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Gp340 Programming Software 28

Motorola View satellite services | software by webelite posted October 28th 2016 09 04 PM Another thread is available from 07/06/2007 for software for both the GP340 and GP360.
An overall printout may be found in the following link for the GP340 2-Way Talk (Teleservice) and Email. 5i or 550i stock?
GP – 4010 Series HGT Programming Guide, Software Programming Guide. and the keychord to access programming menu. ‘radio’.. Read for MCX programmability for firmware 1.2.15 (revised..

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Trouble in setting up Cordova using Web Platform Installer

I am trying to setup cordova in visual studio 2015.
When I run cordova platform add android –save I get the following error.
Could not parse json
error reading json data.

The following is the JSON data I got.
“com.visualstudio.adobeflashplugin”: “0.2.3”

I am using windows 8.1.


As you can see, web platform installer requires a json file with this structure for each platforms
“”: “1.0.2”,

this is a json file, so add a json file with this content.
“”: “1.0.2”

save it.
Now open the properties of the project where you are trying to run cordova. You should see the platform you just installed is loaded.
The problem is that you are running web platform installer from the command line and that you are using spaces in the names of the platforms. if you try to run web platform installer from a console or open a command prompt with administrator privileges I believe that spaces should not be a problem but as I said, you could try to use different kind of commans.

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After displaying a quick menu I know no programming software is available for GP340. How can I download programming software for it? I have always used GP330 for all my programming.
Motorola Pr. & GNR Series Crossover Patch Cables.
Motorola GP340X Programming Wire Adapter.. PAL (European) / NTSC (North American) (Mobile Receiver) Cable.
Motorola P/N GP340X Programming Wire Adapter.. PAL (European) / NTSC (North American) (Mobile Receiver) Cable.
GP340/GP340X/GP340XL/GP390 XPW. USB Programming Cable for Motorola GP340, GP340X, GP390, GP340XL,. GP340. USB Programming Cable For Motorola GP360.
CPO (CPS) transmission protocol (CPT) is an universal, protocol. Radio Control Cable 1M for Motorola CB3 HCG-B0311 and others.
CPS programming software (69). CPS programming software with basic support for CB6-3610-8 (69) Includes basic support for Motorola GP340.
GP340 Programming Software Download,GP340 Programming Software. Just leave us a reply in the comments if you have downloaded a tool that has solved your problem.
Motorola GP340 Programming Cable.
28 Feb 2014 When I put the GP340 through the software and battery programming and am connected to the local repeater, it. This cable makes the radio a bit easier to wire up and has a plug on the back so it also makes it more versatile than the alligator clips.
Antenna into Battery Capacitor Programming Cable. Remote Switchboard Receiver. Antenna into Battery Capacitor Programming Cable. Remote Switchboard Receiver.
GP340/GP390 Programming Wire Adapter.. PAL (European) / NTSC (North American) (Mobile Phone) Cable.
GP340X/GP340XL/GP340 programming. GP340. USB Programming Cable For Motorola GP360.The present invention relates to a mounting assembly for securing a camshaft with respect to a crankshaft of an engine in a vehicle.
In a vehicle having an internal combustion engine and transmission, it is necessary to couple the crankshaft of the engine to the camshaft, which carries cams that actuate the valves of the engine. It is known to provide a mounting assembly that includes an extension extending outwardly from an outward end of the camshaft to extend over the engine

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