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When certain applications require capabilities or services that are beyond the capacity or even scope of their holding operating system, so called middleware programs are used, in order to bridge the gap between the available and the required functionality.
Built with such integration demeanors in mind, Foldda Integrator will provide users with the means of performing various tasks, such as data handling, file parsing, filtering, and routing, as well as network interfacing. Furthermore, database access and write operations are also provided, together with data transformation and support for HL7 and CSV formats.
Constructing a middleware framework with the help of Foldda Integrator will require no programming, as well as no Integrated Development Environments. Through a GUI-based approach, it allows for direct development of such middleware solutions.
Some of the other notable features that are provided by the application are the real-time visual feedback for all the data processing, as well as a customizable logging-patter, which is specifically offered for alert and monitoring configuration.
Being deployed as a portable package, the application can be stored on any device, meaning that users can take it with them regardless of where they prefer to undertake their workflow and subsequent processes.







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Foldda Integrator is a graphical based software designed to facilitate the creation and execution of middleware applications, which are software packages that deal with the integration of systems, data and functionality.
This bundle provides a set of functionalities, including XML processing, HL7 XML parsing, CSV parsing and filtering, as well as data transformation. All this with the aid of an intuitive GUI and API layer.
In addition to the aforementioned set of features, it is important to note that Foldda Integrator offers real-time visual feedback for the aforementioned functions, as well as the customization of logging-patter for user feedback.
Moreover, the application comes packed with the means to import and export a variety of data-structure types, such as BNF, JSON, and HL7.
In addition, it will allow users to build automation solutions through the use of custom scripts.
The current version of the software is based on the.NET framework, with 64-bit support.
Foldda Integrator Software Installer (Free Download)
Foldda Integrator Free Download (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/8.2/8.3/XP)
Foldda Integrator Free Download (Mac OSX Lion / El Capitan)
Foldda Integrator Overview
Foldda Integrator is a software utility designed to make the development of middleware solutions a much easier process. Through a graphical interface, it allows users to access and manage the interfaces of the middleware framework.
The development of these middleware solutions is simplified through the use of Foldda Integrator’s interface, which features the components that are required for such workflow tasks, such as XML processing, file parsing, filtering, networking, and database access.
The software application can be deployed on a wide range of devices, which makes it portable. This allows users to get the application where they are, thus saving them time.
In addition, the software is free of any forms of installation, which simplifies the process of installation, thereby saving the user the time and effort required to set up the whole process.
On the other hand, the software does come packed with some of the built-in functionalities, such as file parsing, parsing and filtering, XML processing, networking, database access, and HL7 and CSV.
The software comes in two main forms of variants. One is a full-fledged version of the software, while the other is a stand

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A program for flexible data processing, multi-object processing, and management.
In terms of integration features and functionality, the application offers support for multiple file formats. Data integrity, file and folder creation, as well as file deletion are also available.
Furthermore, the program can be used to exchange data between different applications through direct network communications, as well as web services.

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What’s New in the Foldda Integrator?

With Foldda Integrator you will be able to construct middleware applications that will provide powerful functions and real-time support to enhance any specific application. This includes the following key functions:

A very rich set of filters and transformations will be provided, allowing you to customize the data processing and extraction.

A considerable set of layouts will also be provided, including pre-configured tables, as well as standard input/output mechanisms for HL7 and CSV formats.

Users will have the chance to design their own layouts, according to their own specifications.

With Foldda Integrator, your custom middleware solutions can be developed through the use of a GUI, making the development process easy and straight-forward.

The application will be provided with a real-time visual feedback for all the data processing and data filtering actions, which will give users the necessary performance boost and will enhance the overall development experience.

The logging mechanism is also provided with Foldda Integrator, which will allow users to configure custom log entries as well as tailing them, so that they can monitor any specific events.

Additionally, Foldda Integrator also has the ability to export any new designs to HTML.

Key Features:

A GUI-based approach to the development of middleware solutions

What’s New:

Critical bug fixes

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Improvements and new features

Initial release

Foldda Integrator Requirements:

The following are the system requirements that must be met in order to use Foldda Integrator:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP or higher.

Intel®-based processor.

1 GB RAM (minimum) or higher.

500 MB free hard disk space.

Screenshot of Foldda Integrator:

About FoldDA:

FoldDA is a middleware development environment based on GUI. Using FoldDA, you can design, develop and deploy middleware applications that will be able to perform functions in any application area. You can achieve this by providing the middleware with layouts and filters. FoldDA Integrator is a

System Requirements:

-Minimum System Requirements- Windows 7 or higher
-For Best Experience-At least 5 GB of RAM
-For Great Performance-Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 2GB or Radeon HD 7750 2GB or better
-For Amazing Visuals-AMD Radeon HD 7770 or better
-For Amazing Audio-Crossover or using High-End Speakers
-Note: Audio drivers should be updated to latest version from “Add and Remove Programs”
-Note: For PC’s with DVI Out port, XBOX 360 Controller is recommended

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