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LANegram Crack Download [Updated]

LANegram represents a replacement for NET SEND. It is a simple-to-use software application that resorts to command lines to let you send messages to other PC users via LAN.
It offers support for several handy features such as alerts, and they can be easily figured out, whether you have previous experience with such apps or not.
Accessibility via the system tray
The setup procedure is a fast and easy job that does not require special attention. Once launched, the tool creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area.
Simple command lines with alerts support
It is possible to the send.exe command line to broadcast a message or send it to a single user, as well as monitor incoming alerts and disable balloons. Apart from the fact that you can clear alerts, there are no other noteworthy options provided by this piece of software.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not come across any kind of difficulties in our evaluation, since LANegram did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It executes commands swiftly and has minimal impact on computer performance, thanks to the fact that it needs low CPU and RAM to work properly.
Although it does not come loaded with rich features, LANegram offers a simple and effective method to broadcasting messages over the local network, and it can be seamlessly handled by anyone. Unfortunately, it has not been recently updated.


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For people who want to broadcast messages to other users in their home network, it is an excellent choice. It can broadcast messages to other computers using PTLOG/NET SEND/Netsend.
Send files from the LAN (automatically) or to other computer using PTLOG/NET SEND/Netsend.
You can send files to other computer.
Monitor messages for multiple computers.
It is possible to send messages to specific computers.
Creates a notifier in the taskbar.
Possibility to send files automatically.
Evaluation details:
We tested LANegram 1.13 (last tested on December 6, 2018) and, as expected, we found that it does not allow you to broadcast messages to a network faster than PTLOG or NET SEND.
It provides the necessary extra features that are included in the former, but it lacks some of them. In our evaluation, this piece of software did not freeze or crash. It also did not ask us to register or use any kind of advertising adware.
While you can use LANegram to send messages in batches automatically, the way it works is quite straightforward. It also does not have any kind of annoying visual noise.
LANegram is a very lightweight software that does not affect computer performance in any way.
It can be easily launched and is a great replacement for NET SEND, since it gives you the chance to broadcast messages to other users in your network without any fuss.
LANegram has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to run specific commands in a clean and straightforward way, also allowing you to monitor and send messages in real time.
The program takes a small amount of space, it does not hog much of RAM and the process does not cause Windows to slow down.
What is good:
Very simple and easy to use interface.
Works smoothly with little impact on performance.
Evaluation and conclusion
If you use another program for this purpose, LANegram may be a good replacement due to the fact that it does not require configuration or registry changes.
LANegram does not have any great features that are not present in other software.
LANegram 4.7:
LANegram is a simple and convenient tool that can be used to broadcast messages in real time to other network users.
It is easy to use and does not have any kind of unwanted visual impact.
LANegram is very light on resources,

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LANegram is a tool that lets you broadcast messages over the local network.
Supports alert messages
Accessibility via the system tray
Simple command lines with alerts support
LANegram has not been updated for some time now, and may be a little outdated. We have been evaluating it without any difficulties, and so it might be worth giving it a try. It does not lack anything in terms of features, but users will have to find a replacement for its advanced options.


Romeo is a multi-platform system analyzer. It is a tool that will let you analyze your system, diagnose errors and potential risks, and also free up memory. We have evaluated Romeo on the Windows operating system, both 32 and 64 bits.

Romeo will let you analyze system performance through various reports and graphs, including the following ones:

Disk space

The software also provides an organized interface, where you can easily find and access the most important functions. Romeo is a tool that will let you identify potentially problematic errors.

There are 3 basic options that will allow you to easily diagnose and fix problems, including system information, software inspection and applications diagnostics.
Romeo can be downloaded without any additional requirements.

Romeo has been tested on Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64 operating systems.

Romeo Windows 7 x64

Romeo 7.1 is a freeware tool that you can use to diagnose errors and analyze your system. This tool may also be used as a system checker.
To go through with the evaluation, we have used a 64 bits version of the software.

The setup wizard will let you decide how this tool should be used and what features you would like to have access to. Once you have finished installing the program, you will find a link in the system tray where you can start performing your tests.
Before starting the analysis, it is worth remembering that Romeo can be used for no cost. This is a known fact, as the program is freeware, and does not require registration of any kind.

Romeo has not been updated in a while, but the majority of the errors that our tests have encountered are few and not troublesome, and this is probably because our tests have been done on the version 7.1.

Romeo will let you analyze system performance through various reports and graphs

What’s New In?

Receive and broadcast messages through LAN using simple command line for free.
LANegram Change log:
– Version 3.0.
– Version 2.x
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System Requirements:

For Mac (Windows/Linux/Linux Android):
Macbook Pro
Macbook Air
iPad mini
iPod touch
iPod nano
For PC (Windows/Linux/Linux Android):
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 7/8 Pro 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 7/8 64-bit Professional

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