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Hitachi S 4300 Sem Manual Pdf


for daily work on a scanning electron microscope model S-3400N.
We started working with science! In connection with the beginning of the school year and the creation of a new laboratory in our training center, we have installed additional equipment for schoolchildren and students. Now the learning process can proceed with the maximum possible efficiency.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the methodological recommendations for the course “Application of the SAI program and the ADEM package for analyzing the surface quality of parts and assembly units.”
On June 16 – 17, 2015, an event dedicated to the creation and development of CAD in Russia was held in Moscow. As part of this event, we made a presentation on the Simulink workflow automation tool.
Courses for self-study under the program “CAD in AutoCAD LT” began their work in the training center.
On May 29, 2015, the specialists of the Training Center of the Automation Systems Group of Companies held a free seminar for the specialists of TsNIIMash, dedicated to the new version of the 3D solid modeling system Altium Designer 6, as well as electronic components, software and laboratory equipment.
Each graduate of the “Linux System Administration” course receives a certificate of graduation. The presented document is an important advantage when looking for a job in the computer business and the IT field.
We hasten to announce that this year the group of companies “Automation System” opens a new page in its work. Training Center “SYSTEMA-ATMOSPHERE” together with the company “SnabTechnoService” start the course “Debugging and testing software in Linux”. The course will last for two months and will continue to be supervised by Sniper.



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