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They write to us: “Russian people are the main characters of all music. If you think about it, then everything we listen to is music for Russians. Every person in the world has his own Russia, or at least a small homeland, and if it doesn’t exist, then he listens to music for Russians – songs about Russians.”
I would like to add: however, Russian music is far from the only thing the song is written about. There is still a lot, for example, about the inhabitants of Moscow, about Kazanskaya Street and about others. And if we count the entire song about Russians, then we must also count about Georgians, Lithuanians, Jews, Tatars, Poles, Bulgarians, Germans, etc. (who is the cutest in the world). And if we count only Russians, and the rest are “well done!”, then, anyway, it is not clear why not count music for Jews, since no one else listens to Jews except Jews.
“We don’t have such songs yet,” says composer Haydn, when he hears a singing teacher tell the class about music for the Jewish people in the middle of a music lesson.
* * *
“There is no need to compose other songs,” writes the poet Mishakov in the newspaper “Pushkinskaya Ploshchad”, “and everything is clear. The people sing of the Russian people.”
* A Russian person should be treated like a boy who has already grown up, but is not yet fully grown up. You won’t take it from one time, from another – too. Until you take it apart, until you find its primary sources, the real Russian person will not open up.
No wish, no exaggeration, no goal will help to penetrate the very Russian spirit until you come to its pioneers. Until a Russian person feels himself Russian, he will not understand a single song written for other people. If a Russian person despises other nations, nothing will help him. He is doomed to fail.
But even if he finds an ancestor who does not like Georgians, Lithuanians, or Jews, he will still not understand a single melody. Even if another Russian poet composes songs based on his poems, and another composer writes music, and the verses will be different, but still a good Russian poet will not be able to understand a single song written by some other Russian



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