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Select whether to recommend labels to the user. To help users choose the most appropriate label for a file, the web service recommends labels based on the most common labels used for the file type. By default, the user accepts the recommended label.

For any content, the user can request that the label be applied to the content. After the label is applied, the user might accept or reject the label. In this case, this method does not prevent the user from changing the label. By default, the user decides what label to apply to a file or email.

Select whether to allow administrators to manage the labels. Users can use the labels to protect the content. However, administrators should manage these labels in their domains because the contents can be shared across domains. The labels applied by this method to all file content must be consistent with the domain’s policies.

You can list the labels as you want, and you can group them together if necessary. By default, labels are grouped by alphabetical order. This method groups based on the longest word in the label name.

Use labels to protect specific content such as individual files, emails, or specific folders. In a federated environment where there is only one security domain for a user, the user could see the content of the labels of other domains in their respective apps. For example, if a user is using Office apps in a corporate federated environment, they might be able to access labels from other domains and their apps. If the user is on a domain where labels are restricted, the labels and content should be secured in that environment.

a kontakt-based library dedicated to a very particular vocal performance style. kontakts granular engine makes it possible to obtain effects in a natural way in terms of transposition, reverb and other parameter. you can also tweak the instruments to mimic acoustic instruments (guitar, and bass) or hardware such as compressors. the library offers a huge range of textures in different dynamics and time signatures. these super-rich sounds were recorded at every note with a two-channel stereo mic. just be ready to a few tweaks to bring your vocal to life.
this library brings music to you from the heart of south america. blending folk instrumentation, and ethnic rhythms, the impakt duo presents 160 percussion samples, 20 of which are completely new. its roots are more in the caribbean islands, in its compilation, but it is also a fusion of south american mestizos, african and european influences.
side-chain splicing, dynamic cross-fades, stereo effects including chorus and reverb have been developed with kontakt 5.0.3 to deliver an uncompromising re-creation of the ultimate effects machine, the echo airwave series. this reverberator is one of the most complex digital effects devices ever designed and includes 53 band filters with 21 center frequencies, as well as 21 different reverb types.
часто используемый вместе с minigzip для простого восстановления кодировки матрицы, включая защищённые директивы русских (соответствующие крепости со защищёнными директивами в текстовой части матрицы).
the list of kontakt libraries at my disposal is growing by the day. with the imminent release of kontrapraxis (an earlier version of our flagship library) and the imminent completion of kastrull, a new dimension of impossible-to-quantify tonal riches enters the world of kontakt. every library in our list, incidentally, can be used to build a full-blown track in kontakt. its the most user-friendly, multi-platform daw around, and its where all the cool people are, so we thought youd be interested in checking out some of the new stuff.

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