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My Garage Manager is a Software Database for YOUR cars. Built by a classic car enthusiast, this database should capture all the details you currently store in a paper file, and provide a valuable easy to use tool. Consider it to be “Outlook for cars”.
With the help of My Garage you’ll be able to manage and organize your car collection easily!
Free registration is required to supress the unregistered version message. the details are available here.







My Garage Crack + Product Key [Mac/Win] [Updated]

– All the details and characteristics of the car. 
– All the car trips, that the car made in its life.
– All the photo prints of the car, in the best dimension possible.
– All the repair documents that you have collected.
– Up to now, your trips and repairs have been documented with paper & pencil.
– With the help of My Garage, you will be able to organize all this info, in one easy to use and attractive database, that you can organize in any way you like.
– A mail will be sent on new car-events, to your email address, using the GMail account.
– The desktop app you can install on your computer.
– The web version for your web browser.
– Google Chrome or other browsers that you like.
– Google Chrome app store.
– My Garage is designed for Internet Explorer 10+, and is fully compatible with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
– The following Flash Player: version v10.0 or later is required.
How to install the My Garage:
– The desktop app is a.jar file. Right click on it, and select
‘Run as administrator’ option.
– The web app requires the support of Javascript. We recommend installing the Google Chrome browser,
and then go to chrome://app/
– The.xpi file, can be opened with the browser of your choice.
– After installing you will be able to get the “Manage Garage” button in the web app.
– To get the desktop app, you should use the installer file, that you can find at the end of the download page.
– If you like the app, please rate it at the store.
Here you can find the My Garage Team:
– My Garage on Google+,
– My Garage on Facebook,
– My Garage on Twitter and on Youtube.
More About the Team:
– Hi, I’m Dmytro, the developer of the My Garage. I’m your contact person for the first version of the app.
– I’ve worked on the desktop app, and the web app, and the app is a great success.
– All the operating systems of the desktop app and the web app are supported, and most of the mobile apps.
You can contact me on:
– Gmail Dmytro.Korolivnyk@gmail

My Garage Crack+ Download

*Enter the car title, any markings and damage.
*Enter a photo of the front & back of your car.
*Enter the make of your car.
*Your contact information
*Collection Summary
*Set any distance to which you’d like to search for your car.
*Highlight the type of your car.
*Period of your car.
*Decade of your car.
*Color of your car.
*Location of your car.
*General description of your car (S/N, VIN, Plate number, Options, Pickup, Engine, Transmission, Gauge, and more…)
*Engine Options & Model.
*Body Style & Year.
*Rear View, Side, and Front.
*Engine & Air Filter.
*Aspirated? Oversized Fenders? Air Conditioning? Three Speed? Shift Lights? Bigger? Smaller?
*Type of Brakes.
*Is there a Vintage Society card in the window?
*Do you have a VIN number? YES / NO / NO MORE INFO.
*The more info you enter the more info My Garage Free Download can gather on your car.
*Please always enter the latest information you know about your car.
*How much does My Garage Product Key cost?
*Have a License to view more from My Garage?
*Have a License to view all My Garage’s pages?
How to Install:
*Copy all the files (zip compressed) to your home directory (normally C:\Users\yourusername. )
*Copy the contents of the archive file to the GDK directory. (GDK = here is where your downloaded game files are located. )
*Let the installer do its job.
*You should have an account on the website (here), to register to download the full version.
*After installation, the required settings will be displayed.
My Garage Questions:
Q: What is this?
A: My Garage is a software tool to keep track of your car.
Q: Why did you create this?
A: I wanted to keep track of my precious car, so I created the tool.
Q: How do I get it?
A: Download the registration code from the link below. Get the registration code from my website, and register at the Wrensoft website. Don’t forget to save your registration code.

My Garage Crack+ Product Key Free Download

* Create Cars and Add them to the Database
* Send a mail with the car details to yourself
* Get a picture of each car using the camera of the mobile phone
* Add a book with the details of the car
* Add a brochure to the car
* Check if any car is registered on Google Maps
* View a list of all the cars owned by a person
* View a list of all the cars connected to the PC
* View a list of all the cars by a person
* List all the cars from your database
* Sort a list of all the cars
* Change a name and a home address of a car
* Start a new car
* Change a home address of a car
* Add a phone number to a car
* Add a speedometer
* Edit a car’s owner’s details
* Edit a car’s data details
* Delete a car
* Delete a home address
* Delete a phone number
* Delete a speedometer
* Search a car
* Print a catalog of the cars
* Add a size
* Get the last actions done
* Shutdown a database
* Open a database
* Close a database
* Add a comment
* See the history of your actions
* Create an autorefreshing profile
* See the list of profiles
* Create a profile
* Get time information
* Get battery information
* Get Car temperature information
* Get Fuel information
* Get MPG information
* Get a picture of a vehicle
* Get a picture of a person
* Get a price information of a vehicle
* Get a price information of a person
* Add a scale
* Get a vehicle’s estimate value
* Add a car to the database
* Update a car’s owner’s details
* Update a car’s data details
* Change a car’s color
* Change a car’s vendor
* Change a car’s model
* Change a car’s type
* Change a car’s engine
* Change a car’s color
* Change a car’s vendor
* Change a car’s model
* Change a car’s type
* Change a car’s engine
* Change a vehicle’s size
* Change a vehicle’s engine
* Change a vehicle’s size
* Change a vehicle’s color
* Change a vehicle’s engine
* Change a vehicle’s size
* Change a vehicle’s type
* Change a vehicle’s fuel information
* Change a vehicle’s color

What’s New in the?

With My Garage you can manage your car collection in a central and easy to use system. You can easily import your data from your paper files, and you can export your information to any standard database software you use.
With just a few clicks you can manage all the details of your vehicles, and the reports you can generate from it help you to keep track of your car collection.
With My Garage you can manage all the different types of vehicles with no limitations.
• Import databases and databases of vehicles in a single import
• Exports to XML for detailed export
• Versioned backup with compression
• Multiple backups
• Import photo’s from a camera
• Export to XML with picture’s
• Image tagging
• Export to Office Open XML
• Export to PDF for printing
Supported databases:
· Microsoft Access 2007 and higher
· SQL Server 2008 and higher
· SQL Server Express 2008 and higher
· Access 2002 and higher
· Access 2000 and higher
· Paradox 9 and higher
Import / Export:
– access 2007 or higher
– Microsoft Access 2000 and higher
– Microsoft Access 97 and higher
• search and import data from the following standard database fields:
– Manufacturer/Model
– Year of manufacture
– Some other properties
– Description
– Owner name
– Owners date of birth
– Owners address
– Owners state
– Owners zip/post code
– Owners phone
– Longitude and latitude of the vehicle location
– Access 2002 and higher
– SQL Server Express 2008 and higher
– SQL Server 2000 and higher
– Access 97 and higher
– Microsoft Access 97 and higher
Create reports:
Report Manager:
– name
– All report options: show and export
– Show report by: user/date/date range
– Export report to: HTML, DOC, RTF
– Add report to PDF
Export to PDF:
– all versions of PDF
– select one or more reports
– A4 and A3 are also available
– Name of output file
– number of copies
– Pages per sheet
– Cover sheet
– Default file name
When you import a database, you can also import the lists of vehicles it contains. You can import several types of lists:
– Custom lists (for example: list of all the Japanese vehicles in a model series)
– Manufacturers’ lists (for example:

System Requirements:

The game is compatible with PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.
Please visit the game’s official website for additional information and download links:
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