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Gangnam Vocoder is a useful audio plugin that was designed in order to provide you with a means of obtaining new voice effects.
With the help of this VST plugin you will be able to generate a synthetic voice and, using the detune feature, modify sound in an interesting manner.







Gangnam Vocoder Crack+ Serial Key Free [Latest 2022]

Various sound effects can be obtained thanks to Gangnam Vocoder Crack, a very useful plugin designed to change the voice of your computer. With it you can make any sound effect appear to belong to any person you prefer and the more you detune it from your own, the more the sound will sound like that of another person.
Added in: 2013-09-15 Last update: 2013-09-15 As you may have guessed by now, Gangnam Vocoder For Windows 10 Crack comes with great sound presets that you can use in your own projects without having to perform any modifications.
The plugin is a multi effect and can be used in all VST compatible hosts.

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Gangnam Vocoder (Updated 2022)

– 3000+ professionally recorded sounds
– 4000+ premium effects
– Detune effects
– Synthetic voice effects
– Mono and Stereo sound
– 8 Band Graphic Equalizer
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Gangnam Vocoder Crack Product Key (Latest)

Gangnam Vocoder is a voice synthesizer plugin. It generates a synthetic voice using a waveform.
You can control the waveform.
The type of waveform is the same as the Jitter type (see
The size of the waveform can be modified with the control on the left.
Then you can apply various settings using the controls on the right.
Gangnam Vocoder Features:
You can control the main audio:
Control pan: change the stereo balance.
Control tempo (the shape of the waveform).
While playing, you can control the volume (see Volume).
Gangnam Vocoder Limitations:
Gangnam Vocoder is very simple to use. All the controls are on the screen.
When you have finished tweaking, you can export the settings to a VSTi.
If you use plug-ins, such as Reverb or delay, Gangnam Vocoder may not work, because the plugin they are using may already have assigned resources to use the audio data.
Gangnam Vocoder was designed to be used with a non-realtime engine, such as Cubase.

Table of Contents

Version 1.1


Version 1.0

By now, Gangnam Vocoder has been online for nearly 4 years, i.e. since January 2009.
Several updates have been released.



Swap voice pitch and envelope modulation and pan (position).

In addition, this update fixes several glitches in using the plugin.


Quickly described about Gangnam Vocoder.
It is an audio effect.
It provides you with synthetic speech.


This plugin has no controls.


Each time you perform an operation on the plugin, the sound becomes more and more a synthetic voice.


When you perform an operation, you have to disable the effects or the plugin will not work.

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Supported Plugins: Cubase (to a small extent), Live (now included in Cubase), NNXT (to a small extent).

If you want to add Gangnam Vocoder to your plugin list, you’ll find all the info you need here on the plugin’s website.

The following files

What’s New in the Gangnam Vocoder?

With Gangnam Vocoder you will have a real fun of generating new and interesting sound effects!

All the 3D-modeled tubes are made according to the most advanced technologies and top quality standards.
These 3D-modeled tubes can be controlled with the included T-modulator, which enables you to change their timbre. You may also place these tubes in various positions in your signal path and control their depth.
The built-in T-modulator is a convenient and efficient solution for a signal processing with a constant change of timbre.

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A320 Synth DAW’s Synth designer is based on Aiwa’s flagship synthesizer, the Axxe that was released in 1993. It is a semi-modular synthesizer with standard analog oscillators and filters, but with 5 Analogue to Digital Converters, 2 VCOs and 2 ADSRs.

The VST plugin was created for making simple but innovative video filters, everything in a simple and easy user interface.
Pixilate controls the steepness, length and saturation of the effect. The sound of the effect is controlled by a scale selector, controls for the Steepness and the Noise Filter.
It is also possible to visualize the effect with the playhead position, as shown in the animation (Animation is available in VST version of the plugin).

AGiTA Library is a collection of patches for your digital audio workstation based on the AgiTA synthesizer. You will find four Arpeggiators:
4x Adlib,
4x Arpeggiator
4x Wavetable,
4x Bitcrusher,
all this in A-Z mode.
Inside the same folder you will find four sets of Presets for 4 different scales:
4x C Major,
4x D Major,
4x Eb Major,
4x F Major.

The Solfeggio is a collection of the most melodic notes of all the world’s music: Solfeggio generates a harmonic sequence of 12 natural notes (7 with both hands) based on the 3 main notes of Solfeggio (Eb,

System Requirements For Gangnam Vocoder:

Windows 10 64-bit
Intel Core i5 (2.40 GHz) or AMD equivalent
Intel HD Graphics 630, AMD Radeon R5 M430, or NVidia Geforce GTX 1050 equivalent
Additional Notes:
Broadband Internet connection
Intel Core

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