Ancelotti Engine (AAE2) development.

What will I be doing?

• Develop game content based on detailed design goals and overall development agenda.

• Drive and enhance the game design and create the content that helps make FIFA an engaging and successful experience for players.

• Impress the EA Live team, the Executive Producer and other key gameplay and studio players and executives on the FIFA team.

• Work closely with our Design team to implement playable, fun and engaging game content, ensuring great game experience for players in the final game.

• Discover the game development process, understand your role and work in team to develop a fun and successful game experience.

• Deliver game content on time and on budget, while maintaining high quality standards.

• Help keep the game organized and ready to deploy.

What do I need to know?

To apply for this position, please ensure you meet the following job requirements:

Education and/or Experience

• A college degree in computer science or a closely related field such as game design, visual arts or business.

• A Bachelor’s or


Fifa 22 For Windows 2022 [New]

FIFA Ultimate Team is the heart of FIFA 22 and is back bigger and better than ever. Create and build teams from over 500 players and use your imagination to assemble the squad that’s right for you. Choose from the best of the best and battle it out for the trophies that matter in the Franchise mode.

Career Mode –
Career Mode is back with its most authentic and realistic FIFA gameplay in franchise history. The most immersive career mode in franchise history, create a player from the ground up and use realistic player attributes to build an entire team. Build a player and his attributes and see how he develops as you take on Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, and more. The new release of the Career Mode will allow you to take over as a manager and be the one who is rewarded with trophies.

PlayTV –
PlayTV is a high-impact experience tailored to your TV – and your couch. As a manager, choose your team and customize your stadium to your liking. As a player, take control of your team and make all the decisions that will impact your performance. Dynamic gameplay and crowd reactions, coupled with the most refined AI in franchise history, combine to create the most realistic and authentic football experience.

Introducing Inifinite Galleries, a collection of stunning, interactive panoramic views that re-imagine the world of FIFA. Capture the stunning beauty of the panoramic landscapes, including the Wembley Stadium in London and the Red Square in Moscow.

FIFA 20 is rated MA (Mature Players Only) for violence, suggestive themes, and coarse language. This content may include intense violence, strong language, nudity, graphic sexuality, and/or drug use. You may experience intense imagery, and some scenes may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

FIFA 20 is rated Teen (Teen – Users 13+) for cartoon violence, suggestive themes, and coarse language. This content may include intense violence, suggestive themes, nudity, graphic sexuality, and/or drug use. You may experience intense imagery and some scenes may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

FIFA 20 is rated E (Everyone) for cartoon violence, suggestive themes, coarse language, and intense imagery. This content may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

FIFA 20 features beautifully high definition graphics and game visuals on platforms ranging from the PlayStation®4 console to


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