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The Movie Database application allows you to print or export files. Prints entire database or selected records. Records titles, directors, stars, co-stars, music, studios, categories, ratings, release dates, catelog numbers, media types, locations, qualities, keywords, movie clips, playing times, values, notes, histories, and pictures. Self contained database.







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This file consists of one or more database records. Each database record is contained in a self-contained file.
Every movie record contains its title, movie code, name, season, episode, director, writer, year, rating, deleted, year entered into database, class, runtime, and length.
A movie file may be a group of records. (A single record may be a group of records.) If a file does not contain all of its records in one place, (for example, the file has six records and is split into two sections of three records each), then the records in the two sections are considered to be from the same movie and have the same single movie code, name, season, episode, director, writer, year, and class.
Records from a single movie will have the same movie code, name, season, episode, director, writer, year, and class. They will also have the same time values.

MovieDatabase Crack Mac Example

Title: Memo to Self: i Am a Woman
Director: Annie Wu

Title: Ocean’s 11
Director: Steven Soderbergh

Title: Chicken Run
Director: John Hughes

Title: Liar Liar
Director: Wayne Wang

Title: The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Title: Buffalo Soldiers
Director: George Tillman Jr.

Title: The Godfather Part II
Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Title: Volcano
Director: Clint Eastwood

Title: Apocalypse Now
Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Title: Tea with Mussolini
Director: Ken Russell

Title: The Crazies
Director: Richard Kiley

Title: Grumpy Old Men
Director: Jerry Belson

Title: Early Man
Director: Barnaby Thompson

Title: A Perfect World
Director: Mark Hopkins

Title: The Hunt for Red October
Director: Steven Soderbergh

Title: Shining Through
Director: John McTiernan

Title: A View to a Kill
Director: John Glen

Title: Deep Rising
Director: John McTiernan

Title: A Simple Twist of Fate
Director: John Landis

Title: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Director: Peter Weir

Title: Oliver
Director: David S. Ward

Title: Single White Female
Director: Cybill

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Customizable fields. Log in directly via
a secure connection, or use the API.
Filter records with a simple search
box. Print records in a variety of
formats. Export records to text.
Create your own CSV and TXT files.

This works on a local computer (Mac OS X).

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This application can display an object type database. The object type database can be found in the folder: C:\Program Files\MOTU\MovieDatabase.

To change the default preferences, use the Options menu.


You can look in C:\Program Files\MOTU\MovieDatabase\showme.xml.

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• Include Movie Database Description, Directors, Movies, Cast, Languages, Ratings, Genres, Themes, Movie Sites, Movie Clips, Movie Quality
• Movie Database Description – The application includes movie database with more than 300,000 English-language movies. It covers the world of movies throughout the period of the twentieth century. The database is divided into chapters, like the history of movies, classics of the movies, dream movies, movies made for TV and DVD, European movies, world cinema, and independent movies.
• Movie Database includes over 5,000 movies, over 11,500 cast members, and over 200 directors. In addition to all the important information, data about the movie, about the making of the movie, about the actors in the movie, location, date when the movie was released in cinemas, etc.
• Movie Database Description includes:
• Cast, which includes all roles of actors in the movie.
• Genre, which includes the theme of the movie, action, romance, comedy, family, drama, sci-fi, adventure.
• Director, which includes the author of the script and the role of the author.
• Language, which includes the language of the movie, including the release date and version.
• Country, which includes the country where the movie is released.
• Ratings, which include the rating of the movie, age rating, movie type, year of release.
• Rating includes:
• G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, X-17, NC-16, X-16
• Movie:
• Release: movie date
• Language: language of the movie.
• Genre: type of the movie, like family, action, romance, etc.
• Country: where the movie was released.
• Rating: age rating of the movie
• Year: release year of the movie
• Color or B&W: color or black and white of the movie
• Director: name of the director of the movie
• Release: release date of the movie
• Type: type of the movie, like drama, comedy, documentary, etc.
• Scene: List of scenes in the movie, like dream scene, thrilling scene, etc.
• Language: language of the movie.
• Aspect ratio: Size and shape of the image in the movie.
• Director, which includes the name of the director of the movie.
• Year: year of the movie

System Requirements For MovieDatabase:

Supported OS: Windows XP and Vista
Multiplayer: 8-10 players
Buy It: Official website
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