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I grew up in the age where having a picture would cost you much time than money; if you still believe that time is money. You wonder why? Let us start from the initial point. Your mum suggests that you should get a photo, probably a family photo. You physically have to look for that one man who apparently owned a bicycle and a camera in your village, make a date, dress well on that day and when the time comes, you have to pull the right pose and smile for the camera. After that you had to wait for about a month or so to get your photo. Never mind some would never be printed and the camera man would humbly say “ilichomeka” We survived unperturbed until now where we have cameras everywhere. I guess soon we will demonstrate if we find them in washrooms.

What is up?

The emergence and improvement of technology has brought up a new emergence in trends and operations. Everywhere you visit, definitely you will find millennials, especially, posing for the camera to capture the moments. This has grown the appetite for people to always want to watch or get in touch with what is going on in places even in their absence. Capturing these moments is crucial since it is being used in social media as status in WhatsApp, Facebook among others but mainly I think it is important to use cameras for security.

Secure first

While some of us see photos and videos for fun and memories, others see advanced security and source of learning from the cameras. Allow me to just concentrate on security information from cameras at this point. The rest can wait. This has led to the emergence of CCTVs which are being used all over the places. There are of very many types and can be mounted on different places as long as they cover the desired place.

Essence of hiding a camera.

Human beings are very complex. They may act and portray a behavior that is totally different from what they believe in or do when they are alone. They will laugh while cursing and applaud while yelling. This has brought the urge of spying on them to really be sure that they do what they are supposed to and not drinking wine while they preach water. You are also sure that Jesus’s close friend betrayed him so we cannot just assume everything is right.

Common places for Hidden cameras

The most common places where you are likely to find hidden cameras are at work places such as in office, yards, stores and warehouses. This is where workers will pretend to be working while the boss is not around but instead, they are very busy lazing around. Am sorry if you belong to this category but it is a warning too, if you need to keep your job. In houses, you can find this kind of cameras especially where the owner is not around most of the time. They help monitor if the workers are having illegal deals or they are treating the kids in a good manner. Nannies, be aware of this. Someone maybe watching you on their phone while at work. I wonder what kind of entertainment you give: is it a soap opera, action or comedy? Just hope that the blue boys will never come for you for mistreating their kids or messing with their property.

Shapes or look of the cameras.

Hidden cameras are often found in or on other appliances such as in watches, wall clocks, speakers, pens among others. This means that you choose according to your desired place for monitoring. Actually people will just think you are decorating your house or just decided to wear a fancy watch or write with a fancy pen. Only you who will know what is going on.

Where to buy

Relax; you don’t have to travel or hop from one shop to the other looking for it. You don’t even have to ask your neighbor who works in town and seems to be fishy since she knows everything that happens in your plot and surrounding yet there is no camera around. Just contact us or visit our online shop at www.wanoengineeringsystems.com/shop.

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