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Upon entering a room the first thing that one notices is the ceiling, regardless of the room size or the room shape this horizontal plane has an immense role in shaping the interior perspectives and it can rapidly make or break your interior design. In simple and complex designs alike gypsum has been used for years being able to shape absolutely any shape relatively inexpensive compared to other custom ceiling options.

The materials involved in a gypsum ceiling designs are now available throughout the world thus reducing the costs a great deal to the homeowner`s advantage, we have curated a gallery that ought to inspire the individual in the search of incredible, we invite you to cast a glance and feed your imagination.

A perimeter rectangular niche in your ceiling may emphasize the feeling of space without cluttering. The central point in the ceiling gains importance in this combination.

In a setting the ceiling can become the art piece, it can be the only intricate detail in your space,a simple focal point that will stun your guests from the first glance.

A folded geometric shape in two planes can really change a bedroom as the design above clearly showcases. Feel free to experiment with light manipulation and color.

Create layers, sculpt space

Notice how the light ceiling appears to float over a space defined by a room with dark walls. A really splendid play with simple chromatic principles in perspective and perception

Gypsum ceiling designs can be used as a transitional element, here between two powerful chromatic presences a simple white profile creates a visual bridge

Simple and clear a gypsum ceilings can emphasize the feeling of space thus enhancing your design.

Enhance the position of your bed, set the atmosphere that you see right, that you see fit

Add dynamic to a really simple space, a spectacular setting can be sculpted through the ceiling.

Smart gypsum ceiling designs can also be used to direct one`s glance, here the niches are oriented towards extraordinary glass openings with expansive views and serendipity.



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