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Huntr: Job Search Tracker comes in handy for those who are active in the job market and have extremely organized and well-documented reports about it. Not only is this tool precise and useful for job seekers, but people working in human resources or any other individual who is studying the job sectors could also use Huntr to organize their findings in order to get an accurate overview of the market.
Navigate and save your best results
In order to have access to this tool, all you must do is install the Chrome extension and start searching. The small added icon from your taskbar will expand each time you click it — a dropdown with the necessary fields to add the entry will appear onto your screen.
Add the details of the job you found: the company (the tool comes packed with a database that allows identifying certain companies a lot easier: they are displayed as suggestions), the physical location, the position, the job description, and the URL where you found the posting. Keep repeating the process until you have exhausted all your sources.
Organize, sort, and find patterns
We all know it is a lot easier to look at data and find patterns; this type of approach will sort things in your mind and will allow for accurate predictions in terms of having realistic expectations. You can create your own Kanban board with the desired column, colors, identification symbols, etc. With drag and drop, you can move a job from a section to another (e.g. from ‘Interview’ to ‘Offer’).
The tool allows for selective fields, targeted locations and cities, adding to-do lists to your job entries (e.g. what you must do in order to apply for a job, how you should prepare for an interview, etc.), creating contact lists, map search for regional targeting and overview of the job and their correspondent locations, plus metrics for data analysis (available in the paid versions).
Beyond a simple job tracker
Huntr is an amazing program that offers things beyond the ones you could imagine. Creativity and organizational skills are all you need to start using the tool to its full capacity. Besides an excellently-looking GUI and a coherent structure, the way the tool was built will help organize your thoughts and search flow so you never lose track of anything else again.







Huntr: Job Search Tracker Crack + Free 2022

Looking for a simple and perfect job tracker? Then you are at the right place. Need to manage your time better? Need a job tracker? Then you came to the right place.
Huntr is probably the easiest-to-use and most-advanced job tracker for a job seeker. While it may look very basic, there is a lot more to this software than meets the eye. If you are going to track and manage your time, then this should be the right tool for you.
Huntr: Job Search Tracker features:

Huntr is probably the easiest-to-use and most-advanced job tracker for a job seeker. While it may look very basic, there is a lot more to this software than meets the eye. If you are going to track and manage your time, then this should be the right tool for you.
To start, you just have to open the Huntr web browser extension or app from the Chrome store. You don’t have to type any long URLs, you just have to choose the app you want to open in the app store.
Once it’s open, you have to install it onto your phone. This can be done in a minute or two using a simple click.
Next, you have to open the Huntr app or browser extension, tap the three dots in the top right, and open the settings page.
Here you can customize your Huntr user settings and create you profile. You can also add your social profiles and news feeds to be updated on your job search. For this, you have to tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the app or browser extension.
There are four major things you can customize here.
First, you can choose a layout from 5 available options. I personally like the 4 column layout.
Next, you can create multiple lists from the interface.
You can create lists for projects, or to-dos, or contacts, etc. You can then choose colors for these lists as well.

After you have configured how you want your Huntr app to look, you have to name the lists. You can also mark your initial to-do, sent from, next to do, etc. to easily find that list in your Huntr app.
The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Once you’ve logged in to Huntr, you can search from different sources, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
You can search by

Huntr: Job Search Tracker [Win/Mac]


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Huntr: Job Search Tracker With Keygen (Updated 2022)

The Best Stress Free Job Search Software on the Market. It is designed to help you get an initial job done in no time.

There are many types of software available that help you manage your job search and turn it into the most successful search ever.

But, most of the time they require you to buy a subscription every month or pay a huge amount of money upfront. That’s why we’ve created Huntr. A software that allows you to enter the market in a fast and easy way. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that doesn’t require a monthly payment.

Huntr is really easy to use:
1. You add the job you wish to apply for,
2. You add the department, position, salary, and location,
3. You add the companies you wish to apply for,
4. You define your preferred industry,
5. You pick the colors and shapes you wish to be used,
6. You add the keywords you wish to use on your resume,
7. You save the finished result.

The only thing you need to do afterwards is to export the information in a format that suits your needs. You can export them to your email, pick specific information, create a job board, and even create your own database based on the information you add.

Huntr doesn’t require a job search software in the cloud. Nor does it need a subscription.

The only requirements are:

You must have an Internet connection

You must have the most recent version of Chrome or Internet Explorer

That’s it!

Huntr takes seconds to install, and that’s why you don’t need any prior knowledge to use the software.

What you can expect from Huntr:

The best auto-generate job board:

All jobs appear as a cover letter to the applicant.

You can move a job from one color to another

You can have as many job boards as you want

The best auto-generated cover letters:

You can send a cover letter from anywhere: at home, in your cafe, or from your mobile phone

You can add keywords to the cover letter

You can add points in each job

You can search the data: by keywords, industries, companies, cities, or simply by adding anything you want.

The best auto-generated resume:

What’s New In Huntr: Job Search Tracker?

Newly released Huntr: Job Search Tracker application tool includes a brand-new and unique job search experience that simply encourages you to be proactive in your job hunting endeavors. Founded by a loyal team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and experts in the job market at Google, Huntr: Job Search Tracker is a Chrome browser extension that connects a job seeker’s personal Google Account with the job market through the use of social media, keywords and location targeting to help complete one goal: getting hired!
Doing away with the tedious process of researching and filtering through dozens of unqualified job posts while searching for the right position, Huntr actually helps you create a job board of your own that collects and filters data from the world of social media, keywords, and location-targeting. This means that you won’t have to waste time browsing through uninteresting job posts anymore – you can easily categorize and redirect your target job boards into “favorite” boards, highlighting the most relevant job posts along the way.
A new user can easily choose to organize their boards into multiple categories such as “For Hire” or “Apply Now,” and once a job has been found, a small icon will appear on their taskbar, directing them to a fresh blog post detailing the company, the position, job description and any other pertinent information you may deem necessary.
The selection and organization of jobs is just the beginning! With free job hunter accounts, you can easily save jobs from a blog into a “to-do list” which will then create a contact or a map depending on the desired purpose of the account.
There are plenty of other features of Huntr: Job Search Tracker that are grouped into three main categories which are: Search, Map, & Categories.
You can keep track of:

Your job search progress by mapping the job boards you have saved and make sure to follow up with “todo” list jobs.
You can even create search queries that will follow your target keywords for job boards in a regional area. Once a match is found, a public post for the job will appear on your account.
Your keywords and location will be visible in each job board you visit, as well as a history of the sources you clicked on.
While you’re easily “pinning” job boards to your custom map, you can also filter these jobs by keywords and location-targeting. Once a match has been found, a public post for the job will appear on your account.

System Requirements:

Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 100 MB available space
Video Card: Radeon HD 4770 or nVidia GT 320
Sound Card: Dolby Headphone Surround System Requirements:RAM: 4 GB Storage: 100 MB Video Card: Radeon HD 4770 or nVidia GT 320Sound Card: Dolby Headphone Surround © 2001-2017 ROCKSTAR DESIGNER/SCEAMobile MOBILE LLC. All Rights Reserved. © 2001-2017 by Mobile MOBILE LLC All Rights Reserved.Post navigation
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