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Share My Brain: How to turn useless knowledge into a better life – wonham

I got a very small feeling this is just a marketing site for a book you need
to buy.

I’m not sure if it’s a marketing site or not. It seems to be a useful resource

Maybe it’s a good marketing site in itself, but it could also be good on its
own merits.

I appreciate the effort of this website. However, who checks on the claims
made by each link?

> The site is the work of me, Justin Robilliard, and Liz O’Brien, whose work
> has been featured on PBS, the BBC, NBC, the Huffington Post, the Daily
> Mail, CNN, and many other media sources.

> We believe each link is accurate, but we cannot guarantee that the entire
> list of links is accurate.

I’d say that the original list is even worse.

It’s very easy to spot the author-controlled hype. But I wonder how many
pages are written under some kind of obligation to the author.

Wasn’t there a paper published with just that title somewhere? Because that
was one of the three conclusions i got while skimming through:

_Your brain can grow. At least the gray matter can. We are not physically
different than any other organism, just different in structure._

_You can use your brain to create a better life._

You could add “used to be available” on the front page to those with
previously available copies of the book. To many people who are new to the
book, the buzzword “neuroplasticity” can get lost in the content.

Good idea, thanks.

This site would be great as an open source

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