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Horizon Zero Dawn is available to everyone via Steam, but many users complain that the game fails to work in ultrawide. To fix this issue and enjoy the game on ultrawide resolutions, a tweak is needed.
Provided you are familiar with hex editing, and you own a dedicated editor, you can do so yourself. Nevertheless, be advised that any unwanted modifications to the hex code of the main executable might render the game unusable. In other words, you should know what you are doing before you go ahead and modify the hex code.
Close the game and backup the executable 
Aiming to help you avoid all this hassle, the Horizon Zero Dawn Ultrawide Tool provides a straightforward user interface to help you apply the necessary changes without dealing with the HEX code. As a plus, there is no need to install the application.
Before using this patch tool, make sure the game is not running, otherwise the patch will not work. Moreover, you should make a backup copy of the game’s main executable file, just to be on the safe side of things.
Patch your game to support ultrawide resolutions 
The main window of the Horizon Zero Dawn Ultrawide Tool displays a list of 21:9 resolutions to choose from, as well as a button to select all 32:9 resolutions. Once you decided which resolutions you want, all you have to do is click on the “Patch” button to apply the changes.
That is practically all you need to do. The next time you run the game, it should support ultrawide resolutions as well. Please be aware that the game can only be patched once. In order to change to another resolution, you must first restore the original executable file from the backup. Should anything go wrong, you can repair the game via Steam, as it is not advisable to uninstall and reinstall it.







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The Horizon Zero Dawn Ultrawide Tool 2022 Crack modifies the HEX file of the main executable to include support for 21:9 ultrawide resolutions.

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I’ve come across this thread, and I’ve decided to share my solution. All I did was to use a Hex Editor (Etcher or Hex-Rays).

Close the game and backup the executable
Install a Hex Editor
Open the executable in the Hex Editor, and look for some place where the Ultrawide resolution settings are.

For example, in a.dat file (probably a config file), you’ll have something like this (shown in hex) :
D3DD2DA3 // here is the Ultrawide resolution settings

You’ll have to look for the value itself, and find where it starts. I’d use Hex-Rays to do it, but you can use any Hex Editor.
It may be something else, but the solution is to find the right location.
Once you have that, change the Hex code. It shouldn’t be too hard, since you’ll have a very similar code.
Try the game again, you should be good to go.
Good luck!


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Horizon Zero Dawn Ultrawide Tool License Key

Use the mouse wheel to scroll through the various resolutions. HEX editor features crunch block (smart compression), hex key seek, address editing, hex crunch block (sizes can be adjusted), and address info display, with support for search and replace, find and replace, macros and hot keys.
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Horizon Zero Dawn Ultrawide Tool Crack +

This is an application tool to edit the game executable file to support ultrawide resolutions in the game. You must first backup the original executable file and then load it after patching. More precisely, it is a modification of the executable file, which will enable the game to run on ultrawide resolutions.

Hex editing is a big topic that can get very complicated if you don’t know what you are doing. Nonetheless, if you are willing to learn hex editing, it is a very useful skill to have as it can get you out of many situations.

In addition, hex editing may be one of the only ways to modify video game software if your original game disc is scratched or damaged. Plus, hex editing can speed up your loading times in certain games.

Whether you are interested in learning how to do it yourself or not, the Hex Editing Guide will give you all the information you need to successfully do it.

I’m here to show you how to do it yourself using the proper tools. You won’t need to know any hex editing. I’ll walk you through the proper steps using a hex editor program. The end result will be a workable configuration for your game.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do it on your Windows desktop computer using the Hex Editor, which is a free program.

Before we begin, you’ll need a Hex Editor, which you can get here. This tutorial shows you how to install and use the Hex Editor. Once installed, you can use it in any way you wish.

For now, just follow along and learn how to do it on your Windows desktop computer.

I’m showing you how to do it on your Windows desktop computer.

The tools used will be the Hex Editor and the Cheat Engine.

When you get the program running, it will show you an instruction screen with step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

I’m showing you how to do it on your Windows desktop computer.

Just follow along and learn how to do it.

This video tutorial should be fairly easy to follow if you have experience with hex editing.

If you have experience with hex editing, you can skip this video tutorial and just go through the rest of the steps.

If you need help with any step, just let me know in the comments below.

What’s New in the?

Installation instructions on how to install and use the patches to support ultrawide resolutions.

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System Requirements:

PC Game
(VR Compatibility is Coming!)
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
VR Worlds
The minimum system requirements for Steam VR Worlds on PC:
– Processor: i3, i5, i7
– Memory: 4 GB
– VRAM: 1 GB
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