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Lajja Tun Nesa Book Pdf Urdu Download


( SAJAL ) KOKA PANDITER LAJATUN NECHA IN BENGALI ( TABIJ DHARANE BHAGYA FERAN ) … Urdu edition | author Koka Pandit | January 1, 2018 | Delhi | Koka Pandit, author of Sajal, says that this afternoon he visited the Sajal temple in Ayodhya.
He was very moved by the sight of this temple, built in memory of Queen Ashoka, and said in an interview that it is one of the best examples of how one can be so attached to God.
He also mentioned that he had been to the Adhibati Temple this morning, where he experienced great compassion for these people who had lost the breadwinner of the family, and said that he was very impressed by their story that day.



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