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MILAMIN, otherwise known as Million a Minute, was created as an open source finite element method implementation in MATLAB.
MILAMIN is a handy software that can perform one million degrees of freedom per minute on a modern desktop PC (pre-processing, solving, post-processing).
MILAMIN is a package that can be used on a broad class of problems in Earth science.







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MILAMIN Cracked Version was developed to be a simple, powerful and free-to-use finite element package for Earth science.
The software consists of both a GUI and command line tool.
MILAMIN is a continuous time continuation/discontinuity method that has been optimized for large numbers of loads and interactions with external boundary conditions.
It can be used with both EBSD and HREM, and as well as for single point displacement/displacement and strain estimations.
By its nature, MILAMIN takes into account nonlinearity and coupling.
MILAMIN can be used to solve any nonlinear physical problem, even if the exact solution is unknown.
The accuracy of the solution depends on the choice of the interface, initial guesses and the tolerance.
MILAMIN may give less accurate results when the formulation is not appropriate for the problem, the boundary conditions may not match the exact solution, or the size of the grid may be smaller than the length scale of the deformation patterns.
MILAMIN can be used to both solve stationary and transient problems, and is therefore particularly suitable for geological and structural problems.
The free version of the software is an executable file that can be executed on a standard PC.
The user can choose between a GUI and the command line tool.
The GUI allows one to set the problem, manage the solution process, set tolerances, set the non-linearity on/off etc.
The command line tool is purely used for solution.

MILAMIN has been compared with other basic FEM package written in MATLAB, so you can decide which software to use.
For the ease of the first users, a GUIDO file is included with the package.

MILAMIN Installation Procedure:

A. Install the current version of MATLAB (R2014a, R2014b or R2015a are supported)

B. Install the MATLAB development toolkit and the SIMPACK development tools from
MATLAB Central

C. Download and extract the source code of MILAMIN from here:

D. Make sure you have the current version of the Mathworks SimPACK, and any required SimAPI and SimAPI_Libraries.

Application Example:

This application example illustrates a simple application of the package.
The package includes a few different problems, each containing their specific parameters

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It is a finite element code which solve elastic problems such as hydrostatic and poroelastic equations, plasticity problems like elastic-plastic (rate) and elasto-viscoplastic (power-law), problem of elasto- plasticity in short period of time, numerical solution of stress-reaction using mixed finite elements and elements of Lagrange-multiplier type.
It has been designed with the user in mind and is very easy to use.
Main features:
● Solve problems with arbitrary number of deformation, strain and stress variables with multiple constraint
● Effective use of memory especially for solving large problems
● Solve problems involving complex geometries, including surface and immersed bodies (e.g., in the hydrologic systems), with mesh layout/generation of user-specified boundary conditions
● Solve problems with plasticity and rate of deformation with smart algorithms, using multiple deformation, strain and stress solutions for each increment of time or each increment of plastic (un)plastic volume, depending on the user’s need
● Mixed formulation of strain-plasticity with tailored penalty for the Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL) condition. This formulation can be solved in a direct way and with minimal numerical damping
● Solve large scale problems like earth engineering: plate bending (e.g., by tunneling), and earthquake (e.g., using the hypoelastic model)
● Automatic mesh generation with user-specified deformation history and plastic strain
● Automatic differentiation, automatic graphics, and automatic post-processing
● Fully documented
● Easy to use
● Free from bloat
● Very user-friendly interface
● Suitable for thesis and postgraduate level (including PhD) courses
It is a MATLAB package running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.
More information about the project can be found at its page.

## How to install the library

The released version of the library is contained in a tar.gz package which needs to be unarchived for use.

The release package is completely free and open-source. If you prefer to use different package such as rpm or deb, you can build the current repository and uninstall the tar.gz package.

## How to use the library

The latest version of the library can be downloaded from the following repositories:


MILAMIN 1.0.1 Activation Key

Million a Minute (MILLAMIN) is an open-source finite element method (FEM) package
written in MATLAB.
MILLAMIN is a finite element package which aims to be a general
purpose solution for all forms of geotechnical and environmental problems.
It is particularly suitable for three-dimensional flow problems, e.g. in
pipe, tube and other transport applications.
Portable: MILAMIN is portable and can be run on a wide class of systems
(including parallel machines).
Conceptually simple: The basic principle of the code is to distribute
the computational effort to be shared on up to millions of processors.
Flexible: MILAMIN can be easily adapted for different physical
problems and different input configurations, making it a flexible code.
Easy to use: MILAMIN has an easy to use graphical interface.
Lifetime support: If you have questions, or simply want to contact
the software developers, then we will be there for you, free of charge.
MILAMIN is currently in development under the GNU general public license version 2.
MILAMIN license:
A technical/rationale paper on MILAMIN is available at:

To request commercial support, please contact us at:
How to use:
To use the MILAMIN package, download the source code from:
Compile and run:
To compile the code, unzip the unzipped zip file and press ‘run’.
After compiling, the executable file is placed in the directory where you have
unzipped the unzipped zip file.
Once the executable has been run, you can select the problem, the model,
system and input configuration.
To run a problem, check the ‘run’ box, then press the’start’ button to
start the calculation. The software will automatically select the appropriate
system configuration.
For more information, see the documentation:

What’s New in the MILAMIN?

MILAMIN solves linear and non-linear systems using the finite element method.
MILAMIN has three functional parts: input and output tools, physical characteristics of materials,
and plotting tools.
Input and output tools:
The input tools include: command line, GUIs, command line batch input, file import/export input, and support tools
to aid in the experimental design process.
The output tools include: command line, GUIs, file print, file export, plotting and analysis tools.
MILAMIN has two standard packages: BULA and DIPACK.
The BULA package is a package built around a matrix sparse direct inversion in the limit (PARDISO), which is used to solve linear systems.
The DIPACK package is a package built around a surface mesh generated using the finite element method, which is used to solve


“I have been using MILAMIN for some time. The results are adequate, and have always obtained them with little or no knowledge of MATLAB, in situations where I need to solve a difficult nonlinear problem. MILAMIN is very fast and it is possible to solve problems in just one or two hours.”

R.J. Paiewonsky, Catholic University of America in America

“I am a Linux superuser, so this program must be special!”

Art Penzo, Regent University in America

“Thanks MILAMIN for its excellency! We really love it.”

Carol Ann Parker, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in America

“I like the quality of MILAMIN’s results.”

Chia-Hung Wang, National Taiwan University in America

“This MILAMIN is a great tool for me. Now I can do any kind of elastic simulation in a few seconds!”

Alex Travnikov, Russia

“I have been involved in the modeling and simulation of brittle fracture since 1995, for which MILAMIN has been very convenient.”

Christoph Loebinger, The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel

“I want to emphasize the efficiency of MILAMIN which I often use.”

“MILAMIN is an admirable piece of software, also shown very useful,
and precise.”

Ekkehard Christ, Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht –

System Requirements For MILAMIN:

OS: OS X 10.8.5 or later
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Disk: 2 GB
OS: OS X 10.9.5 or later
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.5 GHz or later
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
To play the game you will need the full Steam client installed, which

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