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What really is gypsum?
You probably have no idea what this is and if you happen to be lucky to know what it is, you probably know it as a building material that is used to make ceilings and media units. Actually gypsum is a noncombustible core and to make it usable, we add a paper face to shape it as a board. We therefore use this gypsum boards to make your desired ceiling, media units or any other desired used.
Old is gold. Gold is also old. Any of the phrases work. This is very true but sometimes new seems interesting and better. Which is your favorite? I don’t care where you lie since everything here blends the two. Gypsum has existed for many years. Its existence does not matter. What matters is how it was used and if it is still used up to date. Historians have a job to do since am not ready to go that route.

Behind time
What happened to those special cups that were used only when there were visitors around? Do they still exist? What about that wall unit where they were kept? The TV, for the lucky ones was their neighbor, or do we say brother since they lived in there together. Leave that for now and tell me when last did you visit a house where there is a sack ceiling? Let’s get millennial, flat boards, timber, packaging bags? Okay; let’s just say what you can commonly find is ‘plastic ceilings’

Painful truth
Plastic ceilings are what most of the people have. They look really nice especially when new. The interior design too blend well with them. Am avoiding to get to the bitter painful truth about these ceilings. They look out of order in some houses. The color and pattern do not really match with the house painting, floor or lets basically say that they are out of order. I do not know the relationship between sagging and old age. Am not interested with knowing but it seems to be the same relationship with these ceilings. The worst thing is that they seem to fall in the next minute but the house owners never seem to be worried about this. Do they note them in the first place? By the way, must we see where they have been joined together especially if the length of the ceiling is greater than that of the plastic. I suppose carrots should be made illegal hence we will note such poor workmanship.

New norm
Night life seems to be exiting nowadays. It is the order of the day. Even though you do not take one for the road, you probably visit restaurants, or you have noted them while walking on the streets. They have fancy lighting that seems to be matching the painting and ceiling. In offices, there seems to be hanging ceilings with different designs and lighting in them. Let’s come closer home. Round designed ceiling, Star designed ceiling or which was that design did you come across?

All is possible
Did you see a fancy design and wondered who and how that was made? Don’t worry? It’s the work of technicians using gypsum boards. It’s very easy since gypsum joints and fasteners are covered with a joint compound system, they create a continuous surface. This surface offers a great a room for interior designers to jog their mind and come up with all kind of unique designs. They also offer a platform for electricians to showcase their expertise. This is because they can integrate the designs with lighting. When you go home after a good day, you choose pink lighting, a bad day, choose purple, am not sure how you will choose yours but am challenging them to provide black light!! Did I make sense?

More; not only ceilings
Gypsum is not only being used in making ceilings. It has also been used to make more designs for media units. I guess this is the reason why wall units are no longer in carpenter’s menu. Who will enlighten me where the old ones already built go? The designs too for the media unit are different and according to the client’s desire. Soon we are going to design a resemblance of the face of the client. I also think there must be a place for their portrait. It’s their choice to make anyway.

Getting the deal
It is very easy and affordable to get gypsum design ceiling and media units. They are durable and the best thing about them is: you get what you want and like. You can also choose to decorate it more with lighting and painting. There is no need of more worries since we are here for you. We offer that kind of service comfortably. As sure your pocket, I do not want to include your account, will not fill lighter. Give your house what it needs. You get in, switch on the lights to suit your mood and its home.

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